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  1. Kaizen : This is a japenese terminology."Kai" means change."Zen" means good. Kaizen = Continuous improvement by Everybody,Everyday & Everywhere. Kaizen is the Japanese word for Continuous improvement using small incremental changes. Kaikaku : This Terminology refers to revolutionary change with respect to the Existing situation. Kakushin : This terminology is about innovation,transformation,reform & renewal. Kaizen means minor change from existing situation,Kaikaku means radical change from existing situation & Kakushin means transformation from existing situation. For example , Mobile phone size reduction comes under Kaizen We can use many applications in Mobile which is a radical change which comes under Kaikaku. Replacing Mobile by some other instrument which will have batter features than this will come under Kakushin. For any Organization to succeed,Continuous improvement is necessary which is common in all three Terminology with out which Organization will fail.
  2. I agree to Mr. Edward 1.Management which will follow numbers, Dashboards will have linear growth. 2.If the Organization need to grow exponentially, they need to follow innovative thinking & innovative process rather than following numbers, dashboards. If we rely on numbers, dashboards of past or present, we will start assuming which will prevent us from out of box thinking. 3.For example, Management is made by group of people. Each one has got their own talents. We need to use their talents in respective areas and move forward(Aces in places). If we assign numbers or dash boards to their performance, then we are limiting their performance. They might achieve better than that.
  3. A common approach for above scenarios 1.We need to understand the cause first. It might be minimal now but we need to foresee it's impact in future. 2.We need to take corrective actions as a temporary solution. 3.We need to take preventive actions to avoid the problem in future. 4.We need to convert problem to opportunity for better solutions.
  4. Creating an idea is personal excellence. Creating efficient process for that idea is process excellence. Executing that idea effectively is operational excellence. Gaining profits through that idea is business excellence.
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