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  1. Service recovery paradox refers to a situation where satisfaction of recovered client/customers exceeds customers who haven't encountered any problems during initial service. A good service recovery leads to higher level of satisfaction and more positive word-of-mouth. Service recovery paradox doesn’t work well for clients/customers who already have failures in the past. Logically, a client/customer will not be satisfied with repeated service failures or large failures. Long time clients/custome
  2. Noise Factors in DOE are an uncontrollable factors which induces variation when operating in normal condition. Various machineries, raw materials, temperature, humidity, multiple working shifts, are some of the examples. Taguchi’s methodology is an effective method to overcome the effects of noise factors.
  3. 4 Logical Relationships in a Project Management Logical Relationships or Task dependencies, denotes the start and finish time (or dates) of a task as it is connected to other activities. The relations are known as : i) Finish-to-Start (FS), ii) Start-to-Start (SS), iii) Finish-to-Finish (FF), iv) Start-to-Finish (SF). Each relationship behaves differently as successors & predecessors interaction. Activities of Predecessor: The planned activity w
  4. Correlation:- used when a researcher wants to know if the variables under study are correlated or not, if yes then how strong are their relation. For regression analysis, to make future projections, a functional relationship between 2 variables is established. Comparison Summary Table Comparison Basis Correlation Regression
  5. Method-Time Measurement (MTM) methodology is an instrument to describe, configure, structure and plan work systems through process-defined modules, in an effort to be efficient in production. It may be used wherever there is a need to plan, organize and accomplish a human task who wants an effective execution. It simply means; "the method determines its time". For planning issues, MTM methodology justifies the premise to "avoid costs instead of reducing them", which means, plan the processes correctly by executing from the beginning wi
  6. Neural network, which mimics the way the human brain operates, is a circuit of neurons, which is also known as artificial neural network, that comprises of artificial neurons. Neural network is used to solve problems in artificial intelligence (AI). The way biological neural systems processes data has inspired how neural networks processes information. Some of the uses of Neural Networks are: -> video or online games -> sequence recognition (handwritten text recognition, speech, gesture), -> decision making (virtual chess), -> diagnosis in medical field, ->
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