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    This page contains links to various discussion topics that relate to Efficiency and Productivity.  This page was last updated on 11th November 2019. Please click on the links below to see the definition, and best reply to the application question. 

    • Automation - Discussion - Before they got into the automotive business, the founders of Toyota built competitive edge due to the excellent usage of Jidoka (also called autonomation) at their workplace. The term Jidoka in modern day context, bringing out the difference between automation and autonomation.
    • Chaku ChakuDiscussion - Key features of a Chaku Chaku production line as per Lean Management Systems. Are there any specific situations where using a Chaku Chaku system is better than using a fully automated line?
    • CLOSED MITT - Discussion - High productivity requires elimination of wastes. The wastes that are categorized in seven categories in Toyota and remembered as WORMPIT or TIMWOOD widely, were categorised as ten types called CLOSED MITT at Boeing. Compare and contract CLOSED MITT with the classical seven wastes.
    • Cycle TimeDiscussion -What is the differences between Lead Time and CycleTime? What is the reason for confusion in the two definitions?
    • Effective/ EfficientDiscussion - Efficient or Effective.  Example of a process that is efficient but not effective and one of a process that can be considered effective but not efficient.  
    • Efficiency - Discussion on Efficiency Metrics
    • HandoffsDiscussion - Processes that have moved from multiple handoffs to zero or minimal handoffs. 
    • Important vs UrgentDiscussion - We are always running against time and it is common to find oneself finishing tasks just before the deadline. Let us consider a person who is forcing himself to do the urgent tasks all the time and is completely unable to focus on the important ones. What approach would you suggest to such a person?

    • Inventory - Discussion -  Explain the meaning of the word “inventory” as one of the “seven killers of productivity’’ in Lean Philosophy for different industries.
    • Productivity - Discussion - Do you think it is possible to manage “Creativity” in such a “Productivity-obsessed” corporate environment?
    • Process Cycle Efficiency - Discussion - Process Cycle Efficiency is considered an important Lean Metric. However, it can be argued that it is not the best indicator for Process efficiency.
    • Pull System and Push System- Discussion - While Pull based flow is considered better for productivity than Push based flow in many ways in general, it is not always that a pull system can be implemented. Please mention in your own words how and why the pull system is not practically better than push system in certain situations. 
    • Push, Pull and Continuous Flow- Discussion - Compare Push vs Pull vs Continuous Flow Systems. When should we prefer one over the other?
    • Quick WinDiscussion -  "Stop Gap" arrangements usually have a negative connotation to them. How are they different than the "Quick Wins" usually identified in the Define phase of a Six Sigma project?
    • Tollgate Effectiveness - Discussion - The quality of questions and interactions in Toll Gate reviews is crucial for success of any gated process (not just Lean Six Sigma projects). It is seen that poorly planed or administered Toll Gate reviews are one of the biggest reasons for project failure in the Lean Six Sigma world. How should one plan toll gate reviews to ensure their effectiveness? 
    • Waste elimination - Discussion - Please refer to https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/make-this-lean/ Once you have seen the eight checks in the post, visualize how and whether some of these checks can be reduced at the Airport? Without compromising on Safety and Accuracy, how can you make this process as Lean as it can be?
    • ReworkDiscussion - Rework is considered a wasteful endeavor.  However, in some processes, zero rework is impractical or undesirable. The outlook for business excellence by taking examples of few such processes.
    • Robotic Process AutomationDiscussion - What is the difference between Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Elaborate with suitable examples. Can the highest level of automation be achieved without the two working in tandem?
    • Single Piece FlowDiscussion - Single Piece Flow, examples where single piece flow has made things better for us in daily life. 
    • Takt Time- Discussion - While takt time is the same as demand rate in simplistic terms, it is considered extremely important as a concept in Lean implementation. What kind of decisions does the Takt Time drive? Are these decisions strategic or tactical by nature? 
    • Takt Time CalculationDiscussion - Examples from different scenarios along with the Takt time calculator, to explain the meaning of Takt time.
    • Efficiency - Discussion - What are some examples of most common efficiency metrics that are used in the business world? Which one's may be considered better than the others?
    • Robotic Process Automation vs Artificial Intelligence - Discussion - As AI gets more powerful in coming years, what will happen to the fast growing RPA? Will RPA be aided by better AI and grow faster? Or will RPA's growth rate slow down? Give reasons to explain your answer.
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