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We facilitate improvement in business results

We are Benchmark Six Sigma

We utilize unusual but effective methodologies.

There is always scope for improvement. Perfection is a moving goal. Improvement is measured through business results. There is an unknown improvement sequence that will bring best results in your unique business situation. These are some of the beliefs that have been shaping our services.

We work with methodologies, tools and sequences. What works in a given corporate situation is unlikely to work in another. While Lean Six Sigma is extremely powerful, it cannot replace the need for creativity and innovation. While Theory of Constraints is of tremendous utility, it cannot do what AHP will do for you. While there is DFSS which is extremely useful for new products and services, you need some simulations to make it highly efficient. Kaizens will work but they require a culture which begins with the drive from the top. A waste reduction sequence can generate tremendous waste by itself.

The complexity is not limited to selection of methodology. There is more. The way a methodology works in one domain or culture is not the same way it will work in another. We have been using these approaches for long and are aware of pitfalls. We take pride in our ability to design corporate sequences for enhanced business results.

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For In-Company Requirements

Customised in-company business improvement programs are our primary focus area. We have evolved methods that cut down your business improvement project costs and effort to half. At the same time, we ensure your improvement projects deliver double the effectiveness. If your improvement projects earlier took 6 months, they are likely to take 3 months or less. If your average projects earlier delivered one million dollars in benefits, they are likely to deliver 2 million or more.

For Public Workshop Participants

We have developed games and exercises that make you think all the time. Engage you so compellingly that you have no option but to immerse yourself in a whole new paradigm. We create experiences that you are unlikely to forget. We use examples that are useful for everyone irrespective of industry, domain or function. We maintain highest global recognition for our participants.

For Institutional Clients

We use workshop format with situations and contests that captivate. The format ensures that participants learn at a rapid pace. We use sequences that generate interest. We share our experiences from the corporate world in a manner that knowledge that is both wide and deep gets transferred in a short duration. We create great competitive edge for candidates irrespective of their interest area.

We specialize in sequences that generate high Business Value.