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  1. Dear VK, Thanks so much, i definitely am looking forward to the training and probably i will try cross the bridge when I'll get to it! I also want to tell you this open forum is really inspiring and its a great job you guys are doing guiding freshers like me! Pls continue doing so. Thanks again. Namrata
  2. Dear VK, I work in a lab, am a biochemistry technician. It's a big set up for a lab, with state-of-the-art automation and technology in place. I process tests, partly look after quality implementation, documentation and control in my department. The problem is that there are too many people involved in the Quality Policy of our lab.There is Dept.Head, QM and Lab Manager, Doctors and Directors and is a privately run organization it's really difficult for me to even convince them all to at least try implementing six sigma methods! Am totally convinced me that it would surely reduce a lot of problems that we are currently facing and a lot that we are bound to face as the business grows.I definitely want to make a career in quality management and it definitely would be with the help of six sigma so what do you suggest? I am ready to give up my current profession and start something totally new. Please advice. Regards, Namrata
  3. Hi Baskar, Thanks for the inputs. Well, the question still remains that if I continue working where am working now it doesn't really matter if am a GB or MBB 'coz my knowledge of six sigma would only stay with me and there is no scope that I can implement it in this current organization! So what do you suggest in this case? Namrata
  4. Dear all, Can one pursue sixsigma as a career? For eg. in my case my organisation isnt that large to implement sixsigma but i want to take this up as a career option as i am very much interested in quality assurance and quality management. Plz advice.Thanks Namrata
  5. Dear all, What kind of project can a six sigma fresher, say a GB take up? Who would guide a GB? And if there is no initiative from the organisation how can one get a project? Would Benchmark play any role? Namrata
  6. Dear VK If i complete my GB training how can i proceed for the project certificate? My current company is not that large and i dont think there wud be any emphasis in carrying out sixsigma project even though there are a lot of problem ares clearly visible! So what can i do? How will i take up a project? namrata
  7. Goodmorning VK, I have registered for the green-belt certification in Pune in April 09. My question is what happens after that? Do i have to get a black belt as well to work on projects if i want to pursue this as a career option. What kind of job prospects are availbale. Pls advice. Namrata.
  8. Dear VK, Thanks a lot..yes am thinking of undergoing the green belt training here in pune although am a little apprehensive about how much i'l be able to grasp as i dont have an IT or statistical background. You have trained a lot of people right, is it really difficult for some one who is into healthcare? I would appreciate if you could guide me. Regards, Namrata.
  9. Hello Vishwadeep, Thanks for the input.Well my core interest areas are operations and overall improved customer feedback. I want to make sure that there are minimal errors human or technical so where do i start from? Please elaborate.
  10. Hi Suresh, Nicely explained.Thanks. But how can a few people working on a project ensure that rest all, say the general staff who isnt even aware of the concept would co-operate and ensure that the methodology is followed and implemented.So basically everyone needs to be trained right? And what about areas which are entirely human to the core like sales and front desk? What kind of improvement can be done in these areas?
  11. Hello Suresh, Along with the above mentioned points,could you also elaborate on how to improve workability of the staff. How would six sigma help improve human efficiency and reduce errors that lead to customer dissatisfaction as good customer feedback is of topmost priority in service sectors. What kind of tools would be used to train personnel? Also in this industry there are no exhaustive data available so how would six sigma prove benificial?
  12. Could anyone tell me how six sigma methodology can be effectively used in travel and healthcare industry. The processes involved are not that complex but being service oriented how can one achieve maximum customer satisfaction?
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