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Six Sigma in Training

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Hi All,

I have been alloacted a Six Sigma project to investigate the effectiveness of training program, i.e impact of training on performance.

I am new to the Six Sigma journey, if anyone has completed such project, could you please provide some insights

Do we need to link each training program with task or process.

Need some help.


Priya Ghate

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Dear Priya,

If only effectiveness of a trg pgm needs to be assessed then rather than taking it as six sigma project, you just carry out the paired t test on trainees performance (before and after performance) for a suitable duration.

But if you need to improve upon the training process itself then probably doing a project around it would make a sense.

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Thank you very much for your response Shalini and VK. As of now I just need to study the effectiveness of training program and measure performance before and after training.

Since this is a budding department in my office we do not have much data in system. But I am also working to develop the existing application to get the requisite details.

I need some guidance on what can be measured, what enhancements can be done.

Do I need to link each training program to the task in system and then build reports for analysis or paird t test

Your help is appreciated!



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Hi Priya,

A six sigma project or any improvement  strategy on the effectiveness of Training on the performance defenitely provides a great scope of learning and can be replicated to other cross funtional departments as the scope of training is quite common across functions, therefore please make sure that you have all the relevant data first and then proceed.

Secondly an easy way to improve the training performance would be to do a Cause and Effect Diagram which will help you identify the key inputs which hamper the performance like Training Contents, Trainer Skills and Knowledge, training methodology etc.

Ideally involve the key stakeholders in the C&E process and once you have the inputs then drill them down to vital few inputs using C&E matrix and pareto and accordingly you can develop Control plans to improve the training process.

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Also working on a FMEA would be of great help as it would help you identify the various causes/process step and its impact on the training performance.

It will also give you an indication about those high priority risky causes which has greater impact on the end users and accordinly you can develop Control plans to mitigate and eliminate those causes.


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Hi Arvind,
Thank you very much for your reply. Your ideas really helped me to look at other aspects of training apart from measuring the employee performance.
My problem is we do not have any training details in ths system but I am also working to enhance the existing system & add required training info. Will appreciate if you guide me on this bit as well.
Also, can you please elaborate on Cause and Effect diagram to measure impact of training.
Many Thanks!

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I am working on project in Training team to build process and metrics using six sigma. Started capturing the voice of customer to create project charter. Need some guidance who so ever have worked on the same. So far I used Kirk Patrick model  to measure training effectiveness. Regards Anup Mukherjee


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Hello Priya,


For any training program, there are certain skills or metrics that you would want the participants to deliver on. For example, number of sales per front line employee, or resolution time, or First Time Right %age etc. If you are comparing two training programs, you could use the outcome metrics to compare which program is better.


As far as C&E is concerned, it can help you zero in on other reasons than the training content itself that could be rendering it ineffective. If you are not interested in this at this time, you may skip and focus on collecting data and comparing performance based on one program vs the other. You have mentioned that data does not exist, you may run parallel training classes using the older version of training and the newer version and then compare performances. Data is a MUST whenever you want to do any analysis. If it does not exist, it needs to be collected.

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