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Information and Technology – Clarence Wong

Clarence Wong works for Google for the past Six months and shares a very important message about Six Sigma. People are usually under the impression that Six Sigma should be used as a DMAIC or DMADV project. He feels that one can be very successful by applying these tools and concepts to a specific problem or by challenging the status quo. Deconstructing a problem into its principle components brings to light several problems. This approach is useful in a non-Six Sigma environment like Google.
For the past six years, he has been devising successful projects like finding the passing rate for statutory examination and redesigning the online fraud prevention process at HSBC. In a successful project of automating the auditing system in Google maps, he helped wipe away a three-week backlog, eliminated duplication of work and ensured daily feedback to the operators. By using cause and effect analysis, Design of Experiment and Measurement System Analysis he brought about key policy changes and a quality improvement from 85% to 96% in a matter of weeks. He improved the operating efficiency from 65% to 125% by deploying Six Sigma tools like stakeholder analysis and Pareto analysis. To him, Six Sigma is more than a metric, a management system or a philosophy. It’s a way of life.