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  1. In context of Experimentation, any "nuisance" or unwanted and uncontrollable factor which causes variability under normal operating conditions can be termed as a noise factor. These Noise factors may affect the dependent variable and hence adds undesired variation to the process / experiment and/or product. Such noise factors are typically of no interest to the researcher or process designer. Most of the times Noise factors are difficult or expensive to control during manufacturing and hence, is best to be controlled and substantiated during the research/ experiment stage itself. The
  2. A Neural Network is sequence of mathematical and logical algorithms that work in tandem to identify the core link or connection in a set of data (input) through a process that follows the working of the human brain. We know from various researches on how the various “Sensory” or “receptor” centers in the human brain are connected through a network of neurons that react to any stimuli/information from the “5 Senses”. These neurons then link through a network to draw up various permutations and combinations that can be derived from the information, based on the experience or training that t
  3. We are living in very challenging times for businesses; lots of uncertainty, ambiguity and risk at every step. The leadership qualities of a leader are of prime significance now, more than ever before. The competition and the scope for generation of new and better ideas is very high due to the amazing technology and ability to transfer data at speed that was unimaginable a few years ago. A modern leader comprehends that athis is a time of massive disruption and creation. Hence, there needs to be a new approach to “see – learn –do” and redirect the course of events in a significant and construc
  4. VRIO stands for Value , Rarity, Imitability and Organization. A Question Framework of the 4 mentioned matrix is created to analyze and uncover ‘Sustained Competitive advantage”. Since it is a tool that helps to plan for achievement of long term goals and create an edge over the competitors, VRIO framework forms a part of the Organization’s strategic Scheme. Unlike SWOT, which is carried out on the organization as a whole, VRIO analysis is conducted on each individual resource or competency that needs to be reviewed. The abovementioned four components of VRIO Analysis are arranged i
  5. “Hoshin” in Japanese means “Direction” or “Compass Needle”, whereas “Kanri” means “control” or “Management”. The combination of the two words reflects the connotation “Direction Control”. Hoshin Kanri is also dubbed as “Policy Deployment”. It is essentially a Lean management method to ensure that that the strategic goals of an organization, drive progress and action at every level within the organization. The intention of the technique is to let the strategic goals guide every decision and action in a planned manner and eliminate the waste that comes from inconsistent direction and poor
  6. A defined series or steps of action, repeated in a pattern in a progression from defined “start” point to a defined standard “finish” is called a process. This ensures consistency in a commonly understood flow and thereby provides a structure for any task to be completed as effectively, efficiently and consistently, as possible. A good process is like a checklist, which can be measured in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. This is important, as a measurable process provides for the focus to make it better to provide better results/ outcomes. The best way to determine the effect of the
  7. The Four-Eyes Principle is used in many organizations, in business transactions to protect against negligence and corruption. In Business organization, all important decisions are approved by at least 2 individuals, more often the CEO and the CFO- so it is the 2 Eyes of the CEO and 2 Eyes of the CFO- thus the name 4 Eyes Principle. This concept is used in the many fields, for example, most us may have experienced; when we go to withdraw money at a bank, our submitted Cheque slips are scrutinized by 2 people- The idea is that 4 eyes see more than 2 eyes, so all errors or lapses, if any, ca
  8. Kata refers to fundamental moves made in Japanese martial art, which is practiced over and over again by self, ideally under supervision of the “Master”. Continuous practice leads to a routine that the body gets used to and become a basic form or pattern that the body will follow as a reflex action, by impulse as a reaction to any stimulation. For example, a “criss cross” arm movement to defend against a punch from an opponent can be practiced as a Kata by self. Continuous practice of the same makes the muscular coordination so efficient that, the arms will move in the same pattern in which t
  9. CEDAC stands for Cause and Effect Diagram with the Addition of Cards. It was developed by Dr. Ryuji Fukuda, at Sumitomo Electric, as a tool for continuous systematic improvement. The CEDAC board helped to identify causes of specific problems and to identify, test and institute process improvement in a participatory approach. 350 CEDAC projects were initiated, tried and tested by Sumitomo Electric with extraordinary results. It was proven to be an effective tool and the concept was appreciated as it could be applied to a variety of situations – Design problems, Communication Problems, Set
  10. For most Investors, the purpose of the business/ initiative is to harvest more money from the money invested, which is a fair objective. The top three business matrices that is on top of mind is self sufficient Cash Flow, ROI and Profitability- ideally in the mentioned order. Hence, it is common to see that profit & ROI responsibility is delegated down the line. In many organizations, where the investor has maximum say/power, ROI has become the system of management control. Simultaneously, the top management is also keen about operational excellence, revenue generation and brand buil
  11. As Humans, we like to avoid pain- a propensity. The common notion is that people without the instinct to avoid risks or things that might hurt tends to die early. This is the core reason that you will see the habit/compulsion of cherry picking. “Cherry Picking” as the term suggests is based on the perceived process of harvesting Cherries, wherein the picker/Plücker, Picks the fruits which are “lowest hanging” ripe and easiest to pick and fill the basket. The acceptable or positive definition of “Cherry Picking” is the action or practice of choosing and taking only the most beneficial or p
  12. In this age of business disruptions and innovations, entrepreneurs and Investors alike, want to move away from the tested and tried and explore new ideas. Technology is the best catalyst for any such vision. New technologies are being discovered almost every day across the world and the news and awareness of any related information also spreads globally very fast due to access to communication mediums over internet and telecommunication. Needless to say, any technology’s success is reckoned and appreciated only when the broad market applicability of the said technology is relevant to any
  13. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical entities -object /machines/ bodies. With advanced technology, such replicas can be created as a per the real physical object’s construct at the micro atomic level and the macro geometric level as well. At it’s optimum standards, any information that can be obtained by inspecting the physical product, can be obtained from it’s digital Twin. Thus, a Digital Twin is a computer program which integrates IOT, AI, Machine learning and software analytics to create effective simulations of real life Object/Machine/body, that can predict how a product
  14. It is very common to see from managers invited for a (project) meeting, a request for the agenda and the participants and their role in the meet. The request is generally from a manager who understands the value of the impact of stakeholder’s influence on the project timelines and outputs. The importance of Stakeholder analysis and effective action on it, lies in the aspiration to uncover and remove any barriers in every milestone /phase of a project- It eliminates the roadblocks in completion of the project by helping to get information about project supporters, opponents , approvers and the
  15. In today’s fast paced work culture, lesser investment of time is appreciated. The concept of Trystorming has thus gained grounds, wherein brainstorming is combined with rapid or immediate prototyping to determine if ideas will work or not, as per the desired result/yield. This process which is a part of the implementation or improvement stage in a process is more conducive when the involved people (Team) are experts in the subject and will be able to take a decision immediately. It is based on an established concept that a few corrective steps can resolve 80% of problems and it can take a
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