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Lean Six Sigma And CMMI In Information and Technology – Unnikrishnan

Unnikrishnan has been working in the IT sector for the past 12 years, with 7 years of experience in quality assurance. He talks briefly about Six Sigma and the way in which it can be brought to effect in an organization. Six Sigma is a tool which can be put to very good use if it is used in the right way.

ISO follows the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” philosophy. Six Sigma, however, gives importance to continual improvement. He says, in CMMI, at level four, they talk about quantitative management, which is essentially the predictability of processes. Tools like multiple regression come into play over here. In the next level, that is level 5, they talk about optimizing. Causal analysis and resolution, and organizational innovation and development are key here. Supplementing Six Sigma with concepts like lean makes it more applicable for organizations.

Hence, he strongly feels, it is essential to implement Six Sigma in all organizations. And, all the stakeholders, the ones who are in charge of implementing, and the ones on whom it is going to have an impact, must be trained in Six Sigma if not continuously, at least intermittently through workshops. This will definitely help the organization succeed.