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  1. This was a tough one to answer. Rahul Arora has given the best answer to this question. Read through the other answers to get some more examples that highlight the differences between Bayesian and Frequentist approach.
  2. This was a slightly tricky question as it is well known that AHP edges over Pugh Matrix. There are a few answers worth reading - Piyush Jain, Rahul Arora, Ashish Kumar Sharma and Rakesh Chandra. Winner for this question is Ashish Kumar Sharma for accurately summarizing the differences between the two tools and providing an example where Pugh Matrix can be used over AHP.
  3. It is heartening to see so many published answers all with the same central thought process that PMBOK artifacts are relevant across various DMAIC phases. We have joint winners for this question - Shraddha Sequeira and Soji Sam. Excellent answers from both of them, specially highlighting the fact that the PMBOK phase wise deliverables might not be match as is with the five phases of DMAIC. Answer from Ashish Kumar Sharma is also a must read as well for the table that has been put together for Prepared, Maintained and Referred (one might have a difference in opinion about the positioning of P, M and R. However, it is a great way to visualize the relevance of artifacts with DMAIC lifecycle).
  4. All the published answers are brilliant. While Kiran's answer is short and to the point and clearly tells us where to use which test, Soji's answer highlights a weakness in the most popular Normality Test. Both answers have been selected as the winners. Congratulations to both!
  5. Fine answers from all respondents. The best answer has been provided by Ashish Kumar Sharma. Answers from Rahul and Kaviraj are a must read as well.
  6. All published answers are correct and to the point. Soji Sam's answer scores an extra point for the differentiation between continuous and discrete probability distributions. His answer has been selected as the best answer. Kudos to all participants for writing such amazing answers!
  7. Ambikesh Tiwari has given the correct answer to this tricky question. Well done!
  8. While all answers are correct, the best answer has been provided by Piyush Jain for the detailed explanation on ANOVA and an example that runs through all the ANOVA variants!
  9. Autocorrelation violates the assumption of independence of residuals in regression and it adversely affects the regression analysis. It can be checked graphically by looking at the 'Residuals vs Data Order' graph or by using the Durbin-Watson statistic. From all the published answers, there are 2 that stand out - Rahul Arora and Soji Sam. Rahul's answer has been selected as the best answer because he addressed how Autocorrelation affects Regression. Soji's answer just misses out as it does not answer how autocorrelation affects regression. Otherwise, it is a must read answer.
  10. Among all the published answers, the best answer has been provided by Kaviraj. Well done! P.S. There were some brilliant answers but they failed the plagiarism test. Requesting all respondents to be a little careful regarding plagiarism.
  11. Anshul Vaidya has provided the best answer to this question. Congratulations!
  12. While all published answers are correct, the winning answer has been provided by Chandra Shekhar Chauhan for demonstrating how Cpm can be calculated.
  13. Rohit Chaudhary has given the best answer to this question. Highlighted the purpose of each phase along with the tools that can be utilized in the phase.
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