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  1. Neural Network:- Before understanding Neural Network, its imperative to understand a term called "Perceptron". Perceptron forms basis for Neural Network and also for Artificial Intelligence, hence the name has been given to one of the early algorithm. Neural Network is a "Multi level Perceptron" which works as artificial "Neurons" of human brain and are arranged in a layered sequence to predict the patterns in the given data to get the output (Neurons are a micro particles in human brain which transmits information between different areas of brain by using electrical & chemical impu
  2. Argument Mapping:- Argument map is a flow chart that tracks the outcome of any sensible discussion or arguments on a concept/idea/theory. For any theory or an idea, there will be different tangents of thinking. These different tangents will arise as arguments for that theory. It is very important to track those arguments which confers and differs the concept for better understanding of the theory. Arguments will give opportunities to clarify our thoughts and will help to educate people more about the theory or concept. However some time the vice versa also happens that
  3. Hype cycle:- Hype cycle is a graphical representation of the genuine success rate of any emerging technology. As we know that there are umpteen new technologies been developed every year, it is extremely challenging for organizations to choose the right one and invest on them. Many companies will realize in 4 - 6 months that they have invested on incorrect technology. One of the main reason for this challenge is because of the artificial hype created about the emerging technology. Gartner is an American establishment who has come up with a solution to over come the chal
  4. Stakeholder analysis:- As synergy is the key to the success of any project, it is imperative to involve all the stake holders in the project appropriately. Stake holder analysis is one such powerful activity which will clearly explain the role and importance of each stakeholder. In stakeholder analysis, project leaders will rank all the stakeholders based on their importance at each stage, and also use appropriate strategies (ex:-written communication, inviting for tollgate meetings, educating about the project etc) to actively involve them in the project. Stakeholder a
  5. Try storming:- Try storming is basically the practical version of brainstorming. In Try storming an Idea will take different shapes by practically executing an idea with different simulations. Instead of just thinking different solution like in brainstorming, Try storming will rapidly encourages the test and development of an idea. This will facilitate the people to touch and feel the result real time. Try storming work on below 4 basic principles It is not important to get the optimized process at first attempt be action oriented keep solutions si
  6. Diffusion of Innovation (DOI):- DOI is one of the pioneer theory s which explains how a products or a service been accepted by its end users and the growth curve of that product's acceptance. DOI is developed by E.M. Rogers an American sociologist in the year 1962. Any products or service for that matter will be used or accepted by very few in the early stages. The growth curve of the product's acceptance will be based the feedback from the early users. In the whole journey of the product's acceptance to obsolete, it will under go different phases and each p
  7. Inverted 'U' theory:- The inverted ' U ' theory speaks about the correlation between an employee's performance Vs pressure on employee. In simple terms this theory say the following. --> Low or no pressure at work will leads to low employee's performance. --> Appropriate pressure at work will optimize the employee's performance. --> High and intolerable pressure will impact negatively on performance at time the negative impact is very sever. When the correlation of performance Vs pressure is shown on a graph, the graph will take the shape o
  8. 5 Why Vs 5W2H:- Both 5Why and 5W2H are very powerful management tools used for " root cause analysis" and "business process implementation" respectively. These two tools are bit confusing in understanding for lerners. however we and overcome the same by understanding the purpose of each tool as shown below. 5 Why - Used for root cause analysis by asking questions starting "WHY". (Why --> Why--> Why-->Why-->Why) 5 Why is a reactive tool to analyze the root cause
  9. DIKW - Is a journey from 'D' (data) to 'W(' Wisdom) with two very important pit stops 'I' (information) and 'K' (Knowledge) Data --> Information --> Knowledge --> Wisdom. This is the most commonly used method to explain the transformation of Data to Wisdom with a component of actions and decisions for any sort of data. It is the graphical representation of organizing knowledge with in the organization. The DIKW model is also called as hierarchical model depicted in pyramid shape with Data as base and Wisdom at the tip. Example:-
  10. Cellular manufacturing:- Cellular manufacturing is an automated & sequential set up of part by part (each part is manufactured in an unit called work cell) to get the final output (product). This manufacturing technique is very important concept of "lean manufacturing". The main idea of this technique is to set the manufacturing unit in such a way that all the steps involved in the manufacturing of the main unit will be performed step by step automatically. Each work cell have its own software and hardware to achieve the part accurately, and to test the input came from th
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