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Information and Technology – Amol Dixit

Amol Dixit works in the quality field, where he takes care of quality assurance and process excellence for one of the outsourcing majors. Basically a Chartered accountant, he spent many years in the field of accounts but has moved completely to the quality assurance sector. He is currently working on a project where he integrates Six Sigma and accounts. He feels that every business benefits from the implementation of Six Sigma.

He started his Six Sigma journey by undergoing training in his organization. He subsequently joined Benchmark Six Sigma for his green belt and this triggered him to delve deeper into the subject. Six Sigma has helped him immensely, in running projects and making process improvements. His projects have been primarily oriented towards the voice of the customer. He is currently pursuing his black belt course and so far his journey has been fantastic. He has learned a lot and strongly believes that Six Sigma is a way of thinking which everyone must adapt. He has found Benchmark to be an excellent Institute for training in Six Sigma. On a concluding note, he says that Lean Six Sigma was seen as a tool more relevant to the manufacturing units but, there has to be a paradigm shift and its use should be implemented in the service and outsourcing sectors as well.