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Community Answers

  1. Varuna Kakathkar has provided examples from both manufacturing and service industries and hence it has been selected as the best answer. Johanan's answer is also a must read as he has highlighted a very pertinent disadvantages with respect to integrations.
  2. Amongst the published answers, Varuna Kakathkar has provided the best answer to this question. Apart from the two uses mentioned by all respondents (Root Cause - 'Why' and Solution - 'How'), Issue Trees can also be used to simply break down the problem ('What').
  3. All the answers are a must read to better understand our day to day activities with Shingo Model. The best answer has been provided by Varuna Kakathkar.
  4. This question was a slightly tricky one as the concept of OTED is very similar to SMED. Congratulations to all the participants whose answers have been published. All the answers are worth a read, There are 2 winners for this question - Varuna Kakathkar (for providing some relevant examples where OTED has been implemented) and Johanan Collins (for elaborating the fitment of the concept in continuous improvement culture).
  5. While the most common application of the theory is in problem solving, there are answers that highlight some of the other applications. There are 3 best answers to this question provided by - Johanan Collins, Meenakshi Iyer, Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan. P.S. It was difficult to identify one winner and hence selected 3.And thank you for putting the source of the images.
  6. Most of the answers have highlighted the most common usage of a Shadow Board i.e. in 5S implementation. However, Shadow Boards are also used in organizations to keep a tab on the underlying themes rather than the superficial trends with respect to customer behavior and youth preferences. From the published answers, the winning answer has been written by Meenakshi Iyer. P.S. I notice that a lot of respondents have sourced images. It would be nice to mention the reference to the images so that due credit can be given.
  7. Excellent answers by all respondents. Best answer has been provided by Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan. Congratulations!
  8. Excellent responses to a relatively difficult question (after all it involves data distributions ) Johanan Collins has provided the best answer to this question. However, there are other brilliant answers that are must read - Saravanan MR, Mokshesh and Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan.
  9. All published answers are correct. There are 2 winners to this question - Saravanan MR and Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan.
  10. All the published answers are correct. The best answer has been provided by Mokshesh for elaborating the RICE scoring method in a step by step manner. Answers from Johanan (for an alternative method to read RICE score) and Meenakshi (for names of other prioritization techniques) are a must read.
  11. All answers are brilliantly structured and are well written. I recommend reading all answers to get different perspectives on timeboxing. The best answer has been provided by Meenakshi Iyer.
  12. Couple of very interesting answers. However the answer that truly stands out with respect to reasoning is from Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan. Hence his answer has been declared as the winner. A close second was the answer from Swarandeep Kaur Juneja for the example that was quoted.
  13. Meenakshi Iyer has provided a very detailed answer to the question and highlighted the responsibilities and method to validate successful implementation of Jishu Hozen. Therefore it is selected as the best answer. Answers from Swarandeep and Johanan are also a must read.
  14. Excellent question Syed. Many business excellence professionals have this query in their journey. The process and sub-process maps are basically different levels of process mapping. Sometimes, one needs to depict the process at a high level and sometimes one is interested in more details. It becomes difficult to capture all details in the same process map and hence we break it into separate process maps (and you may call them as sub-process maps ) You might want to check out the following link to get more insights into the various levels of process maps. https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/topic/35730-process-mapping/ Hope this helps!
  15. Mokshesh has provided the best answer to this question by clearly explaining all the facets of WBA. Another good practice that can be incorporated by all respondents is adding references, like it has been added by Johanan.
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