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  1. To reduce the NCL we firstly look towards the credit assessment and re engineer the process in order to asses the application and to provide the card to the potential right customer. We require eight pieces of information when applying for a credit card: income, education level, age, length of time at current residence, length of time with current employer, savings, debt, and number of credit cards We then look forward to reduce and avoid multi-collinearity or when you have too many predictors relative to the number of observations. Hope it throws some light Regards
  2. Hi All , I m going to share the use of six sigma beyond process improvement ,that is detecting fraud in accounting data. This tool predicts the frequency of numbers (digits), and hence an anomaly, in naturally-occurring data sets. When used properly, it allows the fact-finder to identify suspect values in a given data set. For example, it is particularly suitable for identifying vendors that submit fraudulent invoices.Using this Rule nonconforming invoice amounts are flagged as systemic errors that corrupt the data set. These fraudulent invoices reveal themselves because the amount (dollar
  3. Hi Abhik, Just look at the cost sheet provided by the sub contractor , check the most hitting figure (priortise those figures based on pareto), focus on cost, if others cost is high definetly need to change the sub contracter , if the processing cost is high . Check the steps followed for processing & most suitably do a VSM (lean). Try to identify the NVA in the processing steps, I,m 100% sure are doing not required steps If u can share the details of the process , surely i will gonna identify the NVA as in garment most of the work is automated . Ho
  4. Hi Abhik, Are you saying high cost of procurement, can you please bifurcate it further on which cost RM cost Logistics or supply chain Inventory cost Purchase processing cost, etc. That would be required to further provide insights. cheers!!! Mahi
  5. Hello Mr.Rao , Six Sigma can play a vital role in trading feild please let us know a bit brief about WHAT exactly in trading feild Thanks Mahi
  6. Hi Durga, We can certainly use chi square test for a discrete data. As I think I m 2 late to reply on the query of the data discontinuous or discrete. If v r testing defectives the data will follow a binomial distribution (Mr.Niranjan query) And data will be discrete, if v r testing defect data will follow a poison distribution and discrete and if the data is whole number it will be discrete only..... However we can change discrete data into continuous data... adding more as per Mr.Naveen we need to check data theoretically if it's a discrete one or continuous one ...then we need to che
  7. Hi Shijoy , Invoices are scanned in UK and through a server India team receives the invoice - checks for duplicate - key the invoice details to system - and upload the images to system - system does a three way match - matched ones go for payment - unmatched ones go to a different team for resolution - this team contacts UK branches for confirmation or contacts vendor for confirmation - process invoice for payment once the issue is cleared - another team does adjustments in the ledger for the errors - and another team attends to the supplier calls for issues - This is the process in high le
  8. Hi shijoy , surely will help u in perfoming the same in AP process can u give me brief of u r process so that i can design a template for u Regards Mahendra
  9. Hi Guys , If u explain what type of process u r looking into to do a VSM will tell u how to do that one out , i had completed VSM for BFSI & Manufacturing process with tangible imprvement in takt time and process cycle efficiency Regards Mahendra
  10. Gage2.MTW Hi Kiran , attaching a file for GRR let me know if u require any clarification Regards mahendra
  11. Hi Himashu , I agree with your effici.. method of calculation But if u are saying that 4 persons are producing 100 parts per hour than prodcutivity is 25 parts per man hour ... so please answer this question if u want to check which of your manpower/operator is more productive than how will you gonna compare???? Obviously on the basis of the above 25 parts / man/ hour u cannot compare cause as per your formulae all of them are producing 25 parts per hour hence they cannot be compared at all cause they are in the same platform ..... So what you have written is not productivity that is call
  12. Hi Anil , Effectiveness is not a quality related term, at any instance OK Quantity / TQ will give u the LOT QUALITY and not LOT EFFECTIVENESS i think that you are talking about overall equipment effectiveness OEE=Availability x Performance x Quality OEE is seperate terminology than effectiveness feel free to corrrect and revert Regards Mahendra
  13. Hi Vikram, Still, the query is incomplete? Six Sigma is applied to a Business case where conventional methods fail, not when u want data analysis in a six sigma way so just to have a six sigma DMAIC approach, first identify for the exact requirement you want the inspection of sites to cost less can u give some bifurcation of the inspection cost directly for example Inspection Site Cost : Concrete testing =$1000 ( Inclusive of Equipment cost) Manhours used / Cost = 40 / $400 Rebar Testing = $500 Profit = $10% of Invoice value Suppose u had done t
  14. Hi Vikram, Let me try this way your inspection cost rotates around inspection about civil works ie Foundation of the tower to be erected. Let me share one of my experience with DLF Liang"O" Rourke they earlier are the authorized contractor for DLF residential and commercial building project. Prior to concreting of any activity of the wall / Foundation, we prepare cubes of the concrete and placed it under water for 7,14,21 days. After completion of each of the days, we test the compressive strength as per applicable IS standards. DLF Personel will check the results of the cube compr
  15. HI Selvakumar K, Productivity is the speed at which we perform a task with respect to std time ie P=(Task x Std Time)/Total time worked -Diverted time Time worked should be only taken as core work and not diverted work Efficiency is Output/Input x 100 So the basic difference is Productivity is individual capability on certain specifird ste if task and efficiency is capability with all resources included Hope it clarifies thx & Regards Mahi
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