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    Q 85. Quiz on Force-Field Analysis "Kurt Lewin's Force-Field Analysis provides an overview of the balance between forces which drive change in a business and those which resist the change. Driving forces are those seeking change while Resisting (restraining) forces are those seeking to maintain the status quo. The analysis can help us decide whether we must go ahead with the change. Alternatively, we can think of strengthening the drivers and/or weakening the restraining forces. The technique is widely used for informed decision making, particularly in planning and implementing change management programs in organisations. Elaborate the use of the technique with suitable examples." This question is a part of Excellence Ambassador initiative and is open till Saturday, 7 July 2018. There is a reward for best answer in first 24 hours and another for best in 3 days. All rewards are mentioned here - https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/excellence-ambassador-rewards/ Please remember, your answer will not be visible immediately on responding. It will be made visible at about 7 PM IST on 09 July 2018. First 24 hours response time will finish at 12 PM IST on 01 July 2018. Your answer should not be copied from elsewhere. Plagiarized answers will not be approved. (and therefore will not be displayed)  All questions so far can be seen here - https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/lean-six-sigma-business-excellence-questions/
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    Joining as an Excellence Ambassador is easy. Just send a WhatsApp message with your full name and email address to +919312648189 Traits of an Excellence Ambassador are as follows - Excellence Ambassador learns fast and maintains an impressive professional profile. Is seen as a thought leader in Business Excellence. Visibly practices excellence by responding to challenges related to Business Excellence. Contributes and learns through the making of the World's best Dictionary on Business Excellence. The dictionary is here Excellence Ambassadors practice Excellence every day - The work in progress with questions and best answers can be seen here. If you are already registered, you can answer questions here. To know how to register, read the text below.
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    Six Sigma projects identification in BPO In a BPO, the following types of projects are commonly carried out. Reducing the number of errors for XYZ team to 0.5%Reduction of FTEs by 30 by process reengineering in XYZ teamTransitioning support staff into billable slots after 3 months of stabilizingEnsure that 90% of the jobs do not require reworking for XYZ teamReduce sloppy errors to 1 per week dayReduction of IRR across XYZ, ABCImprovement of average productivity of XYZImprove skill index of production staff across the companyAchieve a utilization of 75% across production lines in XYZAchieve an overall internal quality target 98% for the client in ABCEnhanced revenue generating opportunities by proper capacity managementImprove the updating process of the client's databaseAchieve 80% capability among production staff to function at priority levelIncrease through-put by removing unitization QC processReducing the timeline of roll-out of new process Examples of companies who have been implementing Six Sigma in BPO- Among Banking BPO's, ICICI OneSource, AMEX, BoA, HDFC have been benefiting from Six Sigma. WNS Global Services, Office Tiger, GE Capital are others who have benefited.Among users in the Call Centers GENPACT, Wipro, Accenture, HCL, EXL, Patni BPO have been utilizing Six Sigma methodology. Benchmark Six Sigma has been conducting in-house training and has tie up with several leading BPO's.
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