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Found 5 results

  1. I wanted to understand if the Lean Six Sigma can be applied in quality oriented roles ?
  2. I am an offshore QA and work in an Insurance domain. I am trying to make a project on team accuracy which would be helpful to find a root cause for repetition of errors. So far, I have made a project charter, Voc, Sipoc and even collected 10 month data and calculated STD deviation. (I used reference from Google). My questions 1. How should I move forward with above or am I doing something incorrect? 1. How should I choose what tools to be used. 2. I started this with the intention to have the team accuracy over to 95% which is now approx 91. Please advise guide me on this.
  3. One of the most challenging assignment which most leaders would always say is Changing the Organization Culture . Putting this scenario in our Quality context, now the question is How to assess whether the organization possess quality culture? . As professional, I hope this could be the biggest footstep which need to be taken before deploying the quality professional into any organization. By performing this assessment will lead us to figure the CTS (Critical to success) elements and CTSs could be training people on Quality Concepts, etc..,
  4. Can anybody help me providing with a specimen Questionnaire, which states questions which can be after analysis prove to be a help in achieving progress/improvement.. specifically for an IT product base company.. (process improvement/TAT reduction) etc.. Please help me out with an specimen, i will improve and modify it. Thanks much, Salil Kotia +91-8699338908 skotia@securityweaver.com
  5. Hi People, As I have posted this topic on general discussion board as well, but even after so many view, finally i got 1 reply and that is to also from VK. Please put a piece of advice here as well... I just joined an IT company as a Quality engineer. I practically need to understand the step by step implementation of quality improvement process that where to start from, how to collect 'what', how to identify CTQ's, CTC and what tools can be used. The usage of the tool is the most important. Company & working details: IT company having its own product, which helps SAP to work easie
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