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Lean Six Sigma And IT Infrastructure – Piyush

Piyush works in Cable and Wireless Worldwide as a Program Manager. He talks about his stint with Six Sigma.
From the operations perspective, although there is clarity about how one must go about strategy, design, transition, and operations when it comes to continuous service improvement, many tend to feel that one algorithm (with say 7 steps) may not lead them to the heights they wish to achieve. There is a common misconception in the industry, that when one’s performance degrades, and one brings it up, it is an improvement. But it’s not. This is where Six Sigma comes to play by ensuring that when one’s performance dips, one not only brings it back to original level but also takes it a step higher. Through the implementation of lean and other tools within the Six Sigma framework, he says, we can provide better customer experience. This kind of continuous service improvement leads to DMAIC of Six Sigma and, if the two are mapped together, he feels the implementation would become more robust and drive more value to one’s services. New service development is another area of Six Sigma where he has worked in. Through different phases of DMADV, one can make sure that the product is more robust and sellable. His overall experience with Six Sigma has been fantastic.