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    BHAG, an acronym for Big Hairy Audacious Goal conceived by James Collins and Jerry Porras indicates long-term goals of companies. While BHAG encourages companies to have clear goals with commitment and confidence of stakeholders, it becomes pretty contradictory as we focus on SMART goals in Six Sigma when compared to goals with a time-limit of 10-30 years. 3 most important aspects which we can consider here for successful implementation of BHAG is: Zeal, Knowledge and Monetary. Would all the stakeholders have the same zeal to work-for 10 to 30 years..? Knowledge - Sufficient knowledge and information plays a critical role here, and finally - Monetary Returns for the company at the end of a project. Answer for all the 3 aspects is to be 'Yes' to think-over if we can use BHAG in the orgnaization. Referring to SMART Goals vis-à-vis BHAG: while BHAG cannot be considered as a driving force for Black Belt Projects - Black Belt Projects can be considered as a driving force to achieve BHAG. Considering examples like NASA (landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth), Google (organize the world's information), Tesla (accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy), Uber (Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone), Etc. - every organization must have a clear visionary Big Hairy Audacious Goals which should be a Superset of many Black Belt Projects.
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    Special processes are those where the output can not be judged or inspected immediately after its completion. The critical parameters control allows the process to run as desired. However the performance over a period of time or validation of few samples shows that the process was capable of giving the desired result example electroplating, welding etc. Special requirement are those which are expected out of product to exhibit well beyond its stated application Example a 200 amps relay normally operates at 50 to 60 amps current however in case of any short circuit or such emergency it must safely disconnect load up to 3000 amperes. The process control on making relay and design will ensure such a requirement well beyond the stated requirement.
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    Hi Naresh - Good perspective on change management. One of the main reasons for Change Management being considered as an 'Unholy Nexus' is the fact that EVERYONE is not involved in the decision making which seems obvious. The downside is that everyone wants to be a part of the decision making process as it is considered as a matter of pride. Whoever is left out of the process feels he has been wronged and develops a revengeful state of mind. The second reason is - Few Take Decision but Many Get Impacted. E.g. Government decides to increase the tax (i know I'm taking a very sensitive subject :)). Very few people take this decision as compared to the larger audience that gets impacted by it. Most of the times, the audience does not know why taxes were increased. What they realize is ONLY the additional burden on them i.e. they don't see the big picture (I'm assuming there is one). This is the third reason Resistance to change is inherent in humans. For each task (even the smallest or the most mundane of tasks) our brain wires itself in a particular way. Any change, forces it to re-wire itself which is not always an easy task. And hence the stout resistance. Re-wiring would mean you need to put in extra effort to practice the change. We all want to avoid it. A good change manager pre-empts such challenges early and takes necessary steps to avoid them.
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