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Public Training Feedback By Participants from 

Financial Services/ Banking 

I got more knowledge on Process Improvement tools from the examples the trainer used.

Anurag Pandey, VP, Kotak Bank

Course covers all the basics, and easy to understand material. Highly competent instructor makes the course easy to understand and interesting

Jigar Shah, AVP, JP Morgan

The training skills and the course material are outstanding.

Maghusudan Shivaprasad, Asst Team Leader, AL Mashreq Bank Dubai.

The Green Belt Six Sigma Course is informative and instructional. The flow of the course makes it easy to assimilate various types of best practices. Learning is conducted in an interactive fun way making it easy to remember new ideas and methodologies for future recall.

Suzanne da Costa, Vice President, HSBC India.

It’s wonderful content to Kick Start and to handle the Six Sigma Project. I think every professional should attend the training classes without miss.

Hari Krishna Dasaraju, Manager – Operational Risk, Arab National Bank.

I liked the course content, delivery of the training was amazing. Presentation skills and ability of the trainer, and good sense of humor of the trainer was refreshing. According to me Lean Six Sigma is a very good course for professionals, and additionally it is applicable to all industries across functions. The trainer had good command over the subject and had relevant examples for the concepts.

Purushottam Mukhedkar,Operations, IDFC Bank

The standard of training was high and the level of interaction made it easy to learn six sigma.

Kamalasanan Pushpak, Trainer, HSBC.

I liked the way the contents were organized and the knowledge level of the Instructor.

Paul Jose, Zonal Manager, IndusInd Bank.

The BB training by Benchmark is a great value add to professionals irrespective of their industry / background. VK is very well versed with not just the course content but also has an indepth understanding of the subject matter; Responds to questions with great ease.

Ananya Gopalan, Consultant – IT Infrastructure Operational Excellence, Wells Fargo India Solutions.

I liked that BSS provided the resources tools and study material to make it easier to understand Lean Six Sigma.

Lavina Tejas Vadam, Manager, HDFC Life

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program has provided an opportunity for me to strengthen my skills in Process improvements and has vastly improved my analytical abilities. It has given a new insight on a SMART way of thinking and bringing change in business.

Sunil Wadhwa- Manager, ABN-AMRO .

The teaching methodology was amazing, the content was relevant and the examples were easy to understand and they ultimately made it easier to learn. The trainer is highly knowledgeable. It was a pleasure learning from him.

Swapnil Rathore, Business Excellence Professional, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance

It covers equal amount of practical and theoritical examples to make the concepts clear. Also the course material is good reference material to refer to while studying as it is exhaustive and displays the minitab screenshot. Six sigma knowledge and the skills in using the tools for analysis will play a critical role in future. The value addition will prove to be significant in the long run also.

Sajit Shivarama, Manager, ICICI Bank.

I liked that the training had a practical approach and it can be applied to most of the things, learnt that almost everything has some logic behind it. Training method was very friendly and easy to learn, no one would feel inexperienced even if they are fresh out of college.

Priyanshi Wadhwa, Analyst, Fidelity International

Trainer has good content knowledge, and is highly interactive.

Durga Devi M, Senior Team Member, Bank of America.

I like that the training is concise and clear. I found the training material very useful and clear and I’m really looking forward to implementing lean six sigma in my current job.

Suchitra Singh Thakur, Team Leader COR, Sesame Group India Pvt. Ltd.

Course Material was very elaborate and easy to understand.

Sapna M.V , Quality Assurance Manager , ANZ India.

I liked that it is easy to understand, have multiple industry examples. The trainer is exceptional who made the course material easy to understand.

Aparna Ms, Service Delivery Leader, American Express

Awesome, Six Sigma Course! The Trainer is very resourceful. Very Informative.

Francis Jeyaraj, Specialist – Compensation & Benefits, Boubyan Bank.

MBB session was a thought provoking workshop and I have learned how to take quick strategic decision in a very short time using advanced competencies such as Business Value, Modelling and simulation; practicing lean principles. I would strongly recommend this session to those who are managing High Performance teams and those in senior leadership roles.

Mohamed Asif, Leader Operational Excellence, Allstat Insurance

The trainer has great knowledge about Six Sigma subject, tools and more over he has immense knowledge on other subjects as well which he relates with the training.

D. L. Stalin, Executive, HSBC.

I liked that it was interactive, it had practical use of Minitab and variety of questions within each sections was also good. This course has given me broader vision to pick the projects. It will help me identify the area I would look to apply this knowledge.

Suruchi Mahajan, Sr. Analyst, RBS

The trainer is brilliant, knows his subject well and can transform a session into an enjoyable and extremely fruitful and learning experience.

Abhishek Kapoor, Manager, HSBC.

I liked that the training gave practical knowledge on using the statistical tools instead of focusing too much on statistical derivations and formulas. The course provides good working knowledge to apply Lean Six Sigma in your organization. The content has been well crafted to suit the relevance in various industries.

Kunal Obhrai, Transforming shared services operations, E & Y

I am now enlightened with the Six Sigma Knowledge.Awesome!!

Ashish Kumar Gupta, Assistant Manager – PMO, HSBC.

Well organised presentation relating to all the topics. Good teaching Skills and the session is always interactive and one can come to Benchmark’s training and just take a ton of knowledge in less time.

Moin Khan, Kotak Mahindra

The training was fabulous in terms of Group activities and practice sessions.

Chiranjib Das, Senior Analyst, HSBC.

Easily understandable materials and exemplary presentation skills!

James Prasad. Thorlapati: Manager – Credit, Cutomer Care, Axis Bank.

The course materials and case studies provided were good. The banquet hall chosen was perfect. Facilitators are experienced with quite a lot of real-time exposure.

Akhila Nivarthi, HR Manager, HSBC

Benchmark Six Sigma is the best place to get trained on six sigma certifications.

Balaji Thavamani, Aasistant Manager, ING Vysa.

Benchmark Six Sigma is the best institute to get trained in the Six Sigma certifications. It was an excellent training, very well structured and extremely detail oriented with relevant examples from different industries/sectors. I loved all their arrangements from location to food, fee structure, course material and customer service most importantly the excellent trainer.

Sathiyaraj, Asst. Manager, The Bank of New York Mellon

Benchmark Six sigma is “The Ocean of Knowledge” The best program I have attended so far.

Amit Sambhi, Manager, Bank Of America.

The way the training was conducted was simple to understand and it kept the participants engaged. I loved the complete coverage on DMAIC.

Ved Prakash, Team Leader – Travel Counselor, Amex

4 days are useful to know the concept and did lots of activities in the workshop which are pretty good to understand the concepts.

Gunaseelan P., Executive, Royal Bank of Scotland.

I loved everything about the training – the trainer, his style of delivery, the training materials, the ambiance and arrangements for the session. I recommend Benchmark GB course to everyone who wants to learn Six Sigma.

Udit Narayan Basu, Operations Accountant, Wells Fargo

Everyone must attend this training, especially those who are “in house” trained in their organization because you get to learn six sigma as per the market standards and not as customized by your organization.

Harry Anthony William, Manager, Bank Of America

Everything about the training was good; its timing & duration, the content & the trainer.

Jais Chacko Alanickal, Assistant Manager, Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

Six sigma training has definitely impacted the way of understanding the root cause concerns at proffessional levels by providing a complete understanding of the subject.

Pretty Singh, DY Manager, HDFC Bank

The training was nicely planned and executed; Benchmark makes learning easy by explaining the concepts in an understandable way. 

Kapil Anand, Manager, Encore Capital

The Approach was fantastic the way Facilitator has taken with All modules, Wonderful Content to Kick Start and to handle the Six Sigma Project. Should attend the training classes with out miss.

Hari Krishna Dasaraju, Manager – Operational Risk, Arab National Bank.

I liked everything! The calculations based softwares were the best.

Shazia Shaikh, Service Quality, Kotak.

Great Training experience. All the concept were explained in detail with the help of practical exercises.

Varun Ahuja, India Operations Manager, AON

Statistical tools covered in order to test and analyze the data. Trainer’s knowledge is appreciable. Yes. ” Anyone who is serious about Six Sigma should go through this course”

Feroz Beg, Manager – Operations, HSBC.

The course was well structured and trainer’s delivery skills were excellent.

Rayeesa Mir, Senior Project Manager, Honeywell Corporate Finance

Benchmark has set a benchmark in Six Sigma by not only training aspirants but also by ensuring that each trained participant is connected and shares the best practices implemented by him/her.

Haresh Hiranandani, Associate Vice President- Service Quality, Kotak .

It was an excellent experience attending this course.

Jonney Arora, Asst Manager, Bank of America.

The trainer was very through with the concepts and has explained everything very well with great examples. That was the best part about the training it was never a heavy download but more of practical usage of all concepts under the black belt training in fact it has motivated me to pursue further in this field.

Theresa Joel, AVP, Bank Of America

The best was the instructor and training as they both helped me understanding why and how six sigma is important.

Richa Khanna, Sr Executive, AMEX.

It was a very interactive training and the live examples quoted were from our daily office routine which helped in better understanding.

Sunil Mohan Parsekar, Grovalue Insurance Broker Pvt Ltd, Head Operations

I am glad to join Benchmark six sigma green belt training course, I have gained a lot and been able to implement many tools in my business as usual.

Sumit Chhabra, Process Developer, Bank of America.

Training material was good. Presentation was also good which kept my interest during entire program. Benchmark Six Sigma is a great place for learning and training is really helpful.

Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Credit Expert, Home Credit

The training program was very good and easy to understand , the way trainer explained that made it more easier.

Sushil Rai, Back end Operation (Customer support), Axis Bank

The Trainer is interactive and came up with interesting examples. The training went very good. It was very good experience to have a knowledge with such new concepts.

Lovish Sharma, Debt Manager, ICICI Bank

The session was very engaging and participating. Thoroughly enjoyed and was enriching. The trainer could cover examples from various industries making the concept clear.

Sureendran Ramasamy, Sr Process Consultant, HSBC

It was a good session and our trainer explained the concepts quite well and the classes though was over a weekend, it never got boring.

Sneha Nagaraju, Manager, HSBC

The Green Belt session was very informative.  It was overall a very good training session. It was a great learning experience. Trainer was superb and included examples or scenarios when making us the understand the concept of any terms. Highly recommended course.

Kamal Jangid, Quality Officer, American Express

Good and informative experience. Study material is handy and useful. Two way communication.Well planned and organized course.

Varun Londhe, Assistant Manager, Axis Bank

Excellent Trainer.  Very knowledgeable.  Patient.  Good control on the session flow.

Debopriya Roy, Quality Witness Administrator, HSBC

Excellent subject knowledge. Able to clear the doubts with the valid reason.  I am proud to choose Benchmark.

Hemantha Sreenivasan, Team Developer, Bank Of America

The material and the practical approach of the training, with examples and case studies, was the best part.

Dolly Vinay Singh, Manager, Retail Operations, IDFC Bank

This training gave me a better understanding of the handling & managing projects.

Mohnish Lasaria, Business Developer, Support, ICIC Bank Ltd

I could easily understand the concepts of Six Sigma because the content was crisp and to the point.

Gitanjali Chatterjee, Branch Assessor, ICICI Bank

The information in the website is very good and we are able to easily get connected with the management. I liked the various applications and the basics of Six Sigma.

Kanney J Sai Krishna, Associate, Bank of America.

The examples were from real world experience and always connected well with the concepts. The best part was ‘Statistical modelling and interpretation to link it in data analysis’.

Siddharth Das, Manager, Nomura

Learned six sigma in a better way with Benchmark.

Arvind, Manager, Canara Bank.

I liked the presentation and the case studies the most.

Sushma Kundapur, MIS Supervisor and Quality, Deutsche Bank.

The course is quite informative, makes a lot of complicated work easier. 

Indrashish Chatterjee, Customer Care Executive, HSBC.

The way the course covered all the key aspect points for the Green Belt was best. If you want to excel in Green Belt, this is the best course center to join!! Thanks to the Trainer who taught us the course in an easy understanding manner.

Nandha Kumar S, Subject Matter Expert, Equiniti India Pvt Ltd

A well conducted session with a effective course content and presentation.

Gulshan Kumar, Senior Associate, PWC

A true example of Fun while learning. Interactive method of teaching with proper detail and design.

Puneet Shekhar Nayak, Manager- Operational Excellence, Standard Chartered Global Business Services

The workshop was excellent, the format works well and the trainer was excellent and considerate of individual needs. Great value for money and worth recommending.

Tejinder Pal Singh, Vice President, Marsh India Insurance Co Ltd

It is very interactive course , thanks for trainer for clearing all doubts. This course help me to improve the effectiveness of my current improvement projects. Also it helps me to do the detailed data analysis and prepare DOE. I am Theory of constraint practitioner in project management and this course help me to sharpen my deliverable.

Uttam Jhadav, Sr. Project Manager, HDFC Life

Benchmark six sigma BB training is comprehensive and has practical case studies that one would have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Shital Vekaria, Sr. Manager, Mahindra Rural Housing

Great session. I liked the content and , the trainer was really amazing with the content knowledge. Indeed , we might need assistance on execution of the BB concepts in our organisation , hence might connect with Bench Mark for assistance. Appreciate everyone’s support and assistance.

Pradeep Shastry, Senior Manager, Wells Fargo India

Wonderful Training and Excellent trainer. Trainer has excellent Depth of knowledge.

Sai Chinna, ICICI Lombard

The example for each of the topics were quite apt and explained in a lucid manner.

Saurabh, Senior Manager Service Delivery, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Great interactive and knowledgeable session. Will definitely recommend benchmark.

Rupal Saxena, Strategic Consultant, Metlife

Great learning experience.

Babu Vinothkumar, Team Leader, ACS Health

Very informative and knowledge sharing session and trainer was very good in taking us through the entire session.

Sathyanarayanan D, Manager, Franklin Templeton

A well designed course covering almost all six sigma concepts, with a clinical approach towards problem solving methods, and yes, with an equally good mentor.

Bipin D , Manager, SBI Life insurance

I completed my green belt certification from benchmark itself. They way of presentation and methods used for training are really good & helpful. Systematic approach was used for training purpose. 

Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Assistant Manager – Process Improvement, Home Credit India

Great Learning Experience.

Nayana S Mistry, Team Specialist, J.P.Morgan Services India Private Ltd

Benchmark team, take a bow… the entire experience right from enrollment, venue, trainer and the content was just fabulous… highly recommended

Sagar Goradia, AVP, Performance Re-engineering, JP Morgan Chase, India

This training was very very informative and covered huge range of concepts, so helpful for beginners to develop the interest and others to strengthen their current skills. The factor that made training successful is the trainer only. His enormous knowledge, way of interaction and very suitable and precise examples given made training more interesting. I will continue with Benchmark only for further training and recommend to others too. The overall arrangements at the venue were also satisfying.

Yashodhan D, Specialist Operations(German), Axa

I liked the practice sessions which made it easy to understand theories.

Kartikeyan Krishnan Iyer, Assistant Manager, Nomura services private limited

Very interactive session. It was a great learning experience.

Partho Mukherjee, Product Manager, Karvy

I attended the training hoping to understand the statistical tools used for the analysis of data and material the provided by Benchmark Six Sigma, had an in-depth explanation of concepts and was very comprehensive.

Aarthi Vetrimaran, Associate Director, Financial Services (Accounting), IQ BackOffice India Pvt. Ltd.

Benchmark Six Sigma is a good company to do the Green Belt Training from. The faculty was experienced and successfully related and explained the concepts.

Padmapriya Krithivasan, Team Leader, Financial Services (Accounting), IQ BackOffice India Pvt. Ltd.

Superior knowledge in the application of statistics for process improvement. The Interactive session, stresses on conceptual understanding, based on real-life examples. It was a comprehensive training conducted by renowned experts.

Animitra Mukherjee, Technical Accountant III, TA-EMEA, Swiss Re Global Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Advance knowledge of six sigma and lean tools was covered in the BB Training. The Content Coverage was excellent and the Faculty was extremely knowledgeable and was able to transfer that effectively to us.

Rohit Arora, Senior Project Manager, PMO COE, Wells Fargo India Solution

The Coverage of key LSS concepts and BB certification was the primary focus.The crisp and concise delivery within 6 days was very helpful for working professional like me.

Shaunaq Singh, AVP Process Consultant, OTPE, HSBC

The approach taken enhanced my skills, polished my knowledge on Six Sigma. I began to talk the Six Sigma knowledge!

Naveen Joseph, Bank of America.

Excellent way to convert your life into sigmas.

Girish Patel, HDFC Bank Ltd.

The experience was really good, Benchmark Six Sigma is the best institute and the case studies shared during the training were brilliant!

Habid Basha J, Team Leader, Operations, Accleya Group.

Better and Deeper understanding of Lean and Six Sigma Concepts. Simplicity in explaining complex theories/topics and making it easy and fun to understand.

Sunil M. Bhat, Consultants, OTPE, HSBC

My main objective to do this training was to learn about six sigma practices and how to implement them. All the statistical tools that were taught in the course of the training will make it simpler for me to work with six sigma.

Shweta Suman, Operations Manager, Operations, Mahindra Finance.

The ability of the trainer to present a complex topic in a simple and fun manner makes Benchmark the ideal choice for my future learning. The training venue and attention to detail was par excellence. Thank you for a great learning experience.

Sanjana Yerandekar, Business Operations Manager, Fraud Operations, JP Morgan Pvt Ltd

Benchmark has a very good course content with well organized sequence of topics and flow of the concepts.

Jigneshkumar M. Kachhia, Senior Analyst, Deutsche Bank.

Well planned and executed training program. The trainer explained concepts so well.

Jitender Sharma, Senior Manager Operations, Bank of America

I liked the content and the technique of training us by the facilitator.

Debashree Dutta, Deputy Manager, ICICI Bank.

I liked the multiple and real-time examples for every concept.

Sashidhar Kolanu, Process Consultant, HSBC EDPI Ltd.

I liked the structure of the workshop as in-depth conversations on concepts have been the focus.

Kunal Dutt Sharma, Sr.Mgr. Marketing & Sales, Stallion Group, Nigeria.

The course length is apt. I liked the gap of the days and the gentry of the training.

Udeesha Gupta, Regional Quality Manager, ICICI Bank.

Exercising on Minitab was really impressive.

K V L Sahithi, Team Leader, Standard Chartered.

The conceptual explanation was given by trainer really helped me to understand complex concepts easily. 

Rima Kalia Rathore, Manager, HDFC Life.

I really appreciate the methodology adopted for the training. Mr Khatri has very deep level understanding of Six sigma concepts and practice. The key take away for me is the learning and practical application of new concepts which will help in bringing out the innovative solutions to the problems in day to day operations.

Ankit Ghai, Lead Process Consultant, Standard Bank

The trainer is very knowledgeable about the subject and made the training program very interactive and meaningful.

Prashant Preman, Manager, Samba Financial Group(Banking).

Excellent overview of Six Sigma, with detailed practice with examples and projects. Exposure to tools and methods that can be applied in a real work situation. Prepares the Six Sigma expert to have knowledge about quantitative analysis of data and present process improvements backed with numerical evidence.The instructor was fantastic. He explained all aspects very well with examples. Teamwork and exercises were great to understand the concepts.

Parul Pahwa Bhandari, Business process Manager.

Six sigma is a wonderful tool to empower process and lead to perfection.

Dhruval Nitin Mehta, Manager- Administration, HDFC.

Great Training, Great Content, Great Trainer, Great Venue.

Amit R Pujari, Assistant Manager, Anand Rathi Financial Services Limited

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