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Training Feedback By Participants from 


The training was very lively. The connection between trainer and trainee was appreciable. The course content was self-illustrated. The buy in was something notable in this overall training session.

S Vinoth Umar, Assistant Manager, Medall Healthcare Pvt Ltd

The trainer was excellent and very professional while handling the course. The food was good and atmosphere was also good which made us to concentrate more.

Praveen.P, Assistant Partner, EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute)

Training was remarkable. The trainer explained various aspects in detail.

Navneet Malhotra, Assistant Manager, Apollo Health Street.

Practical examples,Case studies,Highly trained Faculty,Excellent course material which is precise,complete and easy to understand.

Gurjit Singh Monga, Hospital Administrator, CARE Hospitals,Quality CARE India Ltd.

I liked the course material and teaching methodology with some examples.

Dasarath Rao, Junior Billing Manager, MIOT Hospitals.

The trainer has great knowledge about six sigma and we are thankful to him for teaching us lean six sigma.

Paresh Raut, Asst. General Manager- Manufacturing, Transasia Bio Medicals Ltd.

Lean Six Sigma GB course is very useful for all the beginners to have understanding of the concepts from scratch and is very useful for career growth. A person from any industry can attend and get benefited from the same.

Prashant Rameshbhai Parekh, Manager- Production, Transasia Bio Medicals Ltd.

The classes are lively. The Instructor does not deviate from the subject and stays focused. He explains complex formula in a lucid way. Benchmark Six Sigma is really a benchmark for Six Sigma course.

Venkatesan Devrajan, Assistant Manager, e4e Healthcare Solutions Ltd.

Initially, when I had enrolled for this course I was a bit worried about the mathematical calculations involved in it. But the way training was delivered was excellent.

Sangeeta Tikyani, Programme Officer (Training)- Hospital Administration and Quality Assurance, Public Health Foundation of India.

Great learning of the basics, the course has given the inputs to build upon and broaden the horizon in future.

Dr.Sourav Biswas, Chief Consultant, Dr. Batras Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Benchmark Six Sigma has one of the most structured training I have come across. The contents are awsome, the trainer is out-standing and the methodology is out of the world.

Arvind Choudhary, Business Analyst, United Health Group.

The training improves analytical and problem solving ability of an individual. The course is informative and provides an insight into the practical application of various statistical methodologies.

Dr. Shashi Rekha. P, Clinical Data Coordinator, Quintiles Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and knows his subject in and out. The best trainer I have ever had, and the best training that I have ever attended.

Abhishek Banerjee, Clinical Data Manager, I3 Global.

Program started with a quick introduction to the course with live examples from the industry. Very practical and informative.

MK Govind, VP Operations, Connexios Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

The way it was organized and the interim test and understanding quiz helped us to relate to the learning.

Marita Alexander, Apollo Hospitals – global Projects division

Benchmark is doing a wonderful job in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course training. Pre-course material and course material along with trainer’s clear explanations made the learning experience very pleasant.

Karthick Swaminathan, Senior Quality Analyst, Pinnacle Transcription Services

Trainer has immense knowledge and expertise. He shows panache in training delivery, uses technology and other tools to make things easier for the participants to learn quickly. Gives the participants their freedom of error and correction.

Sastha Prabhu T, Lead Voice and Accent Trainer, India Healthcare Solution

Most of the concepts were new. It was a wonderful learning experience.

Radhiya Amonkar, HR Administrator, COLORCON ASIA PVT. LTD

Learning is important but much more than that implementation of an application for six sigma is much more important.

Mallikarjun Patil Gowda, Deputy Manager – Oncology Product Development Team, Dr. Reddys Lab.

Instructor and material were two best things about this company.

C.Venkata Reddy, Manager-Quality, Life Line Hospital Group.

I have chosen Benchmark Six Sigma as a training providing after researching many training providers using the internet. It was found to be an economical and reliable source to avail training on Six Sigma Green Belt. After attending the course, I am very satisfied with my decision to go with Benchmark Six Sigma. I recommend Benchmark Six Sigma as the best training provider in Six Sigma Green Belt.

Abdul Raheem, Quality Manager, Medical Devices Co.

If you are somebody who believes that anything and everything can be improved, then the course is worth taking. It is excellent with respect to the course content and its orientation.

Dr.Niveditha Rao Potlapally, Student – MHA, Apollo Institutes of Hospital.

To my surprise undergoing the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification at Benchmark has been a wonderful experience and made a significant change in the way I think. “This is the best learning in 11 Years of my experience.”

Markson Cherukuri, ASM, Ocimum Bio Solutions.

Analysis & interpretation of data and FMEA were taught in a very interesting and comprehending way.

Banda Nagaraju, Manager, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

It is Benchmark who made Six Sigma got understood so easily and the implementation became practical and achievable.

Tarun Singh, Deputy Manager, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory.

It’s a very good course which guides one to know the complete life cycle of a project with valuable information. It’s good for one who is in the initial stage of his or her carrier.

Sachin Sharma, Junior Manager, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory.

Although I am not in quality improvement, I can still find small ways to improve using six sigma approach in my current work approach.

Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Service Delivery Executive, United Healthcare.

Highly recommended for all organizations wanting to improve the overall productivity in a scientific manner.

Dr. Kedar C. Berde, Medical Officer, Reliance Health.

This course is an eye opener for things that we usually ignore in a day-to-day process that can be improved by leaps and bounds.

Sadhana Samanta, Director of Technology, Infrahealth India Pvt. Ltd.

The training is more on the data base so we can judge the things with surety and measurability and it has the steps which are very specific, so work becomes easy to conduct.

Priyanka Swami, Assistant Hospital Administrator, Hospital for Mental Health.

Six sigma is a great tool to enhance objective and logical thinking directed towards problem-solving using data-driven and factual figures.

 Shally Gupta, Quality Analyst, Accretive Health Service Pvt. Ltd.(Healthcare).

Benchmark has set a benchmark for process improvements!

 Aviral Srivastava, Business Analyst, UnitedHealth Group

Six sigma course designed helps achieve the operational goals with process alignments and re-engineering techniques.

Neelima Kankanampati, Program Manager, Excel Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly GVKBIO)

This GB is very much helpful in my process re-engineering as well as how to lead our life systematically when we apply this to our lifestyle.

Raj Kumar Kommalapati, Deputy Manager, GVK Biosciences (P) Ltd

Excellent content delivery by the trainer… I’m playing with numbers & stats now.

Vipin Maheshwari, Assistant Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare  

While every one of us strives to achieve the organizational goals, six sigma approach is an invaluable tool to achieve them with speed and consistency.

Raja Sekhar Thatavarti, Associate Director, Excel Knowledge Solutions

Good program but people are not aware of this. Need more awareness about it.

Gururaj C, Assistant Manager, Concentrix Daksh India Pvt Ltd

BenchMark is an excellent platform to get certified Lean Six Sigma.

Manjunath KN, Service Quality Team Lead, Omega Health Care Management Pvt Ltd

Good platform to all service-related organization employees to enhance skill and make professional growth.

Shuyeb Mohammed Khan, Lead, Omega Healthcare Services Pvt.Ltd

This is an institute which helps to tackle concepts of both lean and six sigma together in a crash course of 4 days, it’s very helpful for a beginner.

Shiny Narayanan, Quality Officer, Al Salama Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Benchmark provides good training materials and covers the good knowledge which every individual can expect to execute at any organization.

Humayoon Basha, Quality Analyst, Omega Healthcare

I understood the concepts of lean and six sigma in details and applying to an organization.

Srinivas Reddy Lingampalli, Process Trainer, Omega Healthcare Management solutions Pvt. Ltd

This is a very good training to make you understand that quantitative data have more value than a gut feeling.

Satish Kumar Jain, Global Technical Project Manager, Merck

It was a great experience to learn from a facilitator like the trainers that benchmark provide and especially the interactive approach applied for the same.

Sandhya Dubey, Officer, Hikal Ltd.

Yes, Benchmark is the top institution which provides an understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies as well as Minitab hands on practice.

Dinesh S, Project Analyst, Maersk Global Service Centre (Chennai)

Teaching is excellent. The trainer is very receptive to the no. of times questions asked.

Kavitha S, Assistant Manager – Operational Excellence, Omega Healthcare Management Services

An Institute I will recommend to anyone interested in doing Six Sigma. A wonderful and able team that has and that can mold and train people like me who have no engineering or math or statistics background to still understand the concepts and implement them.

Joseph Victor R, Manager – Learning Partner – Technical Training, Omega Healthcare Management Services

Shared multiple examples to make the concept understandable.

K Mohammed Khadir, Assistant Manager, Omega Healthcare PVT Ltd

It’s great to be par of benchmark.It helps to learn and implement lean and six sigma concepts at work.

Priyanka Mehta, Executive, GlaxoSmith Kline Consumer Healthcare.

I have received the greatest benefits from this course with case studies being used. I express my sincere thanks for having gained such knowledge and looking forward to apply the same in personal and professional life.

Prashanth Vadde, Senior Manager, Hospira Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

Explanation of each scenario is awesome and examples are provided similarly.

Venkatesh M, Quality Leader, Access Healthcare Solutions.

The real-time examples provided through out the session is what I liked the most.

Anand M, Manager, Omega Healthcare Management.

Presentation and the way the concepts tough was great and most appreciated.

Sadhasivam R, Quality Team Leader, Elico Healthcare Services.

Green belt project selection. Root cause analysis, implementation of benefits of green belt project and control of implementations.

Vijay Sagar Gowd, Assistant Manager, Dr. Reddy’s.Laboratories.

The course was interesting and got better every day than being monotonous.

Riya Correya, Lead Trainer, LOGIXHealth Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The way the course was presented with simple examples that are easy to correlate and understand.

Sandeep Narayan N S, Lead, Scio Health Analytics.

Liked the structured and organized way of covering all the concepts and ease of thorough understanding.

Maddi Vijay Kumar, Team Lead, Omega Healthcare Services Pvt limited.

Training Methodology, two-way communication between the trainer and trainee is what I liked.

Surekha Jondhale, Manager, Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Blackbelt Certification program by Benchmark is very much applicable to the practical aspects currently prevailing in the industry.

Divyam Kapuria, Deputy Manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Benchmark Six Sigma is providing best training program on Six Sigma.

Vipan Sharma, Team Leader, BA Continuum India Pvt. Ltd

Excellent course content and delivery with hands on experiential learning.

Vipin Maheshwari, Deputy Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Nabha

It has been a knowledgeable journey with Benchmark where all aspects are taken care end-to-end.

Jaya Priya J, Sr.Operations Analyst, AthenaHealth

Training was exceptionally good with examples and learned some methods where the quality of the process can be improved.

M Arun Teja, Assistant Manager, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Liked the practical knowledge and case studies from the various service industry and interactions using live examples. The institute which provides insights in to lean sigma concepts in an easy way so that it’s easy to understand and practice in day to day practice

Ankita Sood Sharma, Quality Officer, NMC Healthcare LLC

I thoroughly appreciate the training methodology and the trainers have amazing subject knowledge.

Lisha Thaliyil, Office Assistant Purchase Department, Chinmay – A Mission Hospital

The course was excellent and the training can be implemented in the workplace.

Prema Subramanian, Medical Equipment Officer, Chinmay -A Mission Hospital

Training delivery was very good and the lessons were quite practical.

Purushothaman Nambiar, Materials and Manager & Training Coordinator, Central Stores Department, Chinmaya – A Mission Hospital.

Trainer’s ability to relate the content with appropriate examples with Simple and Clear explanation.

Sr. Manager Operations, Quality Assurance, Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

Made it easier for us to understand lots of terminologies, lots of problem-solving made easy.

Pallavi TN, Commercial Executive, Operations, Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

The entire training was very comfortable all over, but the learning were also on point. The Material was really good.

Praneeth A N, Senior Engineer, Armes Maini Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Very good experience, enjoyed applying what I learned and that built my confidence. The trainer was highly skilled. The training was absolutely wonderful.

A Shanmugha Sundaram, Relationships Manager, RCM AR, India Healthcare Solutions.

Wonderful experience, a great faculty, fabulous facilities, nice venue and highly professional approach towards training. Overall it was a great investment.

A Vinod Kumar, Service Quality, Access Healthcare Service Ltd.

Benchmark Six Sigma has amazingly gained expertise in lean and six sigma practices which is well translated into training classes too. It’s worth to attend instructor led training asconcept are explained with real time examples.

Biswajit Kumar, Head of Data Management and Database Operations, Novartis Healthcare Private Limited

Although the tools and methods used were quite advanced, the examples used to explain them very helpful.

Rajesh B, DGM, Quality, Omega Healthcare

The tools were taught in a step-by-step process, which was very helpful in successfully understanding everything.

Vinay Chhabra, Project Manager, IT (Operations), United Health Group

I will be able to do individual projects in hospital. The explanation of course in details in the simplest manner by Anurag sir.

Swati Patel, Assistant Manager, Marketing and Operation, Medics Super-specialty Hospital

Applying the Six Sigma techniques in the Healthcare processes seems easier now. I was impressed by the training skills of the trainer.

Mohammad Jeelani Mehaboob, Head ofDepartment, Information Management, Primary Healthcare

I wanted to learn the extended application of Six Sigma and Lean tools for the practical problems. DMADV and DOE are the primary tools in a BB training which were taught through Practical Experiments and more exercises to understand the tools.

Saravanan Krishnamoorthy, Director of Operations, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

The training was perfect, well planned without any hurdles or confusion.

Surendra Lakkaraj, Ojas Ayurveda Speciality Clinic

Best ever training attended. The trainer carried a great wealth of knowledge and experience. He carried all the participants with different expertise along with him all four days with great enthusiasm. Definitely, he has done a great job.

V.P. Jeyan Prabhu, Planning and Estimation, Nourison Hospitality

Certainly, Benchmark sets standards in the field. The study material shared by the company was brilliant.

Sundar B, Senior Client Specialist, Quality, Access Healthcare Service Ltd.

The training was well structured and spread out over the 4 days.

Lata Sharma, Lead Business Analyst, Data Analytics, United Health Group

Session was absolutely good & study material too. Helped us in understanding the levels of causes along the various steps of finding the resolutions in different methodologies. Thanks to Benchmarks for the wonderful session for making it simpler though it complex.

Nadini Yadav BR, Assistant Manager, Customer Support -Operations & Quality, Mediassist India TPA Pvt Ltd

This is a must for any professional who is looking to enhance, grow and upgrade their knowledge. This course is highly recommendable who are part of QA/QC, Strategic Planning and Management, Research and Development,Process Improvement( Operational Excellence) and Training Domain.

Kewal Bharat Shinde, Strategic Account Manager, eClinicalWorks

The training and guidance provided by Benchmark was delivered more than expected. Everything about the tenure during the course has been great, and would recommend to opt for this.

Suchit Pandya, Strategic Account Manager, eClinical Works Pvt Ltd

This is good course, faculty has the good knowledge and make sure they explain the tools and techniques with practical examples.

Sudheer Kumar, Assistant Manager, Quality, GSKCH

Great teaching techniques and quiz questions in between the training session. Also, it was quite an iterative session on every topic which was discussed with the help of examples were of great help.

H. Mama Jegannie Arfath Shahvali, Jaslok Hospital, Relationship Officer

The trainer has got great planning, presentation and explanation skills. Overall arrangements were also quite good.

Divya Yenugudhati, Sr. Coder, Gebbs Healthcare.

Lots of relevant examples were used to cover all the phases of the training. The best part was the concept of graphical tools.

Geetanjali Apte, Assistant Manager, Gebbs Healthcare

Excellent method of teaching, explained each & every topics with relevant examples.

Sangita Patil, Team Lead, Gebbs Healthcare

The trainer has excellent delivery skills and good command on concepts. Benchmark Six Sigma is the best institute for Lean Six Sigma Training.

Vyankatesh Maitri, Quality Analyst, Gebbs Healthcare

Very informative sessions. Nice learning. Hands on sessions really helped in understanding.

Vikas Diwan, Research Associate-III, Baxter Healthcare

The sessions were very informative,extremely useful,n each topic dealt with very detailed and smooth manner, never had a boring moment,faculty was friendly and made the session very comfortable

Dr Sahana, Consultant Biochemist, Kanva Diagnostic services

Trainer is Knowledgeable and experienced. I too interested to learn and develop like him. I enjoyed the session. Thanks to Benchmark group for giving this opportunity. 

Vishnu Babu, Head of Quality, G V K EMRI

Very Useful and Informative session!! Very good explanation by the trainer.

Sirisha Rani, Quality Specialist, Optum Global Solutions

Great course, wonderful material were provided. The course training was great. No remarks. Super Benchmark.

Narandra Chary Vulli, Pharma Benefit Analyst, United health group

Great comprehensive focused sessions, both theory and practical problems by a very knowledgeable trainer. Good practical examples enriched the session.

Dr Preet Kaur, Zonal Head Lab Ops, Dr Lal Path Labs Ltd.

Well organised presentation on all topics and choice of real time examples made easy to relate and understand the concepts.

arthikeyan Kumar, Team Leader, AGS HealthCare

It is a very good training.Which will help me to learn more about six sigma and implementing those Technics in company to improve quality scores.

Sanjeev Kumar Myadagoni, Team Lead – Medical Coding, Ags Health

Great course structure, makes tough topics easy to understand. Training faculty is excellent.

Karthik, Team Lead, Operations, MModal Global Services.

The training has given me a lot of insights about the Six Sigma concept, implementing them will make my life easier. Countless examples were shared throughout the training.

Milind A Phadke, Consultant, Optum Global Solutions

Benchmark is the best place for six sigma training. The training also explained that DMAIC can be used in any industry.

Goldi Sarkar, Service Delivery Manager, United Health Group

The trainer presented the topics very clearly.

Antony Shijoy Dsilva, Quality Engineer, JJ Orthonotics

I liked the excellent way the trainer conducted the training and I never imagined that learning sessions can also be so interesting.

Paurabi Chakraborty, Deputy Manager- Biomedical, AMRI Hospital, Sanofi

Excellent trainer! The trainer ensured that everyone understands the concept and made it easy to understand by giving relevant and relate-able examples.

Yamini Peta, Team Leader, AGS Healthcare

I liked everything about the training from the content to techniques and the tools.

Narendra Verma, HR Specialist, Novo Nordisk Service Centre Pvt Ltd.

Benchmark is really amazing with the wonderful training structure and excellent trainers.The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and I liked his style of training. Its a cost worthy course from Benchmark.

Venkatesh R, Quality Auditor, Access healthcare services pvt. ltd.

Excellent training to improve the quality of work anywhere and everywhere.

Amudhavalli Aravamudhu, Quality engineer, Access Health care services Pvt. Ltd.

It was a great training session and the trainer explained the complex concepts in simplified manner, as well as provided with tips on how to remember them. The arrangements for the training was well organized.

Giridhar Madhusudan, Acess Healthcare

Benchmark was actually suggested by my Director, but I wasn’t sure about the course. After hitting the live classes, it was then I understood that, “even an average student can easily top the interview not only the exam” in a Benchmark training.

Prasanna Lakshmi Balivada, Quality Analyst, ACN HEALTHCARE

The training was very helpful and very interactive to implement the Six sigma techniques in process.The trainer was very cooperative and cleared the all my queries in the training.I strong recommended this training to those really interest to learn the good techniques of Six sigma.

Naveen K., Access Healthcare

Learnt new topic on statistic. Good course and excellent trainer, who makes difficult topic like statistic appear easy.

Mala Krishna, Quality Team Leader, Biocon Group

I liked that we were able to understand and learn more number of analysis methods.

Phamya Shree, NABH Co-ordinator, The Tipsglobal Institute

“The trainer was good and covered all topics. Good training.”

Swapnil Kale, Senior Field Service Engineer, Olympus Medical Systems India Pvt LTD

“GB session with Benchmark has given practical and fun exposure to all the LSS topics, with several examples from different industries. This session had further enhanced my skills in statistics, brainstorming techniques, and at the end of the training, I am ready to implement it in my real life scenarios.”

Priyanka Rentapalli, Senior Financial Analyst BPA, Alcon Lavoratories

Trainer simplified most complex topics in a very clear manner, with practical examples. This is one of the best part of training, along with precise materials. GB session with Benchmark has given provided fun way of exposure to all the LSS topics, with several examples from different industries.

Priyanka Rentapalli, Senior Financial Analyst – Business Planning and Analysis, Alcon Laboratories Pvt Ltd

I found the teaching methodologies and course material to be very good.

Richard, Team Leader – Operations, Access Healthcare

I liked the way that the course content was explained it was very good. Even the difficult statistical concepts were covered in an easy manner. I would recommend Lean Six Sigma for Business Excellence. 

Shreya Jain, Manager – Commercial Excellence, Baxter Healthcare

I liked the comprehensive process by which the most minute details about the project management was covered.  

Kailash Joshi, Head of Commercial Excellence-Emerging Asia, Baxter Healthcare

The training was amazing. I liked the DMAIC process, the trainer was very knowledgeable.

Rajib Lochan Bhuyan, Executive – Validation, Pfizer Health Care India, Pvt. Ltd.

The training was amazing. The trainer had all the skills required for the training. He was very knowledgeable, the trainer was awesome.

Vinson Varghese, Assistant Manager – Quality, ISOS

The training was very good and the DMAIC process and statically tools particularly.

Seetharam Boddepalli, Assistant Manager – Validation, Pfizer Health Care India, Pvt. Ltd.

I liked the vast amount of knowledge that is available. The trainer had great command on every aspect of the course. 

Sarthak Kapoor, Project Leader, NPB Consultants

Training was stupendously clubbed with a lot of activities related to Lean Six Sigma. Various practical aspects were also touched upon which we are looking forwards to implementing at our workplaces. Content is great and so was the trainer. Keep up the Good work!

Manufacturing Executive, Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pvt. LTD.

Got clear understanding of statistics tools in concise way covered under “lean six sigma green belt program”. Thanks to the trainer.

Sonia Bisla, Research Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Great course and good content. Excellent examples shared by the faculty. Achieved expectations from course.

Riya Pal, Validation Lead, GSK Consumer Healthcare

I liked the training content and the study material provided by Benchmark.

Shruthi Pugazhenthi, Client Services Manager, Nthrive

The workshop has practical approach towards lean six sigma concepts with relevant and appropriate examples being discussed.

Prasanna Nadikkannu, Director, GeBBS Healthcare

Concise information about Lean Six Sigma tools, and application illustration through easy to understand examples. Great sequential breakdown of information into bite size pieces and summarization. Trainer is unmatchable in audience engagement.

Vijay Chaudhary, Director of Coding Operations, GeBBS Healthcare

The mix of Lean practice and Six Sigma concepts into 1 course. The trainer’s knowledge in handling the sessions was amazing. His way of explaining terms and concepts relating to our real life activities really helped us understand it faster and will retain in mind for long time. Thank You Sir.

Manikandan Mk, Asst.General Manager (Ops), Ecare India Pvt Ltd

Lot of example and good knowledge gained regarding Black Belt course. Trainer made all the concepts understandable, he focused on each participant which is one cannot expect from any other.

Kothandapani, Quality Analyst, Global healthcare

Had a wonderful training. Trainer is very wonderfully competent. Shared all his knowledge and experience. Mostly the interaction and quiz was most memorable which will help a lot.

Logesh, Manager QMS, Aquity Solutions India Pvt Ltd

I like trainer’s enthusiasm, and the fact that he was always on time. Very organized and helpful at any time. The way he presented the course information by hitting the main points.

Shanmugha Rao R, Assistant Manager, Episource India Pvt Ltd

Learned various methods of Lean Six Sigma. The training is very helpful to implement in our own organization. Benchmarking Six Sigma is one of the best training centre for excellence in training lean six sigma.

Srinivas Alakuntla, Quality, AIG Hospital

Trainer’s session was highly informative and appreciated. Got to know the precise way of doing our projects and analysis. At least, now we got to learn to validate our claims on any projects at out work place. Million thanks to the trainer for being so clear and crisp on providing solutions to our doubts.

Md Idrees Khan, CAO, Hope Children’s Hospital

Methodology of teaching the tools and techinques of Six Sigma was great. Great Learning experience. Level of knowledge of the instructor on the subject was excellent.

Ayesha Patel, Quality Manger, Hope Childrens Hospital