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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am an MBA and electronics engineer. This case study provided me very good insights about six sigma implementation in an electronic products company. Also, video by Mr.Satish Tawade is really useful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Fg2-Qwj74do
  2. In addition to the above link ,more videos are available on benchmark six sigma's official youtube channel. Lean Six Sigma in KPO/BPO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YJhWlThfzE&list=PL-gSm-5L0VoB4WtAechqYt2yXTieXu_3C
  3. InderjeetSingh

    Six Sigma, The Ge Way

    Good article, Straight from one of the pioneers of Six Sigma Implementation.
  4. InderjeetSingh

    six sigma Vs 4.5 Sigma

    Hi Vishwanathan, Aayush has provided a good explanation on 6 sigma instead of 4.5 Sigma. Zst = 1.5 + Zlt st=short term lt=long term As across subgroup variation is high, the performance over a long period of time Is poorer as compared to short term. For approximate estimation of short term performance, 1.5 is added to the long term Sigma level.
  5. InderjeetSingh

    Source Of Six Sigma Project Ideas

    I completely agree with Aauysh. Six Sigma basically deals with the above three pointers, and any process improvement area can be a good source of six sigma project. As processes are common in any organisation . We can find good source of six sigma projects across various industry domains.
  6. If in a six sigma project, distribution of data is not normal, what should be the goals of a six sigma professional ? how shall one proceed in this case ?
  7. Can we use Balance Score Card in finding six sigma project objectives and business case in define phase?
  8. InderjeetSingh

    Pareto And Prioritization Matrix

    Thanks for sharing this! Prioritization matrix is a good method to find out which part shall be selected for improvements.
  9. InderjeetSingh

    Career Cycle

    Yes , Companies and People working towards process improvement , are likely to follow this career cycle.
  10. Great news .. feels proud to be a part of discussions on one of the World's Most Popular websites.!
  11. InderjeetSingh

    Mbb Syndrome - 1

    I second Aayush on this one , Marriage is the root cause :)
  12. InderjeetSingh

    Lean In 90 Seconds!

    Indeed ! View of Lean in 90 seconds. Once we expertise lean principles, it will lead to waste reductions and we can have - High Quality Low Lead Time Low Cost
  13. InderjeetSingh


    Like Six Sigma, Human Sigma focuses on reducing variability and improving performance. But while Six Sigma applies to processes, systems, and output quality, this approach looks at the quality of the employee-customer encounter, weaving together a consistent method for assessing it and a disciplined process for managing and improving it. HBR Review of the book "Manage Your Human Sigma" http://hbr.org/2005/07/manage-your-human-sigma/ar/1
  14. InderjeetSingh

    A Common Challenge In Root Cause Analysis

    Distinction between necessary and sufficient conditions can be quite helpful in finding the root cause.:- For Example : - Necessary : Having four sides is necessary for being a square. Being rich is not necessary for being happy since a poor person can be happy too. Sufficient : Being a square is sufficient for having four sides. Loyalty is not sufficient for honesty because one might have to lie in order to protect the person one is loyal to.
  15. InderjeetSingh

    A Cause Analysis Question

    I think , it is 2. A, B, C, D, and F E is not a sufficient condition.