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  4. Bheemannadora Sappa

    What is the difference between NGT and Kano Analysis

    Thanks for the reply, can i get the best template to define the QFD,CTQ drill down for the engineering characteristics?
  5. Aadrit Kashyap

    Jul-Sep 18

    This album contains Benchmark Six Sigma Training Photographs from July to September 2018.
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  7. Vishwadeep Khatri

    six sigma and healthcare

    Hi, Some of our clients have been implementing Lean Six Sigma. You may read more here -
  8. Vishwadeep Khatri

    six sigma

    Please go through various topics here - https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/forum/68-what-is-lean-six-sigma/ Let us know if you have specific questions based on the study.
  9. Vishwadeep Khatri

    Relationship between Cp and Sigma level

    Hi Ram Mohan, Good question there. If Cp is not equal to Cpk, Sigma level will not have any relation with Cp. If Cp is known, we can only guess the highest possible sigma level but cannot predict it.
  10. Vishwadeep Khatri

    Six sigma in aftersale engineering

    Hi Alagesan, I would like to understand more about your scope and objective behind the wiring diagram creation to be able to answer this question.
  11. Vishwadeep Khatri

    What is Six Sigma, DMAIC Methodology?

    Hi Bibek, You have made a good observation there. Lean Six Sigma helps you connect Business Analytics with a methodology for Business Problem Solving. The tools for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics coupled with several other best in class management techniques that have process focus and project-driven outlook. The Green Belt will bring in the sequence that starts from a business case and well-defined problem till resolution of the problem with sustained results.
  12. Bibekjyoti

    What is Six Sigma, DMAIC Methodology?

    Hello Vishwadeep, As a fresh graduate out of college and looking for jobs into the field of data analytics/business analytics. I would like to know what added advantage I can gain after getting the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. As the course content gave me some hints of the similarity with data/business analytics and six sigma. Regards, Bibek
  13. Mayank Gupta

    Process split into different modules

    Hi Senthil You may or may not split the process into multiple modules. The decision depends on the following parameters 1. Metric that has to be improved 2. Scope of the project (should include the modules which directly work or affect the metric) 3. Level of the project (GB or BB). Usually BB projects are more complex and cross functional in nature
  14. Mayank Gupta

    Is green belt in six sigma prerequisite to get Black belt

    Hi Senthil Green Belt is a prerequisite for Black Belt training. Green belt forms the basis for mode advanced topics that get covered in Black Belt.
  15. Senthil Kumar Ganesan

    Process split into different modules

    I am working in service oriented process in BPO and it does have many levels. Do we want to split the entire process into different modules/Stage to apply six sigma concepts
  16. Do we want to get Green belt certification first if we go for black belt in six sigma
  17. Mayank Gupta

    What is the difference between NGT and Kano Analysis

    Hi Bheemannadora - you may use Kano model to capture the customer requirements / stakeholder needs (VOC). You may also use it to identify the need for new machinery/tools/processes in case there is a gap in the current product features and customer needs. However, you will also need to use a tool (like QFD, CTQ drill down or NGT) to arrive at specific process / product parameters (what we also call engineering characteristics) that fulfill the customer needs
  18. Bheemannadora Sappa

    What is the difference between NGT and Kano Analysis

    Thank you for the nice explanation on the difference between Kano Model and NGT, Could you please let me know whether we can use Kano Model only for the product development?, is it possible to use this model to take decision on the needs of the new machinery required for the manufacturing (as decision tool to collect the stake holder needs, for example production, quality and mfg engineering)?, the similar way can we take NGT also as a decision tool for the above need?, thank you to reply me.
  19. Kirubakaran

    six sigma

    am a beginner explain basics of six sigma
  20. How to incorporate six sigma concepts in wiring diagram creation process
  21. Mayank Gupta

    What is the difference between NGT and Kano Analysis

    Kano Model - is a product development theory which categorizes customer requirements with respect to product features into below five segments 1. Basic (must be quality) - as the name suggests, these are the basic expectations of a customer. If present, the customers are neutral, but if absent, it would lead to customer dissatisfaction 2. Performance (one dimensional quality) - features that result in satisfaction if present and dissatisfaction if absent. These are the stated needs of the customer 3. Excitement (attractive quality) - features that result in satisfaction if present and neutral if absent. These are the delighters for the customers. These needs are usually unspoken and are the differentiators for competing products 4. Indifferent - features that the customer is indifferent to as their presence or absence neither causes satisfaction nor dissatisfaction to the customer 5. Reverse - features that result in dissatisfaction if present and satisfaction if absent. These are the features that should not be present in the product Kano model is used to assess the product features on a periodic basis as the customer demands keep on changing. E.g. something that is an 'Exciting' feature today, will eventually become a 'Basic' feature tomorrow Nominal Group Technique (NGT) - is a problem solving tool that is used to generate and evaluate possible solutions. It is called 'Nominal' as it limits the interaction between participants in the initial stages as they are expected to write the possible solutions on a piece of paper. Once all solutions are written, the ideas are collected followed by a discussion on the evaluation of ideas. Usually voting is done to select the best solution. Sometimes multiple rounds of voting may be required. Using the KANO Model, we will get to know the customer requirements with respect to product features. The required features could either be present or absent. Then, NGT could be used in following ways 1. If the feature is present: to identify solutions to keep the variations and cost of the feature to minimal 2. If the feature is absent: to identify how the internal processes need to be modified / strengthened or what new processes have to be designed to be able to provide the new features
  22. I would like to know what is the difference between nominal group technique and kano analysis
  23. Vaishnavi Mishra


    "Best team to train employees about Lean and helping applying the same in day to day work. Trainer Methodology, Training Materials, Excercise, Quizes and examples used to explain about the Lean Principles were excellent" -Wilson Appan, Operation Analyst, HERE Solutions
  24. Vaishnavi Mishra


    "The course was completed quite well in a short duration. The trainer was polite and we learned quite a lot." - Anmol Singhal, Consultant, IM/Analytics "Learnt the different principles of six sigma from a green belt perspective. Understood the methodologies and tools that can be used to create efficient processes. The instructor - very intuitive and personal, he used real world examples from the industry we work in to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. Excellent course and highly recommended to all." - Faris Sahem, Manager, Consulting - Strategy & Operations - TMT " Well structured approach and content. The approach and knowledge of the presenter was excellent and the detailed methodology using statistical and data driven approaches." - Manish Raina, Manager, Consulting
  25. Vaishnavi Mishra


    "Not only did I learn about the tools, I also learnt about the application of these tools in everyday processes through this program! Topics like DOE and fractional factorial covered in depth and the examples given for MSA were really good." -Savya Sachi Jain, OE, Marico Ltd.
  26. Vaishnavi Mishra


    "Every important thing is covered in the sessions. The techniques helps to understand some points which are not covered in the books. The training was good and engaging." -Santosh Bhuskute, ISO Certification and Value Adding Services, Vektors
  27. Vaishnavi Mishra

    Feedback from Telecom Services - Sep 2014

    "The way the course was conducted and concepts were simplified for easier understanding. Providing examples for each concept so that the same can be visualised. The trainer had an outstanding teaching / coaching skills. Really enjoyed the sessions." -Prajakta Joshi Tawde, Customer Service, Vodafone
  28. "When I came to Benchmark I thought it is just a certifcation I need to go for since I have done big projects, but the value Statistical data brings in made me realize how important the Benchmark Six Sigma certification actually is and how much importance it brings to ones existing knowledge." -Shailendra Singh, Supply Chain, Future Supply Chain Ltd.
  29. Vaishnavi Mishra

    Automation, Projects and Other Services

    "The training is excellent and will be very beneficial for process owners and programs managers, they will definitely have an edge after taking this course." -Rejin Geo Varughese, Operations, Boutiqaat Group
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