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  1. While most of the answers very well highlight the misuses of Pareto Analysis, the most comprehensive answer is that of Natwar Lal; thereby marked as the best answer. His idea of mentioning intentional vs non-intentional misuses is interesting. Benchmark Expert View has been provided by Venugopal R.
  2. Q. 153 VOC via observation is a very powerful approach for problem identification in DMAIC projects as well as in Design Thinking. Observing is thought be as "listening with your eyes". There are 6 points to remember whenever we use observation as a tool to identify an underlying problem/challenge. These six points are given below along with examples from my training experience (in brackets). 1. Look for things that prompt behavior (Whenever we show detailed explanations or create summary pages on the screen, few participant's try to take a picture of the same.)
  3. Q. 152 Rapid prototyping and piloting are two main ways that organisations prototype new products and services. What are the differences between the two?  Note for website visitors - Two questions are asked every week on this platform. One on Tuesday and the other on Friday. All questions so far can be seen here - https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/lean-six-sigma-business-excellence-questions/ Please visit the forum home page at https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/ to respond to the latest question open till the next Tuesday/ Friday evening as
  4. Q. 120 Companies typically evaluate employees on “Productivity”. However, one of the secondary metrics which gets hindered is “Creativity”. Although activities ancillary to creativity can be systematized, it’s very difficult to systematize creativity itself. Most creative ideas involve people finding new uses for existing knowledge. Henry ford got the idea of assembly lines when he visited a slaughter house. Fiona Fairhust developed Speedo fast swim suit by understanding shark skin. These and many such examples highlight the fact that creativity also involves learning new areas of knowledge,
  5. In a competitive business environment, people refrain from purchasing products toward which they are ambivalent or hold negative evaluations. This makes customer satisfaction very imperative. However, in a less competitive environment, the importance of customer satisfaction decreases as the firms have increased bargaining power. For e.g. consider you are dissatisfied with the services of any Airline. However, in purview of your convenience, schedule, availability of seats and substantial difference in pricing you might still opt for the same one. Do oligopolistic and mono
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