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Lean Six Sigma in Personal Goods Industry

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Electrical Components & Equipment – Makers and distributors of electrical parts for finished products, such as printed circuit boards for radios, televisions and other consumer electronics. Includes makers of cables, wires, ceramics, transistors, electric adapters, fuel cells and security cameras.

Electronic Equipment – Manufacturers and distributors of electronic products used in different industries. Includes makers of lasers, smart cards, bar scanners, fingerprinting equipment and other electronic factory equipment.

Video Description
Satish Tawade shares his usage of Lean and Six Sigma approaches during his stint at Television Manufacturing units.

  • Case Study Description
    • An electronic products company found that the packaging product failure in one of the important client regions is as high as 9.33%. It was found that high impact polysterene was used to manufacture the foam packaging. The process steps included pre-forming of granules followed by drying in silos followed by moulding. Usage of advanced statistical tools and FMEA lead to a series of decisions that brought down the failures to virtually ZERO.
    • In one of the leading UPS manufacturing company, the manufacturing productivity of UPS products based on Cerro Tore platform was not sufficient to meet the additional demand amounting to USD 4 million. As the line was 8 year old and machines were refurbished with odd combinations and 24X7 operations, 15% increase was considered improbable. A cross functional team took up a DMAIC project. The assignment finally won the bet project reward and improved the billing by desired USD 4 million. The yield (first time right percentage) went up from 86.6 to 98%.
    • Reduction in fuel consumption in DG set.
    • Three zones of the generator were studied with statistical methods – generation, distribution and utilization. In generation – blow down errors were found. In distribution – faulty traps were found. In utilization – venting, leakage, poor insulation, damaged coils were found. When these were fixed, savings of 2 million was reported by the financial auditor.

Feedback from participants


I enjoyed the hands-on approach and examples given by the trainer. He gave a good overview of tools and their usage in practice.
-Tiina-Liisa Huhtanen, Field Quality Manager, St – ericsson.

Presentation of data was very good.
-K. Vidyasagar, QC Manager, Thermocables.

It is an enriching course which lets you visualize ways and means of improving processes and reduction of costs.
-Savio Vincent D’mello, Director, Vishvas Power Engineering Services.

I liked the explanation on DMAIC along with usage of tools and methods at each of the steps. It is a very effective and simple way to get acquainted with six sigma concepts and methodology.
-Alain Comparet, CEO, Schneider Electric.

I liked the team activities & some of the case studies, examples were relevant. It was a good starting step to expose oneself to the Lean management methods.
-Pallavi Rao, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Novellus Systems India Ltd.

The objectives of attending the course are fulfilled completely.
-Tarun Kumar Shrivastva, Senior Manager- Quality Assurance, Metacopper & Alloys Ltd.

Very useful in understanding the way in which data has to be looked at and analyzed to find solutions to business problems.
-Yogesh Kulkarni, Manager -Costing, Metacopper & Alloys Ltd.

Every company should have six sigma experts, so as to control national waste and increase quality productivity.
-DGM- Projects, Vishvas Power Engineering Services.

In the training all the basic concepts are supported by the actual example solutions through the Minitab statistical software. The concept is understood in true sense. It is a must to attend program for the enthusiastic managers/executives who really want to make life better.
-Kiran Prabhakar Joharapurkar, Director, Vishvas Power Engineering Services.

The background of principles was explained in an excellent way and with a lot of good examples. There were a lot of discussions and hands-on activities that really helped to understand application of the method and tools presented. On this course learning was so much fun and still very effective!
-Tiina-Liisa Huhtanen, Field Quality Manager, ST – ericsson.

“Useful training even for small and middle level enterprises for better utilization of their resources and bring consistency in achievements.”
-Rajeev Madhukar Bhave, CEO, Vishvas Power Engineering Service.