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  1. Hi, There was a Time study carried out in one of the back office processes. The objective of the Time study was to establish a baseline which we could propose to the client as our initial target in terms of Average Handling Time for each transaction. However, the data turned out to be non-normal, a distribution which was skewed towards the right with majority of the data points on the left. Would it be logical to use the mean as the baseline measure in this case and propose the AHT to the client. Or should it be Median since the data is not normal and most data points aren't around the mean, can it also be the 3rd quartile instead of median? I'm looking at a logical explanation on how to arrive at a baseline figure when it comes to any data that's non-normal, including bimodal or other distributions.
  2. Even after measuring Y in the Measure phase one might not be able to decude the extent to which it would be reduced. Reason is simple, a DMAIC project is for a problem that has unknown causes and unknown solutions, without knowing what's causing the problem and what's going ot resolve it, it would be difficult to set a target, a realistic target if I may say so. The question here could be, what are the different methods used around the globe to set goals.... Some set the customer targets as their project goals, however unrealistic they might be. Some use 70% of the difference between entitlement and mean. So far in the projects completed by me, I've used one of the two approaches mentioned above. Would request others to share some scientific approaches to set targets.
  3. How exactly is the data entered in the worklog book? I guess what you are saying is that the customer is entering the assigned/closed date along with the final status of pass/fail, is that right?
  4. Isn't MSA a must in a situation like this particularly. Are there service desk personnel mentioning the Assigned/Closed Date along with the final closure status - Pass/Fail? So in case its a manual system we must have a calibration mechanism.
  5. Thanks Mr. Mahipal and Mr. Mahendra for your response. I think I was not able to clearly put across the objective of the project. The objective merely is to reduce the cost. However, that doesn't really involve any kind of defect reduction here. May be high cost could be looked at as a defect. By the end of the project we should be able to come up with an approach towards Inspection of Sites that costs less. Currently its done by external agency and 100% of the sites are covered. Bringing the cost down via negotiation has already been done (this cost reduction isn't part of the project) but we are also exploring the option of having in-house resources who could do the inspection for us. So what I'm trying to say is that we know of a few possible solutions but the decision to go ahead with any solution shall be based on some facts/calculations. We do have a problem here, it would definitely require analysis of data e.g. based on the projection of sites coming up till next year and would outsourcing cost less or having in-house resource. It somewhat looks like it would fit within a DMAIC approach and hence I'm confused.
  6. Hi, I've been given the responsibility to lead our organization's Inspection Cost Reduction Project. To give you some background, my employer is a passive telecom infra & services provider. While the telecom tower is being erected Civil & Tower Inspection should be done and this task has been outsourced to External Agencies specializing in Civil Foundation & Tower Inspection. The objective is to reduce this cost either by going for a sample inspection by external agency (currrently 100% of the sites are being inspected), or hiring permanent resources for 100% inspection or hiring permanent resource for sample inspection etc. Though the objective is clear the exact solution here is unknown however cause for high cost is known. Also, there might not be any scope of MSA as the data available is plain simple of inspection happening and the amount being paid for every inspection. My question to the gurus here is doing a project like this qualify as a BB project that can be undertaken with DMAIC approach.
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