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Information and Technology – Vikram

Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement – Vikram

Vikram is an electrical engineer, a BITS Pilani post grad works as a functional head for quality and information system. He has exposure for ISO certifications and is certified in most of the ISO procedures. He has also worked in testing business continuity and has worked on disaster recovery plans.

He feels that the common thing between six sigma and ISO is continual improvement. He says the process should be improved on a continual basis. He feels one needs to work on the component of processes to know what’s wrong. He was a part of the team which implemented six sigma. Initially, they did data arrangement and business research. They had the challenge to deal with the reduction of TAT. They implemented DMAIC methodology which gave them good results. They also used SIPOC and value stream analysis which immensely helped in reducing TAT. They set up a team and a system to see the performance of different processes. They identified many gaps and could retrieve so many ideas from a brainstorming session. They automated many processes, eliminating activities and managed to reduce Turn Around Time.

He says in his professional and personal lives he would always be interested in taking a decision with a data based approach. He says as he believes six sigma, he feels data driven decisions will always be the best professionally and personally.