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Public Training Feedback By Participants from Management Consulting 

The way of explanation of complicated concepts with real life examples, curriculum was well designed/planned to teach six sigma in short period of time. Faculty had a very good way of teaching the concepts with relatable examples.

Jeyapal Palanisamy, Senior Manager – Customer Service, Intertek

I liked the training methodology, overall the training was wonderful.

Saurabh Kumar Gupta, Sr. Manager Operations, Jazzy Creative Productions

I liked the practical aspect in this course. The instructor teaches the content very effectively.

Adish Jain, Analyst, NSDC India

Best part of the training was the methodology of the training, numerous examples were shared to clear all the doubts and to explain the concepts in details.

Namita Trasi, Operation Manager, Accenture

I liked the timeliness and pace by which it is scheduled.Trainer was so effective in imparting such technical topics in a layman’s language.The connection with the entire audience was commendable. Usually Stats as a topic, there is very less room to make it interactive, however based on the trainer’s experience he ensured that there were no loop holes in the training.

Shakil Maner, Manager, eClerx

The training was very good and easy to understand, the concept of reducing the variances and improving the production.

Gunasekaran A, National Manager Operations Textile Labs, Intertek

I liked that the Instructor was very fluent with the content.

K. Nagaraj, Operations Manager, Intertek

Trainer used structured approach which helped me to understand concepts easily.

Shailaja Yenugandula, Quality Executive, eClerx

The style of pedagogy and the interactive nature of the workshop makes the entire experience enriching and wholesome.

Purvi Gupta, Analyst, Deloitte

I liked how systematic the training was, the approach for easy understanding of the participants, easy to understand examples were shared and how to use Minitab. This training is definitely going to help in process improvement and cost saving for organizations.

Srilakshmi Pananthala, Manager Delivery Assurance, Trianz Consulting

The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and made the learning very easy by quoting numerous examples. The module of of the training was handpicked carefully and helped to understand the concepts of Lean Six Sigma.

Anshuman Bhattacharya, Manager, TCS

The best part of it was that the trainer was able to provide variety of examples from different sector since the participants were from different industries and all queries were answered.

Divya Rupani, Relationship Manager, Deloitte

The trainer was very knowledgeable and he explained the entire course in a simplified manner. It was a great session.

Sayyada Juveria, Training Manager, VSoft Consulting

Anyone can join and understand Six Sigma GB training at Benchmark Six Sigma; it is not necessarily for people with statistics background. The concepts were easy to understand because of the examples and way the trainer explained it.

Samarth S Kalyanashetti, Sr. Design Engineer, Allegis India

The best institute for learning Six Sigma program. The Trainer’s skills and the way training was conducted was good.

Vasanth Selvaraj, Assistant Consultant, TCS

The Trainer is outstanding with practical knowledge of service as well as manufacturing industry.

Shakti Mishra, Assistant Manager, TCS

Benchmark Six Sigma has really great standards in delivering the training, Faculty is awesome. Uses modern technique for explanation and demonstration. Thanks for being an eye opener for me! The Trainer has changed the meaning of Six Sigma for me and helped me to see a direction where I can explore myself.

Rahul Choudhary, Service Delivery Manager, TCS

This certification boosted my career to a never imagined level.

Saguna Saha, System Engineer, TCS

I liked the practical application of tools and relevant examples.

Tatwamoshi Choudhury, Asst Manager, TCS

I liked the business examples, case studies & hypothesis testing practiced during the training.

Moumita Mukherjee, Quality Manager, TCS

The trainer gave easy real life examples for our better understanding. It was a structured execution. The trainer’s understanding and delivery of concepts was great.

Smita Mukherjee, Test Lead, Mind Tree

The Best part of the Training was the Course structure and the Instructor was really good.

Ramachandran Rajagopalan, AVP, TCS

A very professional and thorough session with one of the best instructors with in depth knowledge and expertise.

Prashant Kumar Srivastava, Team Lead, Teamlease

The trainer’s ability to make concepts understandable was remarkable. It is a perfect start to begin Six Sigma Journey.

Shweta Sharma, Project Analyst, JP Morgan

I highly recommend the course to everyone as it is very relevant to the service and manufacturing both.

 Ashish Telang, Associate Process Manager, QC, Eclerx Services Ltd

The training was very well structured and organized.

Avishek Sengupta, Consultant, Process & Quality Consulting, Cognizant Business Consulting

Actual Knowledge of what is sigma and how we can use it in our daily personal and work life is provided in these sessions. This is not just another theoretical training session. The training is conducted with passion.

Binita M. Suvarna, Delivery Manager, Tata Consultancy Services

Course is well structured by explaining the topics in a simple and effective way.

Jayakrishnan Cheerath, Project Manager, F&A, E&Y India Private Ltd

This program and the instructor has enabled to make the program much simpler and I personally feel it will help me grow in the organization.

Lakshmi S Varma, Assistant Manager, Learning and Development

Every important thing is covered in the sessions. The techniques helps to understand some points which are not covered in the books. The training was good and engaging.

Santosh Bhuskute, ISO Certification and Value Adding Services, Vektors

The course was completed quite well in a short duration. The trainer was polite and we learned quite a lot.

Anmol Singhal, Consultant, IM/Analytics

Learnt the different principles of six sigma from a green belt perspective. Understood the methodologies and tools that can be used to create efficient processes. The instructor – very intuitive and personal, he used real world examples from the industry we work in to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. Excellent course and highly recommended to all.

Faris Sahem, Manager, Consulting – Strategy & Operations – TMT

Well structured approach and content. The approach and knowledge of the presenter was excellent and the detailed methodology using statistical and data driven approaches.

Manish Raina, Manager, Consulting

Best team to train employees about Lean and helping applying the same in day to day work. Trainer Methodology, Training Materials, Exercise, Quizzes and examples used to explain about the Lean Principles were excellent

Wilson Appan, Operation Analyst, HERE Solutions

Trainer has very good knowledge and specially the way she quotes the examples are so quick and realistic. Appreciate it. The course is excellent to learn as it will help us to improve the way the current process is going in our day to day business.

Dhana Priya P, Cluster Lead, Mckinsey

Trainer was to the point and have excellent way of explaining things whenever there is a doubt from the trainees. The training content of the course about DMAIC concept was good.

Kavitha Balasubramanian, Team Lead, Mckinsey & Company

Attended the Six Sigma Green Belt workshop: It was an Extremely insightful session. Great examples; Great faculty; Content had a good mix of theory, practice and real life examples. Extremely professional and patient faculty. Very content and happy to have attended the workshop.

Srinivas Sandepudi, Sr Consultant, E&Y

Very detailed and relevant content, was a great experience. Would like to attend more training from Benchmark!

Duke Banerjee, Data Analyst, Talent Edge

Found the session really useful with a good balance of real time examples for various analytical tools. Also, the depth of coverage was appreciable. Looking forward to apply the concepts in my line of work.

Ravi Kumar Singh, Senior Consultant, KPMG

Practical implementation of various six sigma tools and methodologies was my expectation from this course. The best part was the examples used to explain the in-depth logic.

Swarandeep Kaur Juneja, Associate, BDO LLP

The trainer is very good, he has given very good training and it is very easy to understand his teaching.

Pullarao, Assistant Manager, ADP India

Great experience for the 2nd time, as Six Sigma Green Belt also I have completed from Benchmark only.

Susmita Kumari Padhy, Manager, Venture Soft Global

Great course and excellent faculty

Sai Ram C, Consultant, Accelsap

Training was productive and to the point. No time wasted during the training.

Paras Bhavsar, Team Leader, Ascendum Solutions

Knowledge acquired through Benchmarks BB training can help me identify and solve many of the ongoing challenges experienced with our clients. Detailed understanding of the concepts and strengthening on the Lean Six Sigma foundation has been favorite part of my course. It was a great training session!!! Amazing instructor!!

Yatin Sanghvi, Sr Manager, Accenture

It was a clear, efficient and interactive session. Thanks to the trainer for all the efforts.

Mohit Roy, Consultant, Renoir Consulting

Nice presentation and clarification of doubts by the trainer.

Ashish Kumar Chaturvedi, Quality Consultant, eClerx

It was good session and excellent faculty.

Sijo George, Recruitement Manager, DivIHN Integration

The session was really an eye opener and would recommend few case studies which are recent ones as the most of the cases were outdated.

Tony Philip, Operations Manager, MuSigma

The knowledge exhibited by the trainer and course material was really good. I would urge professionals to go ahead and pursue this training through benchmark

Rahul Varma, Software Consultant, TCS

The complete course structure with pedagogy and trainer was very good and approachable.

Thumma Velangini Papi Reddy, Trainer, Teamlease

The Content & explanation to cover most of the parts were good.

Ramakrishnan Venkatraman, Senior Analyst, McKinsey & Company Knowledge

Trainer– Such a wonderful person who made course very interesting.. And Hats off to him.

Manjula Chandramohan, Process Associate, TCS

Very good explanation from the faculty, especially his examples helped me to understand the concepts which are awesome.

Femin K, Analyst, Mckinsey & Company

The GB course was worth every penny paid for.The best part was that it was aimed towards clearing the concepts with a combination of relevant activities.

Arvind Kochar, Director- Business Development, Esquare Consulting.

Think of six sigma course, just hop in to Benchmark. It has an outstanding way of explaining and conceptualizing the things to the core.

Satyajit Bose, Manager- Quality, Planman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

VK is a very good instructor. He made us understand lot of things in such a short span of time and never made us bored. I enjoyed a lot.

Ellora Das, HR Executive, Acreaty Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

I liked the trainer’s way of relating every concept to real life examples.

Surbhi Monga, Corporate Consultant.

Structured approach, well defined and simple to grasp training methodology.

Akhil Tripathi, Consultant, Technopak Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

The training delivered by the faculty was interactive and informative at the same time. The sessions were well paced, the material was user friendly and the training delivery was awesome!

Shweta Juneja, Operations Manager, Mckinsey & Co

All the concepts are explained in simple and understandable manner.Thanks for giving a awesome training in a short span of time.I have gained lots of learning experience through this training program.

Agni H., Asst. Manager, Domex Technical Information Pvt. Ltd.

Six Sigma has been a life changing experience for me. The way of identifying the problems and analyzing them takes a 360-degree turn and one starts looking at the most complex problems as opportunities.

Surbhi Monga, Corporate Consultant

Its really amazing the way complex six sigma tools and stats were explained in simple and effective manner to apply in regular projects.

Roopesh Singh, Senior Consultant, MindTree Ltd.

This training will definitely enable me to grow professionally and personally as I can co-relate it with every walk of my life.

Ashish Jagadish Agrawal, Business Enabler-Contract Manager, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

I really got interest in the subject because of the trainer. Throughout the training I never felt bored or sleepy. Was very helpful!!

Lavanya Vanita Devi, Contract Manager, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

Had done a Green Belt earlier, came back to take a refresher before I go for the Black Belt, learned more than what I had learned earlier, extreme visible fact, the material keeps getting updated, as the concept of the Six Sigma evolves.

Vimal Tank, Chief Consultant, The Tank Consulting Private Limited.

It’s a great learning process when a person goes through Benchmark. Would suggest to take a Green Belt before doing a Black Belt and attend the Black Belt as soon as you can after the Green Belt, as the concepts are quite fresh.

Vimal Tank, Chief Consultant, The Tank Consulting Private Limited.

The six sigma program conducted by Benchmark has been one of the best training programs I have attended. The program design and distinctive delivery style made it easy for the group to grasp and apply the concepts.

Siddharth Vishwanathan, Strategy Consultant, Francorp.

The BB training was very helpful, it helped me revise my GB concepts & learn new tools & techniques. The examples given by the trainer were very good.

Lata Neogi, Service Manager Quality, AON Hewitt.

The best thing I liked was the course material that makes the complex subject very simple to understand. The example shared is also very useful for understanding o f the concepts.

Priya Teke, Quality Rep, TCS

The Course Material was well defined and the program is well structured. Instructor’s in-depth understanding was helpful in clearing many doubts.

Pradeep Raja Muthuvel, Senior Consultant-Operations, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd

The instructor used good examples to explain the application of the concepts. It was concept – focused rather than exam – focused. It was a very professionally conducted course.

JYOTHI KANURI, Innovation Consultant, Instillmotion Consulting Pvt Ltd

The training was delivered well with highly proficient facilitation skills, the concepts were related to the day to day life for better and simple understanding. Its worth spending the money, time.

Prasun Patel, Quality Auditor, Kantar ITP

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