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Trystorming is a word derived from combining try and brainstorming. Try here implies prototyping or model development and when combined with brainstorming, it refers to the concept of rapid prototyping or testing of the ideas sooner than later.


An application-oriented question on the topic along with responses can be seen below. The best answer was provided by Rajesh Chakrabarty on 23rd Feb 2021.


Applause for all the respondents - Syed Yaseen S, Sundeep Kailwoo, Rajesh Chakrabarty, Sanjay Singh, Jayanth Sura, Subodh Tripathi, Santosh Sharma


Q 341. Trystorming is a combined process of rapid brainstorming and prototyping. Which are the areas where this approach is beneficial?



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In today’s fast paced work culture, lesser investment of time is appreciated. The concept of Trystorming has thus gained grounds, wherein brainstorming is combined with rapid or immediate prototyping to determine if ideas will work or not, as per the desired result/yield.

This process which is a part of the implementation or improvement stage in a process is more conducive when the involved people (Team) are experts in the subject and will be able to take a decision immediately. It is based on an established concept that a few corrective steps can resolve 80% of problems and it can take a lot of effort and cost to fix the remaining 20%.

The concept is also good when the approvals are required immediately from the top management/Sponsor. The immediate result oriented process allows quick decisions to be made.

The basic concept is;

-          The problem and the desired output / result needs to be known i.e what is the problem and what we want to achieve

-          7 potential solutions need to be generated by the team, before proceeding to select one.

-          Prepare as least as possible number of solutions by combining the best aspects which the team is able to conceive fully, convince others that it will work and can be measured.

-          Initial focus needs to be on removing barriers, to implement best processes/practices already validated

-          Least possible cost needs to be incurred

-          The output needs to be at a functional model level and not at an immediate “Industrial strength” level. The concepts / prototypes need to be proved for desired results, before investing in final machine/ product, / packaging / process

-          Trystorming is best done at the Gemba

-          It can be done as a continuous improvement programme.

-          Solution needs to be scalable and replicable

-          Solution should not be implemented if the risk of health, life , property, brand value and or finances is high.


Keeping the above points in mind, Trystorming process is applied in an effort to apply principles and practical prototypes to improve a product/process when the “situation at a glance” suggests improvement in outcome.

Thus, Trystorming can be used in many areas including

-          Software applications, wherein immediate prototypes can be made to check results and can be undone as well, if the results are not as desired.

-          Warehousing, wherein the inventory placement set up can be changed to get bet results in space management and distribution patterns like FIFO or LIFO etc.

-          Final Product Packaging and life enhancement of perishable products- Like packing cut vegetables in vacuum packs in different quantities.

-          Change in Recipe/ Content (Production floor)– A recipe of a product can be changed and tested/Tasted for improvement.

-          Assembly Plants where a workstation can be mocked up by rearranging the furniture’s or just creating a mock station with demarcations on the floor.

In all the cases the mock up is dismantled or discarded after the tests. The idea is proven to be implementable and in cases where the scale of implementation is high and a pullback is not easy, a pilot batch is done and then scaled up after successful try-outs.

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* Trystorming is one of the process in implementing change management across the process level

* It is basically try less time in meetings and focus more on the real value addition areas

* This method can be used in any sector decisions where the risk is moderate and more easy to achieve process control is     something unexpected happens

* Recent example is during this Pandemic period, Vaccines passed the clinical trial and acceptable in smaller sampling           most of government implemented mass vaccinations of some vaccines without third phase results availability because         of less harmfulness.

* Other Beneficial Areas includes New Product Launch, Machine Parameters adjustment for process improvement etc

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Trystorming refers to  Brainstorming on steroids and Putting in Practice the idea being discussed in pilot environment and then evaluating the output to continue or exit. It emphasis what can be done right now rather than deliberating and discussing the possible solutions and prioritizing with the larger group over multiple sessions of discussions and finding common ground. 


Some of the Examples where Trystorming can be successfully implemented :


1.       A non-destructive / disruptive  process , where the change can happen in parallel to the exiting process . While the core team explores the possible solutions that can be implemented to an existing problem today . Pilot can be rolled out for a sub team , where the impact of the Trystorming solution results can be realized immediately for either accepting the output or rejecting the outcome of the experiment on the pilot. Hiring process in an organization is an ideal place for experimenting and deploying Trystorming , where basis criteria being met the process owners can deviate timelines and the mode of recruiting the candidate. Interviewing and Live assessing the candidate Via Video Communication to eliminate the issue of impersonation specially for Written test / assessment is required .  The class for which this process is deployed , then can be measured for Success or not VS previous and old process in terms of the Recruiting metrics , Like Fall Rate , Fill rate , No Call No show % , Through put on the Tests etc. The advantage is if the Trystorming exercise by the Teams succeed , the results can then be made universal for a Blanket Approval at BU, Site , Profit center level . This eliminates the involvement of non-core functions and saves on time and yields quick turnaround time on execution.


2.       Trystorming can be employed in operations floors where the experts try an idea in a control environment , monitor the outcome over a period of short duration of time , evaluate the results and make a decision to continue or disengage. Teams can  continue to  derive at possible solutions without disrupting the core operations and providing the results to the stakeholders to make the process change approved once successful.

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Trystorming is a blend of brainstorming merged with rapid prototyping to determine if ideas will work quickly or not.

The key process steps includes:

·               Come up with at least some ideas through brainstorming/sketching

·               Reduce them down into top three ideas

·               Go on Simulating them to test their workability & its effectiveness

·               Morph or combine ideas until you reach a best outcome

·               Put the concept into your business Process and repeat the process as needed

It is used in those areas where Innovation & fast results are needed with low cost solutions.

It is based on the Philosophy of Fail fast & Fail Cheap that means Generate some Innovative Idea Develop the Prototype with low cost & test it Quickly to know its Success or Failure.

It is widely in used in Manufacturing Industries, where sometimes you need quick & Innovative solutions with low Cost.

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Try storming:- Try storming is basically the practical version of brainstorming.


In Try storming an Idea will take different shapes by practically executing an idea with different simulations. Instead of just thinking different solution like in brainstorming, Try storming will rapidly encourages the test and development of an idea. This will facilitate the people to touch and feel the result real time.  


Try storming work on below 4 basic principles

  • It is not important to get the optimized process at first attempt
  • be action oriented
  • keep solutions simple
  • keep improving the initial solution by following first 3 principles till the ideal solution is achieved.

Benefits of Try storming:-

  • It will help in identifying practical problems which are not found in brainstorming
  • As try storming is more action oriented, team members will be more engaged and motivated for actions.
  • As try storming will help in touch and fell of the idea, it will eliminate many impractical perceptions and barriers that comes from conventional thinkers.
  • the outcome of try storming will give more confidence to decision makers to implement in big scale as the results are seen practically.

Areas where "Try Storming" is more effective:-


1. R & D of pharma company :- A research & development team of pharma companies  can use this powerful tool to develop effective new drug by repeatedly testing an idea of new chemical combination.


2. Try storming will help in designing a new fuel effective or high performance engine by repeatedly trying a design.


3. Try storming is such a powerful tool that can be used even in simple process like making a new recipe in a restaurant in which a team of chefs can try different ingredients in different proportions to get the best new dish.





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Trystorming: This approach consists of "Rapid cycles of real-time experimentation, used to test and adjust ideas for improvement before establishing standard work or broadly implementing procedures." This means, try it out in plain language! Try Storming involves physical acts that can include other senses to offer a better understanding to testers of whether or not a concept is viable. Trystorming differs from brainstorming in that, rather than only dreaming about potential ideas, it promotes the rapid creation and testing of a concept. It enables individuals on an initial concept to imagine, contact and further enhance. Rather than speaking, it also models action. We sometimes forget that the best way to create a process that works is through the iterative process of trying, adjusting/correcting, and trying again in our desire to design the ideal future state.


The framework is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Creating perfect solutions is not necessary.
  • Be action-focused.
  • Keep it easy with solutions.


To build practical solutions, these concepts work hand-in-hand. Try-Storming can be used to consistently optimize any business process when applied correctly.


One of the main reasons for using trystorming as part of any operation in process design is that it models action rather than speaking. Your team can soon recognize that the activity is more than just a meeting or a theoretical exercise by leaving the conference room and actually carrying out ideas during the course of the job. Furthermore, taking action usually increases exponentially the degree of idea generation and team interaction. The team will be able to imagine their proposals and turn strategies into concrete improvements easily by mocking and trying concepts. While trystorming takes much more energy than the conventional approach to design, the use of this technique can greatly reduce the total time taken to achieve a workable solution.

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This method consists of of Rapid cycles of real-time experimentation,, used to-test and adjust improvement ideas before establishing standard work or implementing processes broadly.” In plain language this means – try it out! Try Storming incorporates physical actions which will engage other senses and provides testers a far better sense of whether a thought is viable or not.
Trystorming is different from brainstorming therein it encourages the rapid development and test of a thought instead of merely brooding about the possible solutions. It allows people to see , touch and further improve on an initial idea. It also models action rather than talk. Often in our desire to style the right Future State we forget that the simplest thanks to build a process that works is thru the iterative process of trying, adjusting/correcting, and trying again.
The process is built on three basic principles:
It is not important to create perfect solutions.
Be action-oriented.
Keep solutions simple.
These principles work hand-in-hand to develop effective solutions. When it is implemented correctly, Try-Storming can be used to continuously improve any business process.
One of the key reasons to utilize trystorming as a part of any process design activity is that it models action instead of talk. By leaving the room and truly trying ideas during the course of the work, your team will quickly realize that your activity is quite just a gathering or an exercise in theory.
In addition, taking action typically increases the extent of idea generation and team engagement exponentially. By mocking up, and trying concepts the team will be able to visualize their ideas and transform plans into tangible improvements quickly. While trystorming requires far more energy than the normal design approach, use of this system will significantly reduce the general time needed to succeed in a workable solution.

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