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  1. Industry view.. http://www.sixsigmaonline.org/six-sigma-training-certification-information/articles/implementing-six-sigma-in-bpo%E2%80%99s-and-customer-contact-centers.htmltr
  2. basic view of six sigma in textile industry.. as given in Indian Textile Journal.. http://www.indiantextilejournal.com/articles/FAdetails.asp?id=2896
  3. Good insights on this article.. http://www.bain.com/Images/BB_Lean%20Six%20Sigma%20for%20the%20manufacturing%20industry.pdf
  4. A case of success... Six Sigma Concept is evolving as the U.S. automotive industry's mantra www2.asiusa.com/news/actionline.pdf
  5. Key Takeaways: 1) Drive clarity of needs and wants. 2) Funnel Approach 3) Sensitivity analysis 4) Simulation and “What If†Analysis
  6. mathematical explanation is available.. Pls refer to Z tables...
  7. Productivity is based on how much is produced in a certain amount of time. Efficiency is based on materials spent in production. The lesser time, energy materials etc. used to produce the product is higher efficiency.
  8. 7 sigma takes a lot of efforts, cost to achieve.. this huge cost is not justified by the output... hence 7 sigma is not aspired for...
  9. Recalls happen because of strict legal restrictions and for creating a good will about the brand.. This is the cost of poor quality.,. If the processes are good enough to cut these, then they can save these unnecessary costs and brand dilution..
  10. I Agree. Customers (Internal and External) are the biggest source of ideas.. This captures both VOC and VOB.. Cost of Poor Quality is a source as well...
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