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  1. reason:- People not following the six sigma based structured approach for problem analysis. Solution:- Sig sigma consulting agencies should broadcast free webinars to atleast make people aware about the scientific approach to play within variables to come up to the conclusion .
  2. Artificial Intelligence is the system that uses a set of images as a training data to help machines understand the concept. Once the machine develops enough level of cognition it begins making guess about the objects which weren’t even in the data initially fed to the system. Robotic process Automation uses a set of instructions to automate a rule-based task. It uses a set of statements (steps in some cases) to define a repetitive activity and uses an algorithm to automate it. It demands systematic and organized inputs else it fails to bring the desired results. Due to no inbuilt intelligence, it has a very limited scope and is prone to making errors if inconsistent inputs are presented to the system.
  3. Brainstorming is most likely used in FMEA ,which is the tool being used in "Measure" & "Analysis" phase. Potential failure of design or processes are pre-determined and it's imact on design or function with respect to severity , occurrence & detection.
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