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  1. Hi VK, I believe, along with level of complexity of a pgm, its the participants prior exposure to quality and the structure that decide the length of any worshop. The various methodologies such as simulations, situations, exercises, practical examples etc used to deliver the training to make its participants understand the concepts at right pace plays an important role. I have attended an inhouse 3 days Lean session followed by excecution of a project in 7 days time which further clarified the concepts. Concepts like little's law, hijunka, supermarket, work load balance, kanban card, associ
  2. Thanks once again VK, lot of things to look at, really! its not that easy as it was looking.
  3. Hi VK, Interesting point. Let me make an attempt. DOE as the name suggests is a design where a lot of experimentation can be done wrt critical factors (x's) to arrive at a model (abstract)/equation which can deliver optimum output/performance. Wheras simulation model (physical) represents a system, cabable of demonstrating the expected working of a system and which can be affected by external conditions unlike DOE model which remains static always. To arrive at a simulation model initially, DOE equation can be the input. ie simulation is followed by DOE.But it may not be true in all c
  4. Dear VK, Thanks for bringing in clarity on "r". As VB is suggesting, can we overlook p value? Rather my openion is that it would and should go hand in hand with "r" value. Like as you said if "r" =-0.3 and p=0.09 both are driving home the same point (as clarified in your post on "r" lying between -0.8 to +0.8). Request your view.
  5. Hello Mahi, Any head way? let us know where you are and what have you done wrt above CC project.
  6. Dear All, We all are aware of the benifits of call monitoring process in a call center. Its equally important to understand if there are any disadvantages too in this process. I invite everyone to discuss and debate should call monitoring process be talked about FREQUENTLY and conveyed to call taking agents LOUD & CLEAR always? Cheers, Shalini
  7. Hello Kiran, Lets understand theory of each (of the above) one by one. Too many questions and responses may lead to some confusion. 1. Full Factorial: runs all possible combinations and develops a complete model Vs Fractional Factorial: rather than all possible combinations it runs only a subset of combinations and thus producing a fractional model. Can you now guess what could be the adv/ disadv of these 2 models wrt time/ resources required and deriving conclusions with some degree of confidence based on the models produced thereby??
  8. Hi everyone, Lets assume Ho: There is no relationship between the two factors and Ha: there is a relatioship exsiting. And as we all know that Coefficient of correlation quantifies the relationship between the 2 variables/ factors with -1 suggesting a negative correlation and +1 for strong correlation. Now my question to the team: Is it possible to get a p value > 0.05 with coefficient of correlation coming negative (between -1 to 0)? Take care, Shalini
  9. Hi Again , Kindly through some more light as in which channel you are looking at for defining the dashboard for CC transactional process? again which segment you would like to address? retail/ corporate/ merchant acquaring? under each of these you can further have following categories: retail purchase, credit period, interest EMI on call, Balance transfer, reward point system, utility payments etc. Post getting your response I can probably help you. Regds, Shalini
  10. Hi Mahi, I'm working on minitab 15 version.. yes i know that its a brainstorming tool and is used to identify possible pottential causes. my problem is that if i want to create a C&E to 3rd level, it doesn't allow. can you pse suggest how to go further?
  11. Dear All, I was trying to create a detailed Fish bone through Minitab however i could not go beyond the second level as there was no way to add further branches and thus create a detailed dig. Your assistance will be appreciated.
  12. Alright let me twist this discussion with an eg ...manual inspection/ check with certain device: If a sales agent is suposed to collect a set of documents from a customer, his manual cross verification through a checklist with a square boxes (for doc collection) will immediately tell him whether he has collected all the relevant docs or not. Therefore, this check list will warns him of collecting either an inomplete or incorrect set of docs. Similarly, a stencil used for checking manually whether an application form is correctly filled or not aids in warning probable mistake/s and thus ac
  13. Hi Jagadish, I feel the following areas may be looked at: 1. Error % pertaining to paying/ payout of trades/ transactions 2. Beyond TAT instances of trades getting passed to your internal system for settlement 3. Number of instances of wrongly booking the brokerage. Apart from doing a typical Six Sigma project, you may also look at the existing dashboard of your Business Head and look at the opportunities to improvise it further by making it more meaningful. Best Wishes,
  14. Dear All, As mistake proofing can be done in 3 different ways: warning/ shutdown/ auto correction, will it be right to say that manual inspection/ check/audit based on a checklist/ stencil is also an approach of mistake proofing (warning)? Views invited, Shalini
  15. Dear Luqman, My compliments for your name... never heard before! By the way does it follow LUCK man's phonetics? Coming to your query, look at the various categories that you might be having within contracts dept. To begin with identify the segments where the conversion is the least. Or you may also look at the process of marketing/approaching a client, what are the various channels of securing contracts and then how do you negosiate on a deal? Who are the people responsible for negosiating? their competence etc. I hope that this would enable you to take a lead. Good Day Shal
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