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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare – Sasthaprabhu

Sasthaprabhu is a lead trainer in India Healthcare solutions. He has more than 10 years of experience in training industry. He is a part of training and development team. They handle new hires at senior levels and management level. He got introduced to six sigma through his mother who was trained in Kaizen and 5S. He says six sigma is a good way to reduce waste and to improve processes quickly. India Healthcare is a pioneer in Healthcare Services. He says he was fortunate to carry some projects in the company. In one of the projects, they dealt with the reduction in lead time. They have handled projects like reducing average handling time, reduction of Turn Around Time (TAT). There are some of the six sigma initiatives which are being worked on in his organization. He thanks, Benchmark six sigma and VK for a wonderful session which he felt was simplified and exhaustive too. He says he learned a lot from the session and going further he would like to implement measurement system analysis along with attribute system analysis. He says in the training and development industry repeatability and reproducibility plays a huge role. He signs off saying attribute analysis would help him with accurate data which would aid in better decision making.