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Business Excellence Master Black Belt: Testimonials

Business Excellence Master Black Belt is a combination of several Leadership Competencies suitable for upgrading Black Belts.


1. Creativity and Innovation (Globally Recognized) – Learn techniques for finding a great solution when the root cause is clearly known (during Improve phase or otherwise). 

2. Business Value Analyst (Globally Recognized) – Learn a method to select most financially impactful projects in the organization.

3. AHP Practitioner (Globally Recognized) – Select one strategic direction out of several good alternatives (project selection or solution selection). 

4. Business Modelling Expert (Globally Recognized) – Gain competence on simulating realistic scenarios to find most meaningful focus areas or for optimizing a solution.

5. Lean Practitioner and Lean Guide (Globally Recognized) programs – Understand how to streamline your processes with advanced Lean learning.

6. Business Analytics and RPA Foundation (Globally Recognized) – Get a good overview understanding on when are these advancements used and how.

7. Excellence in Continuous Improvement Leadership (New, offered as an add-on to MBB) – The skill sets needed for leading Continuous Improvement are unique. This program covers various engagement methods to involve leadership, CI team, as well as cross functional project team members.

One may opt for one or more of these competencies. Each of these is an independent certification program. Completion of all leads to the MBB certificate.


Here are comments from some of our participants of this program –

The course is made so effectively that concepts are cleared at once and the good thing is there is no need to remember the topics. The sessions are very interactive which is good as people from different industries are sharing their experiences. There is also freedom to express the views. A powerful course which will transform BBs to MBBs and eventually to great leaders.

Rohitas Agnihotri, Team Manager- PEX, Cognizant

Benchmark’s MBB training is not just focused on the theory, detailed discussions on application of concepts and tools in real business scenarios from multiple sectors makes it exceptionally useful for the participants. The knowledge of trainers and their commitment to up-skill every participant is also a key differentiator.

Santhosh Udayanan, Associate Director & Technology Leader, Ernst & Young

Wonderful training by VK. Even difficult concepts were explained and grasped easily.

Venkat Narayanan Lakshminarayanan, Senior Manager, TCS

A perfect blend of statistics, management, business operations and leadership focus. A must do for all aspiring MBBs. 

Lakshmi Iyer Nair, Senior Consultant, Capgemini

Wonderful training. I especially loved the following –

1. The logical structuring & gradual build-up to link Six Sigma, Lean & TOC.
2. Application of the above concepts in obtaining a direction regarding selection, analysis & completion of projects.

Aswanth Rajeev, Lead – Program Management – Rooftop Solar, Mahindra Susten

It was a completely new topic for me and I expected how to create, review and analyze forecasting models – A lot of learning happened in terms of creating simulations and understanding various models. – Brilliant and thought provoking sessions in BME (MBB competency).

Manish Vaidya, General Manager, Vodafone Digital Business Services

Interactive mode of learning and teaching, open discussion forum, well researched and practical course content, domain expertise and real life experiences of instructors resulted in engrossing and enriching learning experience.

Jai Banerjee, Chief Retail Consultant, India Shoppe

All the modules covered in Business Excellence Master Black Belt program were powerful. Business Simulation was really interesting – Excellent program. An eyeopener.

Chandan Kumar Dey, Continuous Improvement Manager EMEA , John Crane 

Excellent explanation around practical usage. Given templates and tools are of great help as well. – Benchmark MBB is truly Business Excellence focused. It talks about the success of business as a whole and does not lose focus in siloed operational or process excellence discussions. Highly recommended.

Sabyasachi Jana, Business Improvement Specialist, BT Global Services

It was excellent learning to build and run simulations in Business Modelling Expert (MBB Competency).

Priti D’Souza, Senior Manager – Delivery Excellence, TCS

It was a great program. Each competency was highly useful-

Creativity and Innovation – I learnt scientific ways of finding creative solutions to the problems through TRIZ matrix.

AHP – Multiple paired comparison that allows you to compare apples and oranges and to derive at a decision. This is much better than pugh-matrix and enables better decision making.

TOC – How to look at organization wide constraints and prioritize areas to improve upon. TOC allows operations to speak financial language and gain confidence of top level management and support for projects. Most importantly, it is a tool through which we can demonstrate impact of projects on 3 important financial metrics.

Alex Fernandes, General Manager, Account Management, Teamlease Services Limited

It was a good training. I really liked the following aspects-

Creativity and Innovation- The realization that TRIZ can be used for almost all industries.

BVA- Capability of having meaningful communication with leadership and getting your point across in the most effective way.

AHP- I always considered that selecting an option from a list can never be made scientific and will always be based on individual intuition. AHP has brought in some science to this belief.

Ashwani Arora, Head of Business Development, Pickrr

I am happy to have attended the BEMBB training delivered by Vishwadeep. His knowledge and experience in delivering and covering various aspects of Business Excellence and Six Sigma made the learning fun and informative.

Atul Kapoor, Business Excellence Lead, TechnipFMC

I understood the difference between RPA, AI, Machine learning and I got to know where this can be implemented. 

Karthik TN, Senior Process Associate, TCS

All the competencies covered in Business Excellence Master Black Belt program were excellent- 

Creativity & Innovation: simple ways to drive innovation in an organisation.

AHP: how to use the methodology in terms of choosing projects.

BVA: an eye opener in terms of how to enable companies to make more and more money.

In short, really powerful courses which could enable organisations to make more and more money even in the times of tough economic situations.

Divyaraj Murugadasan, E2E Delivery Lead – Customer Operations, Shell India

Explanation of topics was simplified, training was rightly paced and organized, so that course participants get the feel of the topics and get into the groove quickly. I was trained by VK 10 years back on Green belt and now when i returned to do my MBB, I found that the quality of training has gone from best in the past to EXCELLENT. 
Good going Sir!
Good luck to VK & Benchmark team.”

Sachin Menon, Senior Manager, Komos Automotive India Pvt Ltd

Creativity & Innovation techniques were fantastic, content coverage was also excellent. In AHP module, exercise simulation was good. In BVA module, the TOC theory & content was enlightening. 

Srivasu Kompala, Team Lead – End User Computing, Royal Bank of Scotland

Currently Benchmark Six Sigma’s BEMBB is the best in the market. Course curriculum and training delivery is very well planned. 

Sahil Sharma, Quality Auditor, NIIT

For Lean (MBB Competency), my expectation was as follows –

By the end of the training, I should know to calculate or derive below things:

1. FTE required for my process.
2. Cycle time of  my process.
3. TAKT time of my process.
4. To identify and eliminate wastes.
5. To detect root cause efficiently through RCA.

Everything was explained to me very well and now I am able to apply all the above in my process.

Anuradha Srinivasan, Implementation Manager, IQ Backoffice

The instructor is amazing. Has great sense of knowledge which can be embedded in real time scenarios.

Manjuladevi Krishnan, Assistant Manager, Shell India

This training helps us brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas to resolve the issues. A very useful one.

Priyanka E, Business Operations Analytics – Business Excellence, SFDC

MBB contains niche concepts with good number of business cases discussed along with the concepts for better understanding.

Praveen Kumar K, Deputy Manager Quality and Compliance, Renault Nissan Technology Business Center India 

By going through this Program, I got the practicability of Advanced Six Sigma tools and Methods.

Kapil Mohan Sharma, Lead Business Analyst- Fraud & Risk, Fareportal

Excellent course to be taken for aspiring Business Excellence professionals.

Veena Dhari , Process Manager- Business Excellence , Kantar

A wonderful session which took us on a very clear lean and business excellence journey covering the concepts and various tools used currently.

Vijayalakshmi Harikrishnan, Sr. Associate UK Admin Services, VWR Lab Products Pvt. Ltd 

Highly recommended course for Business excellence – There are practical applicability and apt scenarios for understanding the concepts.

Guruvammal Namasivayam, Team Manager, Shell

MBB session was a thought provoking workshop and I have learned how to take quick strategic decision in a very short time using advanced competencies such as Business Value, Modelling and simulation; practicing lean principles. I would strongly recommend this session to those who are managing High Performance teams and those in senior leadership roles.

Mohamed Asif , Senior Lead Consultant- Operations Excellence, Allstate

MBB is highly recommended for the folks who are managing operation and service excellence programs in their organization.

Vijay Bhaskar Ikkurthi, Senior Manager Core Service Engineering , Microsoft

MBB is a fantastic course for all the business leaders who are looking for significantly and strategically improving their businesses.

Prasanna Pokhrel , CEO Operations , Vianet Communications Pvt ltd 

I liked AHP, TRIZ, Simulation exercises in MBB. The session was very effective with a lot of hands on experience with the case studies.

Indrani Poddar , General Manager- Process Excellence, Cognizant Technologies Ltd 

I may take this opportunity to thank VK and entire Benchmark team, that because of the MBB I got a good opportunity to work as Managing Director for a conglomerate here in Africa, the turn over is that to the likes of Sleepwell, in India, my gratitude to VK Sir.

Maulik Doshi , Managing Director, United Foam Products Nigeria Limited