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  1. Alpha value: Is the probability of making mistake of rejecting good lot i.e. rejecting null hypothesis when it is true Beta value: Is the probability of making mistake of accepting defective lot i.e. accepting null hypothesis when it is false Alpha value is producer's risk whereas Beta is Consumer's risk. When Alpha decreases Beta value increases and vice versa. Deciding Alpha and Beta value depends on circumstances. Generally alpha value is kept at 5% and Beta value at 20% When to keep Alpha below 5% and beta above 20% When cost is the focus
  2. BOX PLOT.docx What is Box plot Is a graphical tool used to know the spread of the data or variability in a set of data. It also shows whether the distribution having skew or not and outliers means any unusual observation When to be used It is to be used when we have large range of data or multiple set of data which is related with each other in some way It is to be used when predictor value(X) is descrete and respond value (Y)is continuous. When there is a bias for unusual observation box plot to be used Example 1.when one wants to show grap
  3. In day to day life there are number of examples of binomial distribution like 1. exam result pass or fail 2. application reject or not reject 3.bus will come or not come 4.product defective or not defective Binomial distribution has following characteristics 1.This distribution has only two possible outcomes for n number of trials like yes or no,go not go ,pass or fail, More familiar example for binomial distribution is coin toss where only two possible outcomes are possible either Head or Tail for n number of trials 2. Trails are fixed say “n “
  4. pilot Before implementing a feasible solution test is carried out on small scale on target population It focuses on value of the project Success or failure of the pilot project decide whether it should be repeated or not Helps to understand the risk in solution Makes full scale implementation more effective Prototype Before implementing the pilot project a prototype is made to see how the model or solution will work. In one way we can say simulation is carried out It focuses on the value of design cycle It involves multiple i
  5. "Well we had a great experience while training.Faculty was very good. Big exposure to practical situation. Explaining skill was excellent" -Nilesh Akre, Quaker Chemical
  6. In the given example ,Cp =1.33 and Cpk =1.11. It means process is capable of making parts within specification limit as Cp =1.33 whereas Cpk=1.11 we can say that process is not centered as Cpk not equal to Cp i.e it is closure to one of the specification limit i.e either USL or LSL In our example as Cp is good ,variation is acceptable.As Cpk is bad (not equal to Cp) and it is less than Cp value, we need to shift the the Mean to center the process within specification limit without increasing variation
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