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  1. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Practice Project 3 SSGB - Rockphone Case Study Query

    %age of defect can be considered as discrete data and you can use 2-proportion test.
  2. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Voc - Ccr (Methodology)

    Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a tool which is used to systematically convert VOC to CCR / Technical Specifications.
  3. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Practice Project 3 SSGB - Rockphone Case Study Query

    Hello Naresh, To compare mean connection time before and after. Ho: before time= after time Ha: before time =! after time 1. Check data for normality 2. If data normal then perform 2 variance test (F test) (Ho = variances are equal, by default selection) 3. Then go for 2 Sample T test. 4.If Data not Normal then go for Man Whitney Test. For more detailed procedure contact 8950926180.
  4. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Practice Project 3 SSGB - Rockphone Case Study Query

    Hello Naresh Joshi, For Pareto simply you can use excel also. Enter Defects in the one column and Cost in one column. Go to Stat>Quality Tools> Pareto select defect column under Defects and attribute data heading and select total cost data under frequency heading in the window. and you will get I have gone through the data for Hypothesis testing but I am unable to get what the data representing. Could you please elaborate a little more?
  5. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Balance Score Card In Define Phase?

    Yes, This is the easiest way to select project.You can work on any KPI taken taken for the improvement in the BSC.
  6. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    If Distribution Of Data Is Not Normal ?

    May I know the details of the data and what do you want to do with that? I think I can answer you correctly if I get details. Some of the data will not follow normal distribution but before concluding that through process understanding is required.I have given below general rules to be followed in case. 1. If you can remove the abnormality in the process then you can make your process normal. 2.Try to convert data in to normal by using Box Cox or Johnsons transform. 3. Try to identify the distribution of the data set
  7. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Lean Six Sigma Review

    Lean Six Sigma Review By Qun Zhang (Corresponding Author), Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Aamir Obaid Khattak, Xiaoning Zhu
  8. Pareto and Prioritization Matrix can be used to select top contributing area. Hera is the example 1. Pareto of Top Contributing Defects in the factory-x 2. Defect-1 observed in Part-A, Part-B, Part-C and Part-D during inspection. 3. Defect-2 observed in Part-C, Part-D, Part-E and Part-F during inspection. Now Prioritization Matrix is used to find a top contributing project for improvement. Finally selected part-C for improvement as its overall contribution is higher.
  9. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Better Incentive Plan Using Six Sigma Tools??

    Hello, I am not aware of your Business Process but I want to share this information. Quality goal should not be impossible, it should be achievable but not easily. Quality Goals can be set based on the history i.e Best achieved till date or by calculating ZEntitlement and ZGole. You can measure your quality in terms of sigma level and set a good target.
  10. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Debate: Six Sigma Vs. Innovation

    If we look at Six Sigma as a philosophy than it is helpful during innovation. Define: Without knowing what is required, innovation is not possible. So, define phase is a must. For instance: Innovation of space pen to write in the space, NASA invested lots of $$$$. If they were defined the problem they would have used a pencil.
  11. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Root Cause Analysis Of Not Uploading Profile Pic On Benchmark Six Sigma Forum

    One more Cause I came across that is 'Size limitation of Picture'. In rare case even we can take availability of soft copy of picture. Dr. Bhamini Thukral enlisted almost all the causes
  12. Sagar Vishwanath Bhandge

    Six Sigma In Hotel Industry

    Hotel Industry needs both Lean as well as six sigma Lean is about reducing wastage in the process by removing non value adding activities. Japanese kitchen are designed by using lean methods. MC-D also used these methods to design their kitchen. Interesting thing is , in green belt we had gone through a case study of MC-D. Six Sigma is about reducing variation or provide consistency in the process/ Service. Lean and Six Sigma tools can be used for any business improvement.
  13. If Data is not normal then these are the methods used to calculate process capability 1. Convert data to normal by BOX COX or JOHNSON transformation OR 2. If the best fit distribution (Stat>Quality Tools>Individual Distribution Identification) consider highest P-value distribution as best fit. If data neither fit in any distribution and nor transform to normal then 3. Consider continuous data as attribute data 3.1 Inspect each characteristic in your sample and identify as defective or non defective. Then calculate %defective. Using sigma level calculator calculate Z value and divide by 3 to calculate Cpk. 3.2 If No defects are observed in the sample to categorize as defective and non defective. Then calculate estimated proportion defective (Probability of defective)p(d)=1/(n+2) where n is number of characteristics inspected (TOFE), get Z by using one sided Z table and then divide by 3 to get Cpk.
  14. Hello, How Six Sigma Forum Web-Page will look if everyone upload profile pic? Reasons for not to upload profile pic on forum Web-Page. When I started thinking on it, I did not get a single reason for not to upload it. May be human mentality to go with majority List your reasons, not to upload your profile pic. Fish-bone diagram / Affinity Diagrams are most welcome