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Lean Six Sigma In Services – Rithika Nambiar, Associate Director, Cognizant

Rithika Nambiar is a Six Sigma black belt with over 13 years experience in the service industry. She currently works with Cognizant. She started her career as a part of the operations team and at that point, she had a lot of preconceived notions about Six Sigma which was rendered redundant when she moved into her current role. She has found this tool to be very useful in challenging her to think and explore beyond the obvious. The best thing about Six Sigma she feels is the rigor and discipline that it brings about in project implementation which lacks in other approaches.

There are challenges in implementing six sigma if the sponsorship is unavailable. Sometimes there is a tendency to choose the wrong metric and drive it, without bringing real improvement to the customer and the employees. The time taken to complete six sigma projects might be longer and companies might grow impatient. In such cases, lean helps by bringing quick improvements to the process. A combination of lean and six sigma has helped all the projects she’s worked on. An important hygiene factor that is required for any successful Six Sigma implementation in her opinion is process management. She hopes to mentor big impact projects that would help her organization achieve the heights that they aspire.