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Health and Hospitality: Dr. Arvind Khanjio

Dr. Aravind Khanijo is a pathologist and is a transfusion specialist. He is working in healthcare. He feels all the control measures they follow in medicine and blood bank are restricted to analytical part of the test. There is very little emphasis on pre and post analytical aspect of the test. He says that Benchmark Six Sigma experts helped to clear his doubt regarding the quality aspect in the business. He learnt a lot of things while doing green belt certification which helped him clear his mind. Some specifics of Six Sigma approach to quality, were absolutely out of his thought process. After learning six sigma approach to quality through six sigma green belt course he understood the way to improve business process.

He learnt DMAIC tools by phase and elaborates on define phase. Through define phase he learnt to define project, develop project charter. He also learnt from the business process of bigger organizations and implemented DMAIC tools by phase in his organization.

He feels that business process mapping in green belt course has helped a lot to identify right business process.