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Lean Six Sigma for Students/ Freshers

Management students, who have pursued the subject well have been benefited with placements directly. One example is Dr. J.Pattanaik who got is first job after his masters due to Six Sigma focus.

BSS: Can you share with us details of your career journey till now?

Dr. Pattanaik: Yes surely. I am a Medical Graduate with Masters in Health Administration. I was always interested in Quality in Healthcare and developed liking for Six Sigma early. I knew that Six Sigma is the most organized tool for Quality Management. I came across Benchmark Six Sigma while doing a web search during my Masters.

BSS: Was there something that can be considered as an important decision in your career (which you can regard as the turning point of your career?)

Dr. Pattanaik: Six Sigma, undoubtedly. It has completely changed my thought process. I can feel everyday that my way of thinking is so different from others. I have a very methodical and systematic approach and it shows in my practice and results.

BSS: Which phase do you find as the most challenging in a Six Sigma project?

Dr. Pattanaik: Change Management is the big challenge. Generally sporadic improvements are seen initially at most projects. If good monitoring and controls are not put in place, there is a real chance of losing the benefits.

BSS: How has Six Sigma impacted your personal and professional life?

Dr. Pattanaik: I got my first job primarily due to exposure to Quality tools and Six Sigma. I had undergone my Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt in April 2006 and I joined here as a business analyst in 2007. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo and works on Health Information System products and tools. I have been promoted 9 months ago to Manager Operations. Currently, I have 10 people in operations, 4 in development, 2 in testing, and 2 Business Analysts reporting to me. I report to Senior Manager, COO and CEO of the company.

BSS: What kind of Six Sigma projects have you been working on? Are there any projects which you would like to mention?

Dr. Pattanaik: The first project I carried out while I was a student of MHA was on efficiency of Executive Health Check at Apollo Hospitals. This project was successful and was appreciated. The recent work I did was on online pre-authorisation and claim settlement process. This project is more of DMADV and is under monitoring (verification stages)

BSS: You have undergone training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Dr. Pattanaik: It was wonderful training. International recognition and international participation makes it even more impressive.

BSS: Which Six Sigma tools have you applied more often?

Dr. Pattanaik: I have been using QFD, Z short term, Z long term, capability indices, control charts, DFMEA. Major metric for us is time. So we do use some lean tools also.

BSS: What kind of benefits have you derived due to Six Sigma knowledge? How has your job profile been impacted by Six Sigma expertise?

Dr. Pattanaik: I have personally introduced Six Sigma in this small organization. I am pleased to say that I am introducing Six Sigma thinking and concepts on a regular basis.

BSS: What career direction do you see for yourself in the coming period?

Dr. Pattanaik: I plan to undergo Black Belt training soon. I had planned some time with Green Belt techniques to generate working confidence. I am happy to see how my career is progressing and as it seems now, it shall be Six Sigma all the way for me.

BSS: Thank you for your time, Pattanaik. I had not forgotten your comprehensive project report. It is good to know about your career progress. My best wishes for your further career journey. I look forward to your active participation on the forum.

Dr. Pattanaik: It was nice speaking to you. I look forward to meeting you again.

Feedback from participants


Peer to Peer learning made the entire program one of the best training program I have ever attended.
-Sunil M.S., IIT Roorkee

Outstanding methodology of teaching, the sessions are very exciting, great value addition.
-Ullas Vijay, Student, SIIB

Only after going through Benchmark Six Sigma course one can realize the true value of Six Sigma process.
-K.Venkatraman, IIPM Chennai

I am a final year MBA student from Symbiosis, Pune, my inhibitions before joining were – I am a fresher, would they cater to my requirements? They did and it was a great learning experience.
-Amandeep Singh Sandhu, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

Benchmark Six Sigma trainer has exceptional clarity on the subject ,he actually focuses on applying Six Sigma in the Training program too.
-Prema Juli Horo, LIBA, Chennai

After going through Benchmark Six Sigma Training and Certification Program, my basic understanding and the various myths I had about it have transformed.
-Janani Ravi Chandran, IIPM, Chennai

Six Sigma training with Benchmark Six Sigma changed my entire thought process,It gave a wonderful industrial exposure. All the concepts are taught in a very simple and effective manner involving a lot of practical application through case studies.
-Richa Arora, Delhi University,Delhi

With completion of green belt course, I enjoyed learning with our instructor with plenty of example, in current scenario we can understand a problem with great zeal only by understanding it with parallel platform of examples. This is really something which is very essential for any one to apply whether in day to day life or in corporate world… it is very helpful in each and every industry to work with a great proficiency.
-Charitra Choudhary, MBA Student

It is a must attend programme for every individuals across different industries as it simply changes the way we think.
-M M Nikhilesh, MBA Student

The way the course conducted was awesome. Highly lively and humorous. Doesn’t matter professional or personal, lives can be changed with Six Sigma.
-Varun Dev Maradana, Student, Masters in Ind. Technology

Green Belt Helped in the managerial process of learn/unlearn using the right kinds of approach and going deep into the research methodology and techniques, statistical concepts and improve ability of doing things differently.
-Anand Thorat, Student, MBA- Amity Hyderabad

This was my one of the best experiences. I learnt a lot about six sigma principles and I am sure I am going to implement them in my MBA project. This course will definitely help me gain an edge over others.
-Sridhar Kandra, Student, Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad.

I, being an MBA student feel that six sigma certification not only enhances your problem solving skills but also gives you an extra advantage during recruitment.
-Anindya Das, Student, MBA, NIT-Durgapur.

The level of interaction and the various team exercises that were carried out during the session made the four days really exiting and also helped to create a very friendly environment.
-Mrudul Mhatre, Student, PGDM- IB, Pillai’s Institute of Management Studies and Research.

Here it goes… “A GB from BSS is like exploring an unknown personal growth vertical. Simply put, unless I had pursued it, I would never have come to know what all am I missing and the tremendous potential of these methodologies in every industry.”
-Abhishek, Student, MBA-Marketing, IBS Gurgaon.

This has been a great experience, in fact in my 2 years while doing MBA, these four days will stand out to be the most productive ones.
-Anup Dujari, Student, MBA Operations, Amity Business School, Rajasthan.

The subject content and the way of imparting the knowledge with the help of various practical examples was brilliant. Quality distinguished!!!
-Salil Kotia, Student, MBA , Amity Jaipur.

I really appreciate the concept, the content and the way in which the entire course was covered. “Six Sigma- your USP in today’s Corporate world”
-Lolita Mukherjee, IIM Indore.

The training has a good orientation and course content.
– Rakesh Raman, Student- MBA, IIPM Chennai.

The instructor’s lecture is very interactive and he teaches each concept clearly and in detail. He is a good facilitator. The main objective of this course is to know about six sigma and its process. His way of communication is crisp and neat so that every person can understand what he is saying.
– S Arjun, Student- MBA, IIPM Chennai.

The training is structured very well…It’s a kind of training which I had never thought of… amazing!!
– Vishwanath Reddy Atla, Masters in Engineering Management.

Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt certification program is handled by a thorough professional who has lots of experience related to multiple industries. He also gives simple and fun filled, interesting examples to laugh and also think.
– Sivaprem Sivasubramanian,Student- B.E Civil Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology.

The course is fun and very informative, with examples that can be related to everyday problems in companies.
– Sneha Sivakumar, Student, Viterbi School of Engineering.

“The training methodology was pragmatic with anecdotes drawn from real life situations which help in conceptualizing the subject matter.”
– T.R.V. Pushpa Bhagyam, Student, University of Madras.

I liked the statistical approach of the trainer towards the processes rather than being subjective.
– Rajeev Bhan, Student, IMHR.

I really enjoyed the class. Even without any work experience I was able to learn the process in a very good manner. It was only because of the systematic approach by facult. A must to do training for one and all. The take away from the training is immensely beneficial.
-Prem Shankar, Student- PGD in Forestry Management, Indian Institute of Forest Management.

Certification from Benchmark Six Sigma can set you apart from your peers and it is a must for any B School Grad.
– D Santhosh Samuel, Student, NITIE Mumbai

The training helps in understanding the basic concepts of carrying out six sigma projects at workplace , hence useful to attend.
– Margret Minj, Student, NITIE Mumbai.

I hope and wish to come back to you for Black belt if I am able to use this approach in health care in India.
– Priyanka Chaman, Student, Institute of Health Management Research- Jaipur.