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Lean Six Sigma In BPO – Nikhil Puri, Head – Process Excellence, NIIT

Nikhil has around 13 years of experience spanning across the service and BPO industry. He is currently working as the head of process excellence in NIIT. He is responsible for the implementation and deployment of lean Six Sigma within the organization.

He talks about a project where he implemented lean Six Sigma for one of his wealth management clients. For this project, the expected turnaround time was 3 days whereas the current process was performing at a rate of 5 days. After mapping the process from end to end, he identified opportunities for process re-engineering and operation. He found out that there were steps within the process which could be combined, and steps which could be automated, bringing down the turnaround time to 2.5 days. This project helped him in synergizing the technological side of the business. In all his projects, he first maps the process, identifies opportunities for automation and re-engineering, performs the value add, non-value add analysis and identifies the waste within the process. The recommendation is in the form of lift and shift or fixes and shift which is supported by Lean Six Sigma.