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  1. Cost avoidance includes steps which are taken which will help reducing the cost that will be incurred by an organization in future. Cost avoidance aims at having a minimal increase in cost but reducing future cost. Examples of Cost Avoidance :- 1. Making changes in the machinery which might increase the cost initially but will bring down cost of production in future 2. Setting up a new Quality department in a leather industry which can help in reducing the losses incurred due to the cargo being rejected due to Quality reasons. 3.Investment by a
  2. Cross validation is a method by which a model is tested. This ensures that the sample is robust . In this method a portion of the sample is not included to check the effectiveness of the model. After a model is built a data set is picked to check the effectiveness of the model. As a rule of thumb generally the entire data set is included to check the effectiveness of the sample. In Cross Validation however a part of the data is retained. For example in a cross validation may be 80% of the data is used where as 20% of the data is retained. K Fold Cross Validation - In th
  3. Though Paired t test and 2 sample t test are used to compare 2 samples there is a fundamental difference as to when it should be used in a practical situation. Similarly between Paired t test & 2 sample t test:- 1. Both are used when x is discreet and Y is continuous 2. Should be used when data is normal 3. Should be used only to compare 2 average of a sample When should be Paired t test be used Vs 2 sample t test :- 2 sample t test should be used wen the two samples which has been selected for the statistical test are marginally
  4. In any hypothesis testing we have to decide on the level of significance which is denoted by alpha. This is important as failure to choose correctly null hypothesis can cause Type 1 error. IF α is small - There is lass chance of incorrectly rejecting a Null hypothesis (H0) Since the power is low this decreases the chance of detecting an effect if one exists IF α is Large - There is a higher chance of incorrectly rejecting the Null hypothesis (H0) Since the power is high there is high chance of detecting the effect To Select α for a Hypothesis test
  5. Golden Ratio is also known as the golden mean,golden section, divine proportion. The golden number is 1.61803399 is denoted by the greek letter phi. When a line has 2 parts one is short and the other is long . If the long part is divided by the short part and is equal to the whole length of the line divided by the long part it is the golden ratio. The Actual Value is : 1.61803398874989484820..... Golden Ratio is largely used in design :- 1.Website Font Size - Golden ratio is used to define the size of the headline or
  6. As a Black belt we have often come across situations where there are some intricate analysis which involves statistically concept been shown to the management and post all the explanation its asked “What is the point”? But if we try to understand from the standpoint of the audience we will soon understand that they have limited amount of time and concentration so they want specific answers to the questions in a simplified manner. In today’s world there is so much of data that there are potentially 2 risks that can happen :- 1. If there is surplus data than we have excess dat
  7. Block Diagram consists of blocks that are different part of the system/Process where as the lines are drawn to show the relationship between the different blocks.Block diagram can be used in various fields .It can be used in the below mentioned cases :- 1.Electrical circuit 2.Engineering diagrams 3.Signal Processing 4.Software Programming 5.Project Managers can use to show how various task input & Output interact with each other 6.Sales & Marketing Above are some of the usage of Block Diagram. The above block diagram represents
  8. The Holy Trinity for any successful project hey are depicted in the above picture. The Success of a project is dependent on 3 important aspect which is schedule ,scope and budget . hey in order to make a project successful it is imperative that one site of the triangle should be in one’s control the other 2 can be in control of the customer. If scope ,budget and schedule are in control off the customer there can be a challenge in the quality of the project deliverable . there are many organisation who face this challenge sense they have a very demanding customer who tries to have us very
  9. Interrelationship diagram is a visual technique which helps to understand the cause & effect relationship between various factors. This tool also helps to identify what are the various factors which helps to resolve the problem. It can be wisely used for any problem which might be related to :- 1. Client SLA not being met 2. Resolving any chronic business problem 3. Increasing throughput 4. Increasing productivity 5. Decreasing Cost 6. Reducing Attrition/Absenteeism 7. Increase profitability 8. Reduction of Losses due to waste 9. I
  10. Morphological matrix is a technique which were different alternatives are provided to a business problem Step 1 – Select the required Attribute :- list down all the critical attributes which are there are list the same down in a column Step 2 – The next step is to make list of all the possible component for each attribute . Step 3 – Combine components with Attributes and make as any combination as possible .the same can be done using brainstorming with the team and coming out with the best possible solution .Each of the component which has been identified by the team can be loo
  11. Dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias where a person feels he is more intelligent than others and understand the particular Task much better than the others. This kind of understanding might be there in any person because he hasn't got in depth knowledge about a particular field which makes him believe that is an expert in something which he might not be in reality . This phenomenon is named after two social scientists who carried this experiment . They were David Dunning & Justin Kruger. The study was conducted on a group of 65 people who were tested on various fields whic
  12. A decade ago most of the companies believed in mass production which simply meant that the customers did not have a lot of customised choices and had to select out of the various product produced and had very less choices. As times have changed the marked is no more a homogenised set of people but there are various segments and each have their individual need and requirement. The manufacturers also had to adapt to this and had to customise their product so that it meets customer requirements. This however can pose a greater threat as customers requirement keeps on changing and in case if
  13. For a team to achieve its goal its Imperative that the team members know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are. It becomes Extremely important that each team member is self-aware about himself. Johari Model is one such tool which helps us to do the same. This tool was developed by American social scientist Joseph Luft & Harry Ingham in the year 1955. This can be very effective when there is a team formation which follows the 4 stages Form, Storm,Norm & Perform. Johari Window :- 1.OPEN Area or Arena — Every individual has some characteristic behav
  14. Shu Ha RI – Shuhari is a Japanese concept coined and used in martial arts. It can be described the entire cycle of a students training and how his relation evolve with his teacher .Though the concept is used in martial arts the principal can be used in any improvement project. SHU – SHU in Japanese means to “Obey” or to “Protect”. This is the phases when the teacher teaches his students the rules And regulations .the student tries to add year to all the rules and regulations it's the teachers duty to ensure that he assists the student in his learning process. This is j
  15. There are a lot of statistically analysis which can only be conducted if the data is normal. When we are dealing with data there are times that the data turns out to be non normal data .hence it becomes extremely important that the data is converted into a normal data so that certain statistically analysis like process capability ,Annona and other such analysis can be conducted. Box COX transformation is remedial method which can be used for transforming non normal data to a normal data . This was developed by 2 status stations George box and David Cox. They Developed a procedure Which u
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