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Information and Technology – Umesh Rao

Umesh Rao has around 12 years of experience in the manufacturing and service industry. He has been implementing certification for various organizations and helping them achieve their quality targets and productivity improvement using lean Six Sigma. In a fast paced industry, where the information keeps changing, he feels Six Sigma is an indispensable tool because it reduces variation and improves quality levels. The goal of lean six sigma is mainly to reduce the non-value added activities in each process.
That Six Sigma is only used for problem-solving is a wrong notion, Umesh says, from his experience, Six Sigma is critical in decision making. Tests like chi square test and binary logistic regression can be used to define the training requirements in an organization. In today’s world where the customer is well aware of the products available in the market and cost is reasonably fixed, quality is an important parameter and Six Sigma plays an important role here.

Six Sigma offers the distinct advantage of defining ‘how to do’, whereas other standards like CMMI and ISO only define ‘what to do’. Six Sigma is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. An organization can benefit tremendously by implementing lean Six Sigma.