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  1. Kubler Ross Change Curve consist of Five stages denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This model was introduced by and is named after Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in a book called 'Death and Dying' which came out in the year 1969 Importance of Kubler-Ross Change Curve in Business The Kubler-Ross Model is also applicable for businesses. Every organization needs to bring about changes in its management and policies. But besides the improvement of systems, there must be a change in the people or employees as well. If even in bringing about several changes in
  2. Nelson Rules are a method in a process control of determining if some measured variable is out of control. Rules for detecting out of control or non-randomly conditions were first postulated by Walter A. Shewhart in 1920s. The Nelson Rules were first published in October 19848, issue of the Journal of Quality Technology in an article by Lloyd S Nelson. The Nelson Rules are applied to Control chart on which the magnitude of some variable is plotted against time. The Rules are based on mean value and standard deviation of samples. The dashed horizontal line in follo
  3. Analysis Paralysis and When an individual or group of people spent too much time on Overanalyzing/Overthinking on a situation which delays the process of decision-making is called as Analysis Paralysis. This may happen when situation is too complicated, and Decision-Maker wants to take the perfect decision to tackle that problem. So, in the process of finding perfect solution they miss to take any decision which may lead to larger problem. Extinct by Instinct When any decision which is taken in hast or by gut feeling that is called as Extinct by Instinct.
  4. 1. What is filter bubble? Ans. Filter bubble refer to an intellectual isolation of a person point of view. This can happen by using algorithms by assuming what person would like to see basis his click behaviour and browsing history. By presenting such information repeatedly to a person then that person may never come across contracting view point which will lead in to his intellectual isolation. 2. U.S. presidential election in 2016. During U.S. presidential election in 2016 few experts observed that filter bubble situation was created on social media especially on In
  5. Paynter Chart: Paynter chart is combination of Pareto Chart and Run chart. Ford developed this chart and other companies started adopting the concept gradually. Benefit of Paynter chart: It gives insight of variation with various other dimensions We can simple create a pareto chart, group the data points into subgroups and then add required additional variable (viz time) to it. Pareto and Paynter Comparison:
  6. "Very informative and enlightening course. Trainer's knowledge about the subject is superb!" Ashok Ghodke, Vendor Contract and Purchase Order Administrator, Maersk Line India Pvt Ltd
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