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  1. Hi Arvind, Thank you very much for your reply. Your ideas really helped me to look at other aspects of training apart from measuring the employee performance. My problem is we do not have any training details in ths system but I am also working to enhance the existing system & add required training info. Will appreciate if you guide me on this bit as well. Also, can you please elaborate on Cause and Effect diagram to measure impact of training. Many Thanks! Regards Priya
  2. Hi, We have an autoload trade process in a company, where our customers need to feed in data in one of our systems. if he doesnt we have huge risk to enter/amend senstive information. We wish to track the process to reduce the data entry by staff & minimise company risk. please let me know what are the aspects that needs to considered. Should we track new entry or amendments together or seperately? Also, can someone please guide me with samples for Process capability, standard deviations? Regards Priya
  3. Hi Shiva, This helped me a lot to undertand the concepts. Thank you very much for your help. Regards Priya
  4. Hello, I have been assigned a new Six Sigma project in Training where I need to find out impact of training on workflow. How effective was it from organisations perspective. Here we do not consider the training feedback. I started with Supervisors feedback after 3 months and blind test but didnt seem to help Has anyone completed such project, would appreciate some help here Regards Priya
  5. Hi, I have one query what is the difference between SIPOC and High level process map (are both the same) If a process has dependency on 9 depts, is it advisable to make one map or 9 process flows shd be prepared for each department. Also, are there any tools available to get these done automatically Regards Priya
  6. Thank you very much for your response Shalini and VK. As of now I just need to study the effectiveness of training program and measure performance before and after training. Since this is a budding department in my office we do not have much data in system. But I am also working to develop the existing application to get the requisite details. I need some guidance on what can be measured, what enhancements can be done. Do I need to link each training program to the task in system and then build reports for analysis or paird t test Your help is appreciated! Regards Priya
  7. Hi All, I have been alloacted a Six Sigma project to investigate the effectiveness of training program, i.e impact of training on performance. I am new to the Six Sigma journey, if anyone has completed such project, could you please provide some insights Do we need to link each training program with task or process. Need some help. Regards Priya Ghate
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