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  1. Paynter Chart: Paynter chart is combination of Pareto Chart and Run chart. Ford developed this chart and other companies started adopting the concept gradually. Benefit of Paynter chart: It gives insight of variation with various other dimensions We can simple create a pareto chart, group the data points into subgroups and then add required additional variable (viz time) to it. Pareto and Paynter Comparison: Similarities: Pareto Chart Paynter Chart Both used as a part of Corrective Action Process We will be able to identify Vital Few in both the charts Based on Pareto principle, 80/20 rule Both are used when there are many problems and when we wanted to focus on few/most significant metrics Differences: Pareto Chart Paynter Chart Results: Vital Few and Trivial Many parameters Results: Vital Few, Trivial Many parameters, variations, subgroup data points Displays individual pareto bars Displays sub grouped pareto bars Will be able to visualize Vital and Trivial defect contributors Will be able to visualize long term corrective actions Variations: Weighted pareto chart, Comparative pareto charts Variations: Sub grouped parameters based on the selected variable
  2. "Very informative and enlightening course. Trainer's knowledge about the subject is superb!" Ashok Ghodke, Vendor Contract and Purchase Order Administrator, Maersk Line India Pvt Ltd
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