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    Delhi GB Jun 11

    I was the part for the training of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Best Regards Maynu Ddeen
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  7. Hi Sir, I am experienced personal but no exposure in lean concept. could you please me for this. my mail id is deepakpardesi@g,mail.com; Regards Deepak Pardeshi
  8. Dinesh Kumar.

    Six sigma

    Six Sigma Green belt
  9. Dr Kavitha Somasundaram

    six sigma and healthcare

    Hi all, I am absolutely new to this six sigma concept. I am a dentist and currently pursuing my MBA in health system management.I came across this six sigma and was quite interested in it.Can someone give some examples of hospitals in India which have successfully used this six sigma?
  10. Aadrit Kashyap

    Apr-Jun 2018

    This album contains Benchmark Six Sigma Training Photographs from April to June 2018.
  11. Aadrit Kashyap

    Jan-Mar 2018

    This album contains Benchmark Six Sigma Training Photographs from January to March 2018.
  12. Many companies come across a great opportunity to improve business results when they plan the implementation of an ERP solution. There are not many, however, who utilize the opportunity very well. Here are common mistakes during ERP implementations - Not focusing on Business Objectives - ERP implementation is not a goal in itself. ERP implementation should be seen as a means to bigger organizational goals. It is important that the organizational goals (expectations from ERP implementation) be written down. This at the minimum requires a well facilitated senior management workshop. Not building capabilities to measure/ control the right things - An ERP can be a great enabler of excellence. If the planning pre-work is done well, it is possible to identify areas where data capture and validation is crucial for business results improvement. Not engaging key people in visualising, designing and bringing change - This is one of the biggest mistakes. Imagining that some people will design processes, and people who execute will just follow, does not work many times. We may end up missing out on real pain areas and fixing imaginary pain areas if we do not engage people. Once the right stakeholders are engaged, they bring out crucial points that we can just not afford to miss. There are a large number of practical elements which only folks in execution can elaborate. Not visualizing waste - There is a tremendous amount of wasteful activities in most non-automated processes. Visualizing wastes requires special skills in mapping processes. Value Stream Mapping with expert facilitation can help bring out big opportunities. Not utilizing creativity of our own people - People who are working on execution day-in and day-out have creative ideas. There are some powerful creativity tools that can help trigger more creative thoughts whole building a to-be map. Not visualizing failures/ risks in the proposed new process - An ERP solution can be implemented with trial and error with multiple iterations. It can also be done first time right with very few minor changes later. The difference lies in our ability to visualize and fix risks and failures in a to-be process. Lean Six Sigma methods have a big role to play here. Modifying processes as per ERP thoughts and not the other way round - Most modern ERPs have immense potential for customisation. One can plan a to-be process while considering customer needs, people capabilities and process demands and then bring to ERP team or do it the other way round (Create an ERP practitioner's experience based to-be solution and take it to execution folks and customers). World leading companies like Toyota have been very clear on this - One of the TPS (Toyota production system) Principles says this - "Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes". For our people (including customers) and processes to be served well, it is important that we understand both well before harnessing technology. We should remember that ERP implementation can generate unique advantages for a company and can help offer flawless services with better guarantees to the customer. This undoubtedly creates potential to increase our revenues, sign new businesses, reduce costs and turnaround times. We have been noticing the above-listed mistakes in ERP implementation across industries. What are your thoughts? Have you noticed some of these mistakes? Please feel free to discuss your views here.
  13. Vaishnavi Mishra

    Feedback from Healthcare

    Best ever training attended. The trainer carried a great wealth of knowledge and experience. He carried all the participants with different expertise along with him all four days with great enthusiasm. Definitely, he has done a great job. - V.P. Jeyan Prabhu, Planning and Estimation, Nourison Hospitality
  14. Vaishnavi Mishra

    Feedback from Telecom Services - Sep 2014

    Everyone who is into process/quality /product should go for Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt Training which will help their respective field to improve the existing processes, increase the company revenue and enhance the customer satisfaction level. - Vinita Yadav, Assistant Manager, Service Delivery, Idea Cellular Ltd
  15. Vaishnavi Mishra


    The learning is supported with real-life examples from day to day activities and across all industries. The training plan was structured and very well presented. It gives you an opportunity to learn the basics in a way it would be hard to forget. -Shrikant Barhate, Director, Yanfeng Automotive Interior Ind Pvt Ltd
  16. Vaishnavi Mishra


    It's good learning session. The process and covered information is explained with examples. -Nilesh Yadav, Sr. Technical Specialist, DXC Technology
  17. Vaishnavi Mishra


    Actual Knowledge of what is sigma and how we can use it in our daily personal and work life is provided in these sessions. This is not just another theoretical training session. The training is conducted with passion. -Binita M. Suvarna, Delivery Manager, Tata Consultancy Services
  18. The training of SSGB under benchmark is really a quality experience. DMAIC model is well understood, Concept fully cleared, Live examples shared during training is really helpful to understand the tools. -L.Ajit Kumar Das, Asst. Quality Engg, Steelcase Asia Pacific Holding India Pvt. Ltd.
  19. The trainer is good and has excellent knowledge and the facilities are well managed. -Suneesh Vennoli, Quality Engineer, Steelcase Asia Pacific Holding India Pvt Ltd Really appreciate how the way the technical details and jargons are made easy & explained in a simple way. -Supriya Kutty, Purchase Executive, Ashida Electronics Pvt Ltd
  20. Vaishnavi Mishra


    Benchmark Six Sigma gives the opportunity to start the Six Sigma growth in the best way. -Allstate, Mallinath A Sutar The facilitator was good. The way he connected things from one part to the other was good. You guys give so much value for money. -Nitesh Sinha, Quality Analyst, Automatic Data Processing The training approach was excellent. -Sagar Shekhar, HR - Trainer, Capita For anyone doing Six Sigma for the first time, I'd like to say, - Do it right the first time! Benchmark Six Sigma training was excellent. -Ranjit Mane, DST IT Services
  21. Vaishnavi Mishra

    Financial Services

    The training method and training materials were great! Thanks to Benchmark for the wonderful training session. -Anil Kumar Biswal, Sr. Quality Engineer, Quality, Sterling Farboy India Pvt Ltd
  22. Vaishnavi Mishra


    I liked the conceptual explanation of the Measure phase example, Define criteria, Select project criteria, Types of data, Normal distribution and analysis.The examples were given during entire programme. Nice arrangement of training location and food. - Abhay Madhukar, Kirloskar Pneumatic
  23. Vaishnavi Mishra


    The course was well designed, adequately paced and reasonably priced for candidates from different backgrounds. -Narendra Anil Murdeshwar, Management Consultant, Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd
  24. The quality of the workshop was very good. The case studies shared before the exam and during the training was very effective. -L. Ajit Kumar Das, Asst. Engineer, Quality, Steelcase Asia Pacific Holding India Pvt. Ltd
  25. Vaishnavi Mishra


    The training had a detailed focus on statistical tools and interactive sessions. -Gandharv Gaurav, Business Government Coach, Maersk Line I got a lot of insights into Six Sigma tools and the way the training was conducted was excellent. -Vivek Sahasrabuddhey, Director, Product Marketing, General Motors Really liked the Design of Experiments techniques and tools. -V.P.Jeyan Prabu, Project Manager, Planning & Estimation, Nourison Hospitality
  26. Vaishnavi Mishra


    The training was very well structured and organized. -Avishek Sengupta, Consultant, Process & Quality Consulting, Cognizant Business Consulting
  27. Vaishnavi Mishra


    The trainer has a deep understanding of concepts and Superb way of articulation of knowledge, statistical analysis topics, and systematic approach is taken to make the BB course very entertaining and fun. -Anoop Kaur Phul, Senior Consultant, Nihilent Technologies Limited All the topics were very well covered and in-depth discussions were done for them. -Nilesh Yadav, Sr. Fault Management, Service, DXC Technology Pvt Ltd The Training plan was structured and very well presented - Gives you an opportunity to learn all aspects in a way it would be hard to forget. -Sudipto Shankar Basu, Director, Network Operations Centre, AITS Technology Services India Pvt. Ltd. (Amicus ITS)
  28. Vaishnavi Mishra

    Students pursuing Professional Courses

    Got a detailed learning on Six Sigma with the effective delivery of the trainer's knowledge and experience. -Shashank Buchke, Student, Mechanical Engineering
  29. Vaishnavi Mishra


    So far the best training I have come across. The module is prepared in such a way that it will engage and make everyone to participate in the interaction. The trainer was very active and her skills of teaching were very good. -Dhiraj Kumar Rathod, Assistant Manager, Manufacturing, Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd
  30. Vaishnavi Mishra


    Time to time quizzes. This course is vast and not so easy to be covered in 4 days but time to time quizzes ensured that we understood the concept. I am walking out confidently for a new way of life called - Six Sigma way of life. - Tasneem Ansari, Operations Manager, Inventurus Knowledge Solutions Realistic examples during the training along with increased level of interaction rather than just focussing on finishing the course. -Kirat Antani, Strategic Account Manager, eClinicalWorks
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