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  1. We are going to discuss all about PFMEA process Failure Mode of Effective analysis . Before that let’s have look on FMEA i.e Failure Mode of Effective analysis. FMEA is tool used to prioritize identify, quantify and evaluate the risk. Goals Reduce the Failure Risk Detection of Failure are ensured Prevention of failure Why FMEA : FMEA is to track Failure of potential Reduce the risk counter measures to be taken In success of FMEA it starts with capturing all requirement properly and arranging potent
  2. As-Is process mapping deals with analyze the process and improve it. It ensures enhance of working process to grow of company. Here collecting and consolidating of required documentation is done which refers to current Employees who involve in day today activities participate. Also clients and Suppliers also can be part of it.Example of As-IS and To- be process Above is the as-Is process flow where customer place the order. Sales team checks the stock if available good will be shifted after packing. If stock is not available will suggest customer to change the order or date of delive
  3. Bayes Theorem Bayes theorem is about probability of 2 or more parameters. If parameter of distribution, can be estimated which can not be fixed one. It may be random variable. Bayes theorem works on probability rules Normal probabability : B A
  4. Push Vs Pull System Push :We are pushing our products to consumers Pull :Consumers coming to us and demanding products Push System : In Push system Promotional strategy makes use of Sales team and promote activities to create consumer demand for products. Producer promote product to wholesaler, Wholesaler promotes to Retailer and then to end user from retailer EX : Mobile Phone manufactures promote their products through retailers with different schemes to end users, Here we are trying to convince customer this is something they need Pull
  5. MEANING AND APPLICATIONS OF DFA INDEX FOR COMPONENT. Design for assembly is process by which products are designed with ease of assembly in mind. If a product contains fewer parts it will take less time to assemble, there by reducing assembly costs. In addition if parts are provided with feature it makes it easier to grasp, move and assemble. Design for assembly index indicates how easy it to assemble component. DFA can be expressed as DFA=100Nm* (Tm/Ta) DFA ----> Design for assembly index Nm ----> Theoretical minimum number of parts
  6. Spaghetti Diagram Sphagetti diagram is visual representation of basic flow of people/product OR A visual creation of actual flow. It is also known as workflow analysis diagram Steps to draw spahgetti * It begins with layout of space where the flow takes place * Then Record process on side and start begining of scope. * Need to check how frequently each place is visited at workplace/production area * Record amount of time within each activity * Need to understand distance ,time,Start stop ,execution area,
  7. DPMO Part of six sigma is to calculate number of defects that process deliver. These defects may calculated by DPU - Defects per Unit DPO - Defects per opportunity PPM - Parts per million opportunities DPMO - Defects per million opportunities DPMO is ratio of number of defects in sample to total number of defects opportunities multiplied by 1 million Calculation of DPMO 1. First we should determine size of sample which should be small enough to manage and large enough to understand the problem 2. Determine number of defec
  8. Secondary matric points to what not desires coming into. If primary metrics mesuares what must be fixed, Then secondary metrics Mesuares what must not be broken. Secondary metrics give more holistic view on operation to the management. It makes sure problems are not moving around.Primary metrics conveys informations about output Y Secondary metrics may provide other output. For example if number of mobiles manufactured in hour is primary matrics , employee work towards to achieve more number which may cause defective pieces. In this case less number of defects is secon
  9. Kano model helps to understand the level of customer satisfaction. Most of the times analysis done after taking Voice of customers VOC. Three requirements of customer to be understand are 1. Expected requirements of customers (Basic must have) 2. Expressed requirements of customers (comforts, avoided characters ) 3. Exiting requirements of customers (Unexpected by customer , Value added services) Kano model helps organization to understand customer better and design product and give service as per different segment of customers. It avoids unwanted o
  10. Advatages of combining lean and six sigma As said Lean focuses on efficiency which is removing 'unwanted ',which helps to improve the productivity . Six sigma takes it forward to sustain the efficiency. Combination of both gives more opportunities to work on like Services levels, Attrition' Customers satisfaction Conversation of Sales. Disadvantages There are no major disadvantages in combination of both
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