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Information and Technology – Amit Tiwari

Amit Tiwari is working in business transformation and risk management for a large ITES Company.

He says, as with any management philosophy, as Six Sigma has grown, many misconceptions have grown along with it. The first misconception is that Six Sigma is all about reducing cost. However, cost reduction is a result of the effective and efficient culture that Six Sigma promotes. The second misconception is that Six Sigma can be implemented irrespective of the organization culture. Six Sigma will convert operations from being a mere intuition based decision to rational, objective decisions. Six Sigma is all about change, however, there has to be a balance between cultural change and technical change. One first needs to demonstrate the need for Six Sigma in one’s organization, which essentially has to be opportunity based. He says we should have a proper vision for a Six Sigma based company. We have to identify and neutralize all the resistance that we might face on such implementation because change is not welcome by everyone. Hence, this has to be a part of the employee life cycle, starting from the hiring process.

Over the years, Six Sigma has helped companies save billions. However, the cost is not what it is all about, he says. Six Sigma is a platform to help companies build successful strategies.