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  1. Morphological Matrix is a good tool for generating a list of ideas and using them as a means to tackle your problem. Often there can be many ideas that can provide various solutions to a problem but we might be lacking the knowledge as how to provide. This is where this tool helps in. What is to be done ? The first step is to define an attribute/characteristic which is vital to influence the problem at hand Second step is to define the values/components for each of the attribute/characteristic The third step is to randomize the values picked in each of the attri
  2. Minimum Viable Product(MVP) - This talks about the essential features/functionalities that can be built into a product or an application. What to be built into aproduct/application depends on customer needs/demands in an existing market. In a new market, customer needs/innovations can decide the minimum viable product. Why MVP is important? You do not create a product/application in a monolithic way but rather produce the product on an incremental way. This ensures that you are building the right productat early stages of the product/application life cycle. The objective is that
  3. Poker Planning is a consensus based popular agile estimating technique.It is used for estimating agile development work. This is highly used while sizing(estimating) the Product Backlog items(PBI-say requirements often conceived as user stories) How does it work: A set of planning poker cards are used for estimation. Each card has a value printed on the card. The values(numbers) displayed on the cards usually is made up of Fibonnaci series...0,1,2,3,5,8,13,20,40,100 (up until the value of '13') and beyond that it will be specifically have a value of '20', '40' and '100'. The v
  4. Wiki Definition: A Pick chart is a Lean Six Sigma tool, developed by Lockheed Martin, for organizing process improvement ideas and categorizing them Pick chart is a 2*2 matrix in which the vertical axis talks about the complexity/difficulty and horizontal axis talks about cost benefits. Easy Payoff Low Payoff Hard Possible Implement Hard Kill Challenge
  5. Let us see some definitions for Scrum and Kanban from the official site of Scrum guide and few other good sites for Kanban Scrum: It is a framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products. Kanban: Kanban (whose meaning is signboard or billboard in Japanese) originally was used as a scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing (JIT) used to improve manufacturing efficiency by limiting supplies and resources to what was needed for the immediate task. As Kanban usage is spread across industries, it has become ubiquit
  6. Often people misconstrue about SixSigma just like how 'Bench' feels. Six Sigma approach is a good candidate when there is a problem or issue which is there for quite some time and the relevant team does not have a solution in place for that and that the stakeholders do have a effort, time and cost luxury to invest on that. Also there has to be a mechanism to measure the effectiveness of the metrics/data to be captured. If this is understood, then 'Bench' can get enlightened. Coming to 'Mark', having the right and capable measuring system and determining whether improving the process(D
  7. Before we take a look at the potential causes for the failures and look at the ways/best practices to avoid these failures, let us take a look at what Agile and Sprint means. Agile: It is a way of doing an iterative and incremental approach to deliver a project (product/service). Agile projects needs a cultural mindset change and has certain set of principles to be followed as prescribed by Agilemanifesto.org While there are many implementation techniques for doing in an agile way, one of the most popular techniques is Scrum, which is a framework and is used for develo
  8. When 'Bench' does not know or show interest on Lean, Six Sigma principles, he should try to make a 'Mark' in his field, by joining Benchmark Six Sigma and gain the extra knowledge in Business excellence that Lean , Six Sigma approaches can provide
  9. Normally when an issue happen in an IT Infrastructure, an assessment is made to see the kind of impact it can have for the business and ultimately to the customer. Accordingly fix for the issue will be put in by the respective teams. So even though there can be multiple issues that might happen and for which there may be root causes which are distinct or isolated, each of the issue needs to be tackled in terms of its severity or priority level(decided on the basis of the business impact and the resultant effect on the key customers that the business has). Some organisa
  10. Before we even look into the techniques, i feel its worth mentioning who is a stakeholder. A stakeholder is someone who is positively or negatively impacted by a work(which can be an activity, a process, a task, or a project which can produce a service / product). The stakeholder can be either involved(read as person/team, who is doing the development/creation/shaping) in the work or be a recipient of that work. An organisation can have many stakeholders.Some Stakeholders are influential enough to determine the successful outcome of the specified work that they are
  11. In my opinion, there are quite a few reasons as why DMAIC is not favoured by some of the leaders. 1. (Perceived) Time taken by the DMAIC project to showcase the right results to the relevant key stakeholders (whow may be keen to see the outcome of the project), as they expect. Imagine that you are doing a black belt project which can take a minimum of 6 months - 1 year. Now with a DMAIC in place, you have some amount of work to do. You need to compare of measurement of AS-IS and TO-BE process. The comparison might be exhaustive and data collection can be time taking as well. As DMAI
  12. There are quite a lot of Metrics that are quite useful cutting across sectors. Some of such metrics are cycle time(multiple industries use this), response time, resolution time(IT Support), Web response time(Web application), Velocity(Agile Scrum). For instance, Cycle Time is a critical metric used across industries. In an IT production Support project, 'response time' and 'resolution time' metrics serve as part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between a service provider and it's customer. But these metrics are not applicable in a development project as the product is eithe
  13. Definition: As the wiki definition says "Net Promoter score(NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships." Objective: The tool is used to predict customer loyalty to a product, service,brand or company. What is it all about? As succintly put in the wiki for Net Promoter, the tool measures the loyalty between a provider and a consumer . The Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool is used by a provider who can be a service provider or an employer or who can be any other entity . The Provider will ask question as a s
  14. Mahatma Gandhiji said once , that 'Customer is the King'. If we want to do business successfully, it means that we should satisfy our customers. Else we would loose the race in the respective field(area of business). Having said this, there are some interesting places where we would think as a business provider that we can better stay away from a customer. In my opinion, there are multiple reasons as why we may not like to have some customers(in a corporate world or an individual business) In a corporate world it could be because 1.Of a high demanding customer to which the
  15. A wiki defition of Simpson's paradox, also known as yule-effect states that, it is a phenomenon in statistics, in which a trend appears in several different groups of data but disappears or reverses when these groups are combined. How this happens? We always try to see relationship between the dependent (Y) and independent (X) variables. But there could be also a factor- called the confounding variable which can influence both your X and Y which we might not have considered while taking decisions. This plays a hand on the reversal of the trend!! Let us see some exam
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