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Information and Technology – Vishwadeepak Choudhary

Vishwadeepak Choudhary has been working in Orange Business Services for the past 5 years in the Supply Chain department as a team coach. He ensures that quality improvement and change management flow correctly in his department.

He worked on a Kaizen project based on the proof of delivery received from the customer. In the service industry, this is considered key because, in the international scenario especially where there is no proof of delivery, the company can incur a loss. By using tools like Pareto analysis and after successfully implementing this project, he is getting proper POD’s for 80 – 90% of the orders from his SCM abroad, which makes it easy for him to materialize the invoice that he sends to the customer.

He has recently implemented a green belt project where after identifying that his team was not adhering to their KPI’s he is trying to figure out the precise reason for quality depreciation. Since this project is in its define stage he is figuring out which parameter he needs to focus on. He is using Pareto analysis to find out the root cause in terms of people and process. He hopes to uses tools like hypothesis testing and more concepts of Pareto analysis as the project proceeds.