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Examples Of Six Sigma Implementation In Finance And Banking

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Common Lean Six Sigma Implementation in Finance and Banking are listed below.

  • Reducing Financial Risk
  • Simulation for financial decisions
  • New product design of financial instruments
  • Improving portfolio strategy

On operational level - 

  • Reducing documentation errors
  • Improving the reconciliation processes.
  • Reducing response delays.
  • Reducing or eliminating invoicing errors
  • Eliminating the possibility of erroneous data entry
  • Reducing audit non conformities.
  • Reducing salary issue turn around time
  • Control spending over time
  • Reduce electronic financial transaction costs.
  • Reducing complaints.
  • Enhancing (internal or external) customer satisfaction
  • Improving customer feedback and response processes

Among users in the financial services industry, early pioneers include GE Capital, Sun Trust Banks, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the second largest bank in the US. With Six Sigma, it has generated wonderful results through expense reduction, revenue increase and enhanced customer satisfaction.

American Express began with Six Sigma in 1998. It has benefited with billions of dollars of benefits since then. Bank of America started with Six Sigma in 2001 and has announced huge savings through increased savings, increased revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Among Indian companies, Benchmark Six Sigma has had participation from good number of financial sector participants in recent training programs. Few of them are - IDBI, Reffco Sify, Cholamandalam Financial Services, Metlife, Max New York Life, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, ABN AMRO

Some of the leading implementers of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) globally are in the BFSI domain are Bank of America, JPF (Life Insurance), Barclays Stockbrokers (Stockbroking), Fidelity Investments (Mutual Funds), ICICI Bank, American Express, HSBC, Deutche Bank, First Data Corporation (payment processing), JPMorgan Chase, Lloyd's TSB, UBS, and Citibank. Today, Benchmark Six Sigma trained professionals operate from all these organizations. 
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Hi, My question is about Six Sigma Implementation in Microfinance industry (MFI). MFI itself is in nascent stage. Are there any examples/case study of application of six sigma in MFI? I have approached one MFI for the same reason and I think it can be applied  for reducing drop out rates,increasing the average clients per employee, streamlining/standardisation of application procedure, reporting structure etc.

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Dear Yatin,

Your ideas seem good. You just need to see that each project should pose a reasonable challenge and should make business sense.

Reasonable challenge - The problem statement should be such where the cause and the solution are unknown. Also, if the solution can be reached with some data analysis and a brainstorming session, it may not be worthwhile to be taken up as a Six Sigma project.

Business Sense - The project should promise good business benefit for business leaders to like it and approve it.




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Chartered Accountants can work towards defect reduction and efficiency improvement in their audit practices. All the qualitative techniques covered in our green belt training are very useful for CA's

When CA is a part of a Six Sigma team, he has additional job of validating financial benefits (whether significant improvements have happened)

Most companies like to involve financial experts for validation of proposed benefits (in DEFINE phase) and validation of realized benefits (in IMPROVE and CONTROL phases).



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Renu..Six Sigma Implementation is highly applicable in the areas you have mentioned. Below is the list of projects that have been done in the areas you have asked for.

Loan Department
1. Reducing the cycle time to Process a Loan Application (both Mortgage & Personal loans).

2. Improving the Customer Information gathering processes.

3. Improving the Credit Evaluation Process

4. Improving Productivity of loan processing agents

Account Opening
1. Reducing the time to open an account

2. Reducing errors in account opening process.

3. Reducing rework in processing customer applications

Other Projects in Retail Banking
1. Reducing the Credit Card Delivery time.

2. Reducing Bank Statements Processing & Delivery time.

3. Reducing the errors in money transfer

4. Improving accuracy, timeliness and completeness of customer communication.

5. Developing new products (timeliness, business potential)

6. Improving Market Share of existing banking products.

7. Improving the Branch Banking Processes

Hope this helps.

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Dear Abbas,

You have mentioned that Six Sigma has more role in quality management as per your knowledge.

Please note that the concept of quality management has changed rapidly in recent years. Earlier quality department (for operations) and audit department (for finance and accounts) of the company were considered responsible for quality.

The recent concept is 'quality at the source' which means operations professionals are responsible for quality of their own processes. Similarly, Finance and Accounts professionals are being made responsible for quality of their processes. This is leading to quality department becoming smaller and smaller while six sigma 'belts' in each functional area are taking charge of 'quality at the source'

I am sure you will appreciate that it is better to control quality of inputs at the source (at much lower costs) as compared to inspecting or auditing outputs at the end (leading to high rework and failure costs). This fact relates to the core philosophy of Six Sigma.

These days, professionals from HR, finance, R&D, purchase, logistics, marketing, operations and various support services undergo six sigma programs to contribute to 'quality of the source'.

Another reason that has led to Six Sigma training among all disciplines is the fact that complex problems need cross functional teams to address them. All such team member to understand Six Sigma concepts and techniques well. 


Vishwadeep Khatri

Lead Facilitator, Benchmark Six Sigma


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Hi Sir,

I am working as a admin executive in investment banking sector, and my qualification is PUC completed but some reasons i am unable to complete my B.Com final year,

But I am very much interested in Accounts......!

So can u tell Six sigma is help to me improve my carrier.....

How is six sigma is beneficial for me...

Thanks & Regards,

R.Manjesh Kumar

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Mr. Vishwadeep, 

I would highly appreciate if you could share any case study carried out in Banking especially in Quality sector. I am sure, with sharing such case studies, we would be in better position to further improve our understanding regarding effective implementation of Six Sigma in banking sector. Thanks,

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I work in the IT development/delivery sector of a bank. The example you earlier mentioned are around improving banking operations. Do you have any material which you could share around reducing 'delivery time to market' ?


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Dear Rohit,

In a payroll or HR Accounting process, improvements shall be mainly in timeliness and accuracy of processing. So the improvement objective may relate to either of the two.

1.Reduction in turn around time of processing without increasing errors OR

2.Reduction in errors (or improvement in accuracy) without increasing TAT (turn around time.)

Please feel free to ask more questions here.

Warm regards


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