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  1. The above discussion shows that Lean Six Sigma techniques are applicable everywhere. Also, it is important to understand that the basic framework for any formulation requires basic of Six Sigma.
  2. Green belt in Lean Six Sigma can add many new dimensions to your career path.Six Sigma is applicable across all the domains and all the sectors. The Green Belt Certification revolves around a sample project in which the application of Six Sigma is explained in detail. The following 3 concepts are explained in detail: 1. Process Improvement 2. Problem Solving 3. Data Driven Decision making
  3. Students are offered discounts when they attend our Public workshops. Also, if the number of students is high (say 5), then group discounts are also offered. If there are 40 students interested for the training at the college, you can approach us and we can have the certification at the institute.
  4. Dear Namrata Six Sigma is applicable across domains across industries. In certain organizations, there may be the case that Six Sigma project can not be initiated either due to the management's hindrance or inability to have a full fledged project. But this does not mean that Six Sigma can not be applied. In such cases, six sigma techniques and tools can be used as in required in the specific cases. So it is important to see even if some steps can be followed. In Six Sigma, the following is explained : Process Improvement Problem Solving Data-dr
  5. Hi Vishwanathan This 1.5 sigma shift corresponds to the difference in Short term Sigma level and Long term Sigma level. Sigma Long Term = Sigma Short Term + 1.5 Sigma It is hypothesized that over a long period of time things could deteriorate due to poor process control or due to special causes that affects process performance. Hence, a process that is operating at six sigma in the short term will only operate at 4.5 Sigma in the long-term. Thus, a process that is operating at six sigma (in the short term) corresponds to 3.4 DPMO in the long term!
  6. Dear Deepak Lean Six Sigma has become very important in all the domains of all the sectors. Six Sigma is not just a certification, but it is a methodology which becomes a way of life. In the certification program, it is clearly explained that with the help of a structured approach, any process can be improved. 3 key points are: Process Improvement Problem Solving Data-driven decision making I would say, earlier you do the certification, better it is for your career growth.
  7. Hi Sagar. Thanks for the above explanation. It is certainly useful. Can you throw some light on Johnson Transformation? Just the basic explanation would suffice.
  8. Dear Anil Six Sigma processes are fairly accurate (99.997% accurate, 3.4 DPMO). Achieving that level of accuracy itself is very difficult and systematic approach is required apart from capital investment. But if you want to improve the process further to seven or eight sigma level it increases the cost of the process drastically to achieve little more accuracy. Even though, some of the aerospace company has now started talking about seven sigma levels but most of the organizations feels that up to Six Sigma is good enough. Rest, it is more about having business sense. At some places, t
  9. This can be understood with the help of Normal Distribution. Consider the Upper Specification Limit (USL) as Mean + n * S.D. Consider the Lower Specification Limit (USL) as Mean - n * S.D. The area between the USL & LSL is the defect free area and the outliers are the defects. In case of Six Sigma, n = 6. The area under the curve is 0.9999966. Outside the curve, we are left with .0000034, this means 3.4 defects per million.
  10. This is a good thought. This is under the discussion phase. You will be intimated when the application is launched.
  11. See what GE has to say on Six Sigma! www.ge.com/sixsigma/sixsigstrategy.html
  12. As discussed above, Six Sigma is applicable in almost all the domains that one can think of. It is about phasing out the defects to the maximum possible level. Also, it is about identifying the processes which are not adding value to the final output, i.e. Non Value Adds. These again need to be removed from the process. Six Sigma I would say is important for every professional so as to widen their scope and understand its applications.
  13. Contact on the TOLL FREE number 18001023003 or you can write to us at info@benchmarksixsigma.com You will get all the information that you need.
  14. The above links were very helpful. This made me aware of the vast application of six sigma in almost all the possible domains and sectors.
  15. The content available here is great. I think even the ones who are aware of these concepts must go through this so as so as to refresh their knowledge and get something new out of it Cheers !
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