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  1. Hi friends, Here's another interesting articles that is above all industries and sectors. It is in fact a debate on Ambush Marketing and it's irrelevance with smart consumer of today. You may find the side and flip side in two different articles with expert opinions: Agree: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/opinion/et-debate/Consumer-is-not-necessarily-the-focus-in-ambush-marketing/articleshow/6258641.cms Disagree: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/opinion/et-debate/ambush-marketing-good-for-brands-and-consumers/articleshow/6258633.cms I'm sure you'll find it interesting and relevant to today's marketscape. Happy reading! AbhishekM
  2. Hi It's a visual deception, commonly known as an optical illusion (2D). Argument: A) The way hypotenuse is drawn in both the graphs, irregularly covering the boxes above and below it, is unnatural. This is not a natural, but rather a skewed hypotenuse. Start counting boxes from the X-axis (start from the first coloured box) in figure 1. Go to the 5th box and move to the top most coloured box. Compare the shaded area with its counter part in lower figure (it is higher). Same is with the box 8 topmost area in both the figures. In other words, the points where red and blue triangles' hypotenuse meet are not similar or congruent (explaining A)). The area covered in lower figure (box 5 + box8) is larger than above figure by 1 box which explains the white box. I might not be explicit, but that is quite probably the answer. Regards, Abhishek M
  3. This is a question some people have posed. I am adding it here for some comments.
  4. Dear Marc Taking your example further, the problem of overtimed phone calls can be addressed using Six Sigma. This is a situation of inefficient Data Collection. Using Six Sigma tools like Fishbone Analysis or Pareto Analysis to know the exact reason for long phone calls. The statistical tools will answer the question "Is reason P more responsible for long phone calls than reason Q and so on." Then you can take up a DMAIC process to reduce the no. of minutes per researcher per call or take up a DMADV project to find the best possible alternative to retrieve information. Using Six Sigma statistical tools, you can use any data in a more useful manner. I hope this answers your query. Please feel free to revert in case of doubt. Warm regards AbhishekM
  5. Hello, The question "Should one consider a Black Belt training only after completing a Green Belt 'PROJECT' " has been asked several times. Therefore we decided to address this clearly. Yes, anyone can undergo a Black Belt Program if (s)he has done a Green Belt Training but not a Green Belt project. We would like to highlight the fact that a good number of our participants pursue a Green Belt and Black Belt Program with a minimum gap and then right away start their Six Sigma Journey as a Black Belt. While doing a Green Belt project is a valuable addition, not doing it does not prevent anyone from pursuing a Black Belt Program and start implementing the combined learning of both these programs. We suggest you not to keep a huge time gap between the two programs. If you already have undergone Green Belt, keep revising your Green Belt course content for a much beneficial Black Belt Experience. Feel free to ask any doubts here. Warm regards, Team BSS
  6. Dear Mr Venkat If you could tell me the Industry of your company and the exact nature of your Job Function in this light, I would be in a better position to assist you. However, I recommend you to see the application of Six Sigma in various industries and functional areas HERE. You shall be able to find the Six Sigma application and benefits for your area of interest in this list. Please feel free to contact here in case of further queries. Warm regards AbhishekM
  7. A large number of professionals from all over the world prefer programs from Benchmark Six Sigma. Here is what some of them feel.... Very effective and simple way to get acquainted with Six Sigma concepts and methodology -Alain Comparet, VP Quality, Power Business, Schneider Electric (France). I found the Six Sigma course really effective and learned a lot of techniques in 4 days. The presenter has done an excellent job in planning each and every topic in a dynamic way. -Mohammed Azam Mahmood, Logistics Support, KBR Inc (USA). A six sigma green belt program will go a long way in giving us managers a clearer perspective and ability to bring down errors/defects within the organization. The way the trainer(VK) kept all of us engrossed in learning of six sigma techmiques, made the course interesting and lively. -Gerrard M. Joseph, Site Manager, B.P.(Australia). Structured content and effective teaching for a person with no strong statistical background. -Vijo Menon, Software Developer, Broward Health (US). I think this is the best course in India. - Ramandeep Singh Dosanjh,Technical Services Consultant, Saudi Aramco(Oil and Gas) The course has enabled me to be a better decision maker and has also enhanced my skills. - Boby George Jacob, GM (Admin, HR and QHSE), Al Jaber Group of Companies. The Course on the whole was a brainstorming session, forcing us to think beyond the helms of our perception. The quiz was the best, not to forget the activities that earned us points to prove if we have understood the concepts well or not!! The training is so intensive that one can't stop thinking even after the sessions are over. With a huge insight into what quality is and what it means to the industry at large, these sessions were definitely about what I was expecting to take back home!! By the way, do not let the stats component scare you............ these guys really ease it out!! - Seena Biju, Senior Lecturer, Manipal University (Dubai Campus).
  8. Dear Pravin I appreciate your timely interest in Six Sigma methodologies. FYI, Six Sigma is since long being applied in various HR operations and to have an overview on application of Six Sigma in HR, please click here. Or you may use the following hyperlink: http://forum.benchmarksixsigma.com/topic/696-six-sigma-for-hr-professionals/ Seeing the nature of your queries, I propose a telephonic conversation to help you best. Either you may call on our toll free number: 1800-102-3003 or you may provide us with your contact number so that we call you back. Warm regards AbhishekM.
  9. Apart from banks and banking, Six Sigma is being applied to many other Financial processes. Here is some feedback from our past participants from such organizations. Read to believe. Effective trainer & mentor who imparted all the Six Sigma concepts very effectively. Excellent presentation & training skills. Involvement is various group activities & projects. - Dipti Krishna, Manager, Magma Housing Finance To get your concepts clear, this is the place where you must get trained from. - Kavitha Prasad, Avp, Cigna Ttk Health Insurance "Benchmark Six Sigma can teach Six Sigma Concepts to anyone with an aspiration to learn Six Sigma, the content & delivery of the same can be easily grasped by everyone regardless of their background. Well done VK & Team!!!" - Anand Murugan, Transition Manager, IQ BackOffice India Pvt Ltd., Chennai This training program can be a benchmark for other trainings. It has most of the elements of a good training program. For example, balanced theory and practice, good communication skills, Knowledge of the topic, time management. - Manish Kumar, Associate, Swiss Re Bangalore "The innovative concept of lean has been well covered in the Green Belt Module. The industrial experience of the trainer will help to understand the facts better." - Akhil Augustin, Team Leader, Ocwen Financial Solutions I am extremely over-whelmed with the way the training si being conducted. I have done Green and Lean Expert as well from Benchmark and looking forward to MBB as well in near future. - Pranit Singh, Client Relationship Manager, American Express Global Business Travel
  10. Even the comparatively newer sector: KPO has seen various applications of Six Sigma methodologies. Here is some feedback from our past participants from various KPOs. They talk about the satisfaction and relevance they gained from these programs... This is a good program where we can get a good knowledge regarding Six Sigma. -Dipa Nayak, QA, Hyperquality. This Green Belt offered a simplified explanation for complex concepts with unconventional illustrations and examples which lead to conceptual clarity. -Sumaiya Dalal, Team Leader, MEED India Data Services Pvt. Ltd. (BPO).
  11. Given below are feedback from some past participants of Benchmark Six Sigma who are currently in Technology pertaining industry or Job domain. If you want to ascertain the relevance of Six Sigma for a technological organization or domain, you need to read them.... I liked everything, from the outset till the examination. All in all, the best that I have seen…. - Kodanda Ram, Deputy Manager, Cisco-CBRE This Six sigma green belt certification program gives big hope to me to enhance my carrier to level and meet the global standards. - K.Veeramanikandan, Senior Engineer, NEC India Pvt Ltd This Six Sigma Black Belt course will provide you a comprehensive walk-through of all DMAIC phases. The course content has very lucid and detailed steps on every Six Sigma concept. With exceptionally good training skills from the instructor and his innovative use of technology during training, makes this the best among all training providers!! - Santosh Solomon. A, Project Manager, ANZ Technology Wonderfully arranged and guided. Insights given about Training tools, Minitab. - Shankar Prasad Chatterjee, HUB Quality Spoc Kolkata & West Bengal Circle, Shyam Sistema Teleservices Limited The trainer is an excellent. He is a reservoir of knowledge. He makes the session extremely helpful with his cross functional industry exposure. - Sahil Anand, Executive Assistant, Team Computers Course material and use of Minitab. The learning has been immense. - Mahadevan, Program Manager- Audit & Quality, Amazon Development Center
  12. Here are some feedback from our past participants from Pharmaceutical industry. Read to have an idea about the relevance of Six Sigma in the pharmaceutical industry: Six Sigma is a wonderful tool to solve many critical problems with pragmatic solutions. -Alok Dhawan, Head - Manufacturing Support, Allergan. Every professional should learn Six Sigma till at least Green belt level. -Rohit Vatsa, Marketing executive, Accure Labs Pvt.Ltd. Six Sigma is a professional approach that leads to fruitful results. -Nand Kumar, clinical logistics manager, Parexel intl. (Pharmaceutical) The Six Sigma Green Belt course is absolutely critical for anyone who is serious about doing things in the most efficient and effective manner. - Arvind Arun, Asst Director, Satven Andmer(Pharma).
  13. In the past, we have trained a large number of students and working professionals from Healthcare Industry. Many of them have successfully implemented Six Sigma in their functional area/organisation. Here are the feedback of some participants... The training was very lively. The connection between trainer and trainee was appreciable. The course content was self-illustrated. The buy in was something notable in this overall training session. - S Vinoth Umar, Assistant Manager, Medall Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  14. Here are some feedback from professionals in Consulting and related companies, after they pursued on of our programs. Read on.. The Content & explanation to cover most of the parts were good - Ramakrishnan Venkatraman, Senior Analyst, McKinsey & Company Knowledge Trainer-- Such a wonderful person who made course very interesting.. And Hats off to him. - Manjula Chandramohan, Process Associate, TCS Very good explanation from the faculty, especially his examples helped me to understand the concepts which are awesome. - Femin K, Analyst, Mckinsey & Company
  15. Following are some feedback from our past participants from Education Sector. Hands-on training received on how to apply these tools and understand them in order to apply them suitably in real life situations. LEC is a useful course to get a perspective on how to use lean tools in your organization and it is more of how you use these lean tools rather than what tools to use. - Ganapathy Subramaniam R, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon The course design and approach towards training made this an enriching experience. -Dr. B.Krishna Reddy, Professor and Chairman (Board of studies in Business Management), Osmania University. The Best training I have gone through in my life. I got the chance to hone my skills in statistics and Problem Solving. -Siva Krishna Vangala, Supplier Analyst, North Carolina State University. The best part of course was the concept point of which we can understand the business function in overall manner and try to improve in a particular functional level as well as cross-functionally across the organisation. Second was the way the course has been delivered and how it has motivated to see the CTQ aspects in a quantifiable manner which can be improved upon with systematic study following the DMAIC steps in a very logical and scientific manner. -Aarti Solanki, Asst Professor, NIFT. With excellent trainer and knowledge about practical implementation through the practice of case study, the course content is very precise yet provides the required knowledge. -Aradhana Changkakoti, Manager - Operations, Global HRD Ltd. This program provided a new perspective of looking at things. -Abhirupa Sen, Student Facilitator & Analyst, Valued Epistimics Ltd. It is a program that should be attended by all the functional area experts -An R Mishra, Assistant Professor, ITS. Benchmark is the best place to pursue BB training as the trainer makes the complicated statistical content look very easy -R Raman, Associate Professor, Kohinoor Business School. Excellent approach to groom up new upcoming corporate executives. - Souvik Halder, Trainer, NIIT.
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