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Burn Up vs Burn Down Chart

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Burn Down Chart is a project management tool used to track the progress of the project by depicting the amount of work that is remaining. It is a common tool used in Agile project management


Burn Up Chart is a project management tool used to track the progress of the project by depicting the amount of work that has been completed. It is a common tool used in Agile project management


An application-oriented question on the topic along with responses can be seen below. The best answer was provided by Deepak Pardasani on 17th December 2019. 


Also review the answer provided by Mr Venugopal R, Benchmark Six Sigma's in-house expert.


Q 218. Both Burn Up and Burn Down charts are used to track and communicate the progress of the project. Compare the two and provide examples of situations where one is preferred over the other?



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Burn down and Burn up charts square measure 2 sorts of charts that project managers use to trace and communicate the progress of their comes. A burn down chart shows what proportion work is remaining to be worn out the project, whereas a burn up shows what proportion work has been completed, and therefore the total quantity of labour. These charts square measure significantly wide utilized in Agile and start software package project management.
A burn down and burn up chart of an equivalent project. within the burn down chart it seems that the team didn't accomplish abundant within the middle of the project however heroically finished everything at the top. The burn up chart shows the entire image - that the scope inflated at the start of the project, and a few scope was removed to end the project by the point, while the team created steady progress through the complete length of the project.
The primary determinant in whether or not to use a burn up or burn down chart is what you're making an attempt to accomplish, your goal. square measure you presenting to shoppers for the continued survival of the project? square measure you making an attempt to inspire your project team? square measure you merely making an attempt to extend your own data and understanding of what's happening within the project? The answers to those queries can verify that chart to use.
burn down charts square measure straightforward. one line sport towards zero because the project is completed. Anyone will perceive this chart, and it doesn't want an evidence. but it will hide vital data, as an example the consequences of scope modification.

Scope modification is once work is additional to or far from a project. we tend to square measure all aware of scope modification, the shopper suddenly demands further options, or work is far from a project to satisfy a point. A burndown chart doesn't show this data as clearly as a burn up chart.

A burn up tracks completed work and total work with 2 separate lines, not like a burn down chart which mixes them into one line. the entire work line communicates vital data - is that the project not however complete as a result of work is slow to be done, or an excessive amount of new work is being additional. This data are often crucial in identification and rectifying issues with a project.
If you're presenting project reach an equivalent audience on a daily basis, as an example weekly client progress conferences, you're in all probability more happy with a burn up. it'll permit you to simply show them you're creating progress, even though they need been adding additional work, or testing has disclosed issues that square measure adding work to the project.


The images sourced from Wikipedia


Burn Up Burn Down.PNG

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Benchmark Six Sigma Expert View by Venugopal R

Burn Down and Burn Up charts are used in Agile Scrum for visual tracking of the progress of a project.


The charts typically use ‘Project Story points’ on the Y axis and the no. of iterations on the X axis. Story points are metrics used in agile management to quantify the effort for implementing a given story. Sometimes the time (total FTE hours) is used instead of story points.


Burn Down charts help to see the remaining amount of work, the pace of the project with respect to the target, and will give an idea with how close or far the actual completion date will compare with the targeted date, considering the current pace of the project.


Burn up charts help to see the progress of work till date with respect to the ideal curve. It has an additional horizontal line that shows the scope of the project at any point of time. In case there is a change in scope, this line will show it as a step up or down. This chart helps in assessing the real efforts being put in by the team, since effect of scope changes could be considered. Thus, it would help in assessing KPIs.


Since burn down charts depict the remaining work to be completed, as compared to an ideal target at each iteration, they will be useful for providing commitments to clients and keep them apprised as to the closeness to completion. Burn down charts are simpler and easily comprehensible and would serve the purpose if there are no changes in scope.


Both Burn Up and Burn Down charts may be used together for a project for their respective benefits

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Deepak is the winner for this question for clearly highlighting the differences between the two charts and also identifying situations where they are preferred. Congratulations Deepak!!


Please have a look at Benchmark expert view by Venugopal as well.

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